This Caffeinated Soap Wakes You Up in the Shower

Every caffeine addict’s dream just came true: you can now bathe in coffee — well, sort of.  Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap is a bar of soap that contains caffeine to give you the morning jolt as you lather your skin with its peppermint smell. It promises that your skin will absorb 200 mg of caffeine per shower, which is just 60 mg of caffeine less than a tall Starbucks cup of coffee. Now on those days you wake up late, you no longer have to be stuck with the conundrum: hygiene or caffeine? You can have your latte cake and eat it to. Each bar of soap contains 12 “showers,” so for $6 a bar, it’s cost efficient, duh. So how do you take your coffee? With soap, of course.

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap: $5.95 @ Amazon

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