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IHOP Launches Latte-Inspired Pancakes In Time For National Pancake Day

With National Pancake Day upon us, IHOP is going all in with a lineup of new latte-inspired pancakes.

latte-inspired pancakes

Photo courtesy of IHOP

The pancake purveyors just unleashed four different flavors of Latte Lover’s Pancakes, all based off of popular flavors of the classic beverage. Of course, given the current season, a Pumpkin Spice pancake is available. There’s also Salted Caramel Java, Double Vanilla (with a scoop of ice cream), and Espresso Mocha Cream.

With the exception of the Pumpkin Spice pancakes, every single flavor features buttermilk pancakes as the base. Sadly, this means that the actual flapjacks themselves don’t have any caffeine jolts inside of them. But some of the toppings, like a coffee bean butter for the Salted Caramel Java or chocolate-covered espresso beans for the Espresso Mocha Cream, do contain that caffeine spike you want to kick start the morning with.

The latte-inspired pancakes will only be around until November 12th. If you’re down to get buzzed from both your morning coffee and breakfast, you’ll have until then to cop the new pancake flavors.