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People Are Using Pocky To Make 3-D Latte Art And The Results Are Adorable

With all the amazing things latte artists can create, 3-D latte art is a newer trend that’s pushing the limits of what is possible. Now, thanks to social media, artist are able to show off their creations like never before.

We recently teamed up with a few of the world’s best 3-D latte artists to come up with some traditional holiday designs that incorporate Pocky, the iconic chocolate covered biscuit sticks from Japan, within the architecture of each milk foam-based creation.

From reindeer, to cute cats and Christmas trees, Pocky has been reintroduced to coffee in an entirely new and innovative way — as part of the art itself. Pocky has become the foundational building blocks for these super cute, three dimensional creations that are almost too cute to drink.

Now, these artists are merging their love for coffee and art into unique, temporary works of art for the world to see.

@Periperipeng, a.k.a. Daphne Tan, is a Singapore-based 17-year-old student who makes the most adorable 3-D latte art ever. She fell in love with the art after attending a school programme workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee.

Her creations are totally Instagram-worthy and are cuteness overload! With more than 30K followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say her art is drawing a crowd.

Cortney Kern, better known by his Instagram followers as @Barista_Maniac, has dedicated the past 17 years to the art of coffee. He has an extensive knowledge on espresso extraction in addition to practicing his amazing latte art. Kern continues to produce beautiful latte art and shares it with his audience through Instagram and Facebook.

As this trend grows, there’s no limit to what these artists will create next. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be delicious.

Pocky sticks can be found in the Asian food aisle at most major grocery stores. Get your fix in time for the holiday season!

Created in partnership with Pocky

Art Drinks Now Trending

‘Charcoal Lattes’ Will Be The Next Drink Flooding Your Instagram Feed

A post shared by Mad 7ko (@mad7ko) on

With Pink Drinks and Unicorn Lattes becoming crazes in the coffee shop world, we’ve finally come back full circle with a black colored drink. Well, charcoal to be exact.

These beautiful Charcoal Lattes have been spotted throughout coffee shops in London and Australia, and they’re  just as photogenic as any other colorful drink you’ve seen over the last year.

Once you go black you never go back #charcoallatte

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Instagram user Pavie V. got one of these lattes at Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill, saying it tasted like, “Charcoal with cashew milk and agave syrup.” Not sure how good that is, but at least we have an idea of its unusual taste.

A post shared by Sally H Y Wong (@sallyhyw) on

If you’re not familiar with the recent activated charcoal trend, which has been deemed safe to consume, there are supposed health benefits that people use for digestion and detoxification. This has led to “Black Lemonades,” and “Charcoal ice cream,” which have slowly made some noise on social media feeds.

We’re out here in California, so we can’t confirm how good or bad these lattes are, but we remember the trendy Starbucks Unicorn Frap was terrible, and people still flocked to get their pictures of it. Sometimes you just have to do it for the ‘gram.


Barista’s Beautiful Disney Latte Art Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

We’ve all had baristas who like to get artsy and throw down those flowery looking designs on our morning cup of Joe. These are not your basic cups of latte art, though.

Korean barista Kangbin Lee has created a niche for himself, putting together awe-inspiring, colorful works of art that go above and beyond the barista art you’re used to.

Lee’s Instagram account is flooded with his incredible creations, but the most nostalgic ones that really hit home are his Disney portraits. From Beauty and the Beast to Aladdin, these cups of coffee will definitely take you back to your childhood and make you wonder how the hell he put them together.

Take a look at the rest of his amazing art on Lee’s Instagram account, and peep the gorgeous Disney art below:


Beauty And The Beast

A post shared by 이강빈 (@leekangbin91) on



A post shared by 이강빈 (@leekangbin91) on


The Little Mermaid

A post shared by 이강빈 (@leekangbin91) on



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Alice In Wonderland

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Winnie The Pooh

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BONUS: Captain America: Civil War

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This Pen Might Change Latte Art Forever


Your latte art on Instagram is going to get a lot more personal, as you’ll soon be able to put together your own designs without the help of your local barista.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign for the CinniBird Spice Pen, a pen that allows you to draw on your food using spices.

Apparently you just load up the pen with a ground spice such as cinnamon, or cocoa, push the release button and start drawing away.

Some of the examples in their Kickstarter show them drawing up a storm on lattes, of course, but it can also be used to spruce up dishes for a neater presentation. Go ahead and use pepper to draw on your chicken or some sugar to draw on your brownie.

The CinniBird is more than 70 percent funded with 16 days left until its deadline. The tentative goal is $5,000 and currently has over $3,500 from its 78 backers.

When fully funded, it looks like the retail price for these will be $60. The pen has a battery life of about three months for everyday use.

So when that local barista tries to show off his latte art, you can just pull out this pen and be like, “I got this, player.”


Salvador Dali Melting Clock Latte is Surreal


I know, the title has you in a fit of stitches. Once you get over the obligatory cheesy, let’s take a moment to admire yet another fine piece of latte art.

Posted to Reddit (where all great things happen), the photo depicts the most impressive of 3D foam skills. 3D marshmallow cats mewing over my cappuccino? Psh, child’s play. This Dali-themed latte was inspired by his famed painting, A Persistence of Memory, and features a foam clock melting over the rim of a mug.

This display of skill was no doubt achieved by a talented art student looking to hone his craft. We suppose that’s what $40K of yearly tuition looks like in latte form.

PicThx Reddit


19 (Sexy) Lattes We’d Rather Frame Than Drink


There are lots of great things about cappuccinos, like how they provide us with the fantastically addictive gift of caffeine. They’re also foamy, which is cool. But do you know the greatest thing about capps? They can transform into frothy, espresso-y, completely awe-worthy creations.

Ladies and gents, we’d like to introduce you to some fancy shmancy foam art. From PSY foam to happy cat capps, here are 19 photos of awesome coffee art we’d rather frame than drink.



19. Ayyy Sexy Latte!


Picthx Foodbeast



18. Just. . . this


Picthx The Gathering Place


17. Sailing Into A Romantic Sunset




16. Sweet Little Coffee Family

Coffee Family

Picthx @deeanthony11


15. Mustachioed Cappuccino


Picthx Bottles & Models


14. Magical Woman

Woman Cappuccino

Picthx @AngelVili


13. The Prez Himself

Barack Obama

Picthx Postmodern Lily

12. But. . . How?

Cappuccino Pattern

Picthx @tuuliitbuushu 


11. Angry Birds Strike Again

Angry Birds

Picthx @debbybosman


10. Dude with A ‘Tude

Cool Dude

Picthx @chiara83


9. Puppy Love


Picthx @tampcoffeeco


8. Earthly Cappuccino

World Cappuccino

Picthx Studio 6 Coffee House


7. Too Cutes to Drink


Picthx Women’s Day


6. “Let’s Juice!”


Picthx @Nowtoo


5. Don’t Feed the Latte


Picthx Imgur


4. Tastes Like Unicorn


Picthx @amazonrita


3. All Smiles


Picthx The Design Tree


2. Kitty Kapp


Picthx @VikiRahardja


1. Wish Upon a Latte


Picthx Art In My Coffee


Latte Art is Kind of Like Balloon Animals for Your Coffee

Japanese drink artist Kazuki Yamamoto must be the most centered guy in the world. If I had the ability to make these amazing latte creations, I don’t think I could tolerate their quick destruction after the customer’s first sip. The images on his Twitter account form a veritable art gallery of his wonderful creations, with a predictable bent towards Japanese animation characters. My favorite is his rendition of my childhood hero – Thomas the Tank Engine – that hits me right at the nostalgia bone.

I do wonder what the hot, steamy deaths of these cute characters look like. Does Thomas’s smile become a face of terror as he is stirred away?

Does this cute lamb bleat in alarm as the teaspoon descends?

Most disturbingly, how could you even finish your drink when all that’s left of happy Sally below is her feet on the lip of the cup? Let’s just say I hope she gets to enjoy her lollipop before passing into the frothy ether.

via Kotaku/photos courtesy of Kazuki Yamamoto on PhotoZou


Pedobear Latte Art

One of the Internet’s strongest memes popularized through imageboard is the all elusive (not really) pedobear. For those who appreciate the image, the combination of the terms pedophile…and bear…a pedophilic bear, will long receive chuckles when caught in everyday usage.

In this particular case, we get a look at a sighting of the pedobear constructed in someone’s warm latte. Yes, I’ll have two cups…and one for my underage friend. Wait, too soon?