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Jennifer Lawrence Got Into A Beer-Flying Bar Fight In Budapest

Jennifer Lawrence often plays ass-kicking roles in her movies, but you’d probably never think she actually lives that kind of kick-ass lifestyle.

While on the Late Night show with Seth Myers, Lawrence talked about being in Budapest to film her new movie “Red Sparrow,” and when she went out for drinks with a friend, she got in a bit of an incident.

“I got in a real bar fight!” Lawrence said.

Apparently while lounging at a Budapest bar, a man came up asking for a selfie. J-Law politely turned down his request a couple of times, and the angry man reacted with a “Fuck you!”

Being a couple drinks in, Lawrence snapped, grabbed the man and started pouring beers on him. A shouting match ensued, Lawrence’s friend pulled her away, and apparently the guy ran into the restroom soaked in beer and crying.

Ms. Katniss Everdeen will mess you up in real life, so don’t come at her, bro.

Fast Food

Jack in the Box Hacks Menu with New ‘Hella-Peño’ Burger, Breakfast Tacos


No lie, we kind of love how shameless fast food has gotten lately. It’s as if some genius development guy finally realized most people don’t wander into Jack in the Box at 2 in the morning because they want something healthy; they want something dank.

Thankfully, the giant bobble head is all too happy to oblige. Late last year, Jack tested a new addition to its late-night Munchie Menu in San Francisco: an orgastic cheeseburger swelling with fried jalapeño poppers, spicy jalapeño coins, creamy nacho cheese, and ooze-worthy taco sauce, appropriately dubbed the Hella-Peño. Now, fans of the glorified money shot will be pleased to know the Hella is finally available nationwide as a $6 Munchie Meal, with two tacos and a side of Halfsie fries. You know, because the grilled cheese burgers and cheese and ranch-loaded chicken nuggets on the rest of the menu weren’t ridiculous enough.


For the other half of the day (or whenever, since Jack is just godly like that), Jack is also introducing a new jumbo Breakfast Monster Taco, loaded with scrambled eggs, American cheese, and taco sauce.

Along with the two artery-killing superstars are a couple other, less riveting additions, like a new BBQ Cheeseburger and Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger.


H/T GrubGrade + Picthx Jack in The Box

Packaged Food

Kellogg’s Now Peddling Kid’s Cereals For Late-Night Snacking


Picture midnight in the summer. You’re hungry, but lazy. You could order pizza, or boil water for instant ramen, but your hunger isn’t super ravenous, and you’d rather not wait more than the minute it takes to walk to the kitchen. Enter: cereal for late night. Already the lazy (or enterprising!) man’s go-to midnight munchie cure, Kellogg’s is attempting to boost falling breakfast sales by repositioning popular cereal lines like Special K, Froot Loops, and Frosted Flakes as the perfect “good night snack.” They even have a fancy new moon and star bedazzled box, ooh!

Pitched as an alternative to milk and cookies, Ben & Jerry’s, and lukewarm DiGiorno, new late night Kellogg’s cereals are exactly the same as their daytime counterparts, just in new limited edition boxes to remind everyone that, yes, you can totally eat Froot Loops in the middle of your shameful Power Rangers/Netflix binge.


According to the Associated Press, sales for Kellogg’s U.S. breakfast division fell 5.5% in the first quarter, due to more and more Americans seeking healthier or more convenient alternatives like Greek yogurt, fast food breakfast sandwiches, or cereals made without genetically modified ingredients. The push of cereals as snacks or even yogurt toppings, Kellogg’s hopes, will help abate some of the company’s losses.

Seems reasonable enough, though, as Consumerist notes, we’re not too crazy about letting kids think they can eat sugary cereals for dinner. It’s hard enough getting them to eat their veggies as it is.

H/T Consumerist + PicThx Impulsive Buy


This Restaurant Only Serves Taquitos and It’s Glorious


A new food joint has opened up on the Lower East Side of New York, a haven for late night snacks, fried food, and quick bites that sop up all the cheap vodka you’ve been throwing back.  Taquitoria, on Ludlow street, only serves taquitos, but since that’s all they do, they do it damn well.  


Taquitoria has quite the résumé: its owners/chefs worked at Restaurant Marc Forgione, and are dedicated to quality ingredients and creating kick-ass street food taken up a notch. After sampling tons of different varieties, they settled on a yellow corn tortilla, twice fried to surround fillings made from Bell and Evans chicken, brined in secret spices, or short ribs from Creekstone Farms. Oh, and don’t forget Berkshire pork, topped with Cholula.

All I can say is, I’m very glad I’ll be drinking on the LES this weekend, and I know exactly where I’m getting my snack for the train ride home.

H/T + PicThx Thrillist


Here’s What Protein-Style Quesadillas Look Like


Okay, hold up.  I’ve had quesadillas before, but this recipe is blowing my mind!  The only thing better than the soft, carb-y goodness of a flour tortilla is BACON.  In this particular quesadilla recipe, the tortilla is completely made of bacon weaved together.

For you daredevils out there, here’s the basics on how to put the bacon twist on this dish.  Once you’ve got two squares of bacon weaved together, cut them into circles, fry them up and add whatever kinds of goodies you want.  Finish frying them after that, then voilà!  But for a more detailed explanation on how to cook this new Mexican novelty, visit DudeFoods.

I think it’s time they start serving this stuff at the Del Taco drive-thrus.  Greasy quesadillas are great as a late-night snack, but bacon ones would solve any and all middle-of-the-night cravings.  Plus, they’re high in protein right?

H/T + PicThx DudeFoods


Here’s How To Make a Push-Up Pringles Can


Last week, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to tweet in ideas of things they wish existed using the hashtag #WhyDontTheyMakeThat. Submissions ranged from covered shopping carts (so no one has to know you live off frozen pizza and donuts) to a “Nobody Cares” button on Facebook. The best by far, though, was this little gem:



Well @TheAmazingBeck, guess what? You might not be able to buy it in stores (yet), but the Push-Up Pringles Can actually exists. Sort of.

Designed by instructables user Jason Poel Smith of DIYHacksAndHowTos, this hack involves using thread, pliers and sheet metal to create a small, pull-able platform to place at the bottom of the can. Once installed, all you need to do is tug on the strings and watch as your favorite stackable chips come up to you, instead of having to dig around for them.

Check the video below for full instructions:

Of course, with all the extra nuts and bolts, it’s highly unlikely anyone would actually adopt this trick unless they’re just dripping in free time, so many commenters have suggested alternate push-up can concepts, such as installing a spring loaded platform that will raise automatically as chips are eaten, or a screw and crank mechanism kind of like stick deodorant.

Until then, at least there’s still the old “pour out the whole can and eat in one sitting” method.

H/T + PicThx Jason Poel Smith


The Employee Birthed In-N-Out ‘After Hours’ Menu Has Bacon and Milkshake Donuts


We’ve known about In-N-Out’s not-so-secret menu for a while now. However, no one’s ever said anything about their “After-Hours” dishes. Although, you should know that you’ll never be able to order it yourself and will probably never be able to taste these wonders. Unless, of course, you happen to work there.

In-N-Out cook and Reddit user “dravila9” of Arizona took to Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” forum and spilled all the deets of what happens after-hours in the kitchen. No, not that, you dirty birdy.



Apparently, when the kitchen closes, dravila9 and his fellow co-workers make the most of their downtime to  come up with their own off-the menu creations — often bringing their own ingredients for a flavor boost. For example, the above photo features one of dravila9’s personal concoctions: Animal fries smothered with chunks of burger patties, bacon and Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce and a burger stuffed with bacon. BACON.

“Took bacon in to cook after closing and it really changes everything,” explained dravila9. “Sweet Jesus it was the greatest thing I’ve ever had!”

He goes on to mention that he’s even made makeshift donuts out of buns squirted with milkshake syrup and dunked in the fryer, along with fried potatoes stuffed with burger patties, cheese, chiles, tomatoes and onions.

And then, there’s the chili dogs only served during company family picnics. “OMG if In-N-Out sold the chili dogs they give at the family picnics the world really wouldn’t be able to handle it,” dravila9 raved.

But alas! Due to In-N-out’s devotion to quality, simple food, don’t expect to see these over-indulgent plays on their regular items anytime soon. So yes, this was just one big fat tease.

We couldn’t help ourselves.

H/T + PicThx Reddit, Huffpo

Fast Food

Wake and McBake: McDonald’s to Offer Breakfast after Midnight

In an attempt to tap into the McStoner, McNightOwl, McHellaEarlyBird and McClosingShift market, McDonald’s is currently testing a new Breakfast after Midnight menu at all its 24-hour locations in central Ohio.

As relayed by Burger Business, less than 1% of customer traffic at quick-service restaurants comes by between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m. The new campaign, dubbed the “Nocturnivore,” aims to increase that number by satisfying the gamut of late-night McMunchies, from french fries to hash browns and (pretty much) everything in between.

The BAM is available from midnight to 10 a.m., and includes Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, hotcakes with sausage, breakfast burritos, Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, hash browns, juice and coffee.

And yes, I am lovin’ it.

[Via Consumerist, Columbus Business FirstBusiness Insider]