Get Fair & Accurate Slices with the Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter


If you’re tired of ending up with the smallest pizza slice, you’re in luck. This precision pizza cutter might be the answer.

The Tactical Laser Pizza Cutter attaches to the top of your average pizza wheel and projects a straight red line onto the pie. It’s up to you to maintain a steady hand, but once you have that down, the laser cutter promises perfect slices every time. That means less time spent arguing over who got more pepperoni or why one piece is missing a corner of crust. Everyone can have a perfect piece, or you can just hog all the slices to yourself.

Don’t worry, we aren’t ones to judge.

Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter, $30 @ThinkGeek

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious


Arctic Spyder III Laser WILL Pop Popcorn [VIDEO]

A dangerously strong (publicly available) laser is seen in this demonstration video with its beam directed straight at this un-popped kernel. Sure enough, the combination of the strong Arctic Spyder III laser and the rotating platform leads to a fully realized piece of Popcorn in a matter of seconds. You gotta see this: