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Kawhi Leonard Gets Banned From Local Coffee Shop In Los Angeles

Update w/Apology: Alfred coffee has formally apologized, saying that the ban was a joke and “No one has been or ever will be turned away from Alfred.”

Update: Clipper fans have taken to Yelp to completely trash every Alfred Coffee location. Countless 1-star reviews popped up over the last couple of days, and Yelp has posted an “Unusual Activity Alert,” on the Alfred Coffee review pages. An Unusual Activity Alert occurs when a business stirs up controversy in the news and a sudden burst of negative reviews start being posted.

Probably the best part are the attempts to make the reviews sound legitimate, with cries of bad service and high prices.

There is a lot more star power making its way to Los Angeles, courtesy of the NBA and a slew of superstar free-agent signings. A couple of those superstars, however, chose the Los Angeles Clippers as a destination instead of the Lakers.

That isn’t sitting well with Laker fans, and apparently a popular L.A.-based coffee shop isn’t taking it too well, either.

After the Clippers announced the acquisitions of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Alfred’s Coffee allegedly posted on their Instagram, “We reserve the right to refuse service to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and anyone else affiliated with the Clippers organization.”

It’s not unusual to see in-state sports rivalries get heated among fans, but for a business to potentially split its customer-base within its own city is something else.

While Clipper fans are few and far in between, some still made their way to Twitter and posted their displeasure with Alfred’s coffee.






We can imagine fans took to Instagram as well, seeing how Alfred disabled its comments on there.

We'll see if Alfred's will stick to its guns, or apologizes to the Clipper fan base. It'd be even funnier if the Clipper team actually did show up to a location to see if they'd really keep their word.

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With One Tweet, Lebron Showed He Already Controls L.A.’s Food Scene

Lebron James set Los Angeles ablaze when he hinted that he would appear at the Blaze Pizza in Culver City, California.

It was a simple tweet, and wasn’t even a guarantee, but Laker fans ran with it and waited in line for hours at the prospect of getting a glimpse of the NBA superstar.

Surely some of the line was for Blaze’s customers simply trying to get free pizza, as many others did at every Blaze location in Southern California, but the Culver City location was the only one that showed promise of Lebron’s presence.

As most know by now, Lebron did not show up to the pizza place. Instead, his wife posted a picture of James in a pool, chilling on a doughnut floatie, as frustrated fans went home with the Lakers’ shiny new toy nowhere in sight.

Donut kill my vibe #OnMaMamaWeLivin

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It is immediately apparent the impact Lebron James will have on the food haven that is L.A.

He hadn’t even officially been a Laker for a week, and had fans lined up outside of a pizza chain for hours.

Lebron has stake in Blaze Pizza, and with him as a spokesman, the franchise has become the fastest growing restaurant chain in U.S. history.

Let that sink in. It wasn’t just the fastest growing build-your-own-pizza shop, or fastest growing restaurant in a specific location; it was the fastest growing restaurant chain, PERIOD. That means it grew faster than McDonald’s, Chipotle, Subway, and any other major restaurant you can think of.

It’s no coincidence that Lebron’s shining star was a key to Blaze’s growth, as CEO Jim Mizes credited James as far as brand awareness is concerned.

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Cleveland’s restaurant scene was positively impacted by James over the years, especially when returning to his hometown in 2014. When Lebron went back to play for the Cavaliers, the number of restaurants around Quicken Loans Arena, where the Cavaliers play, increased from 165 to 210, according to USA Today.

Cleveland restaurants banked on Lebron’s success, unabashedly having “game nights” and luring in customers by showing Cavs games on TV.

With James departing Cleveland, and the team being a little less attractive, those surrounding restaurants will obviously suffer in patronage. Now the focus will be on his new home.
The Los Angeles food scene will not hinge on Lebron in the same way that Cleveland’s did, but if the Blaze Pizza situation is any indication, he is going to leave his mark on the city’s dining culture.

There were fans who followed Lebron’s private jet from Cleveland to Los Angeles, so you can bet people will follow him to any of his go-to restaurants. I wouldn’t be surprised if people found ways to decipher what James delivered to his home.

If he makes his way to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, you bet your ass he’s going to have his own dish, and a picture on the wall.

What if he vouches for In-N-Out, or Philippe’s or even a random taco truck, will people suddenly flock there?

Who knows, but Los Angeles has at least four seasons to find out, and learn to eat like kings.

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Blaze Offers Free Pizza Party To Welcome Lebron James To Los Angeles

If you’ve ever eaten at Blaze Pizza in Los Angeles, you’ve supported Lebron James before he even signed as a Laker.

That’s because Lebron is an investor for the fastest growing restaurant chain in history, so it’s only natural that Blaze throw a Los Angeles pizza party in his honor.

On Tuesday, July 10, Blaze Pizza will be offering a free pizza at 50 participating stores throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., Laker fans can party together and celebrate the fact that Lebron James will try to bring the franchise prosperity over the next four seasons.

Laker fans have had mixed feelings about James’s arrival in Los Angeles, but free pizza might help smooth things over for even the biggest Lebron hater.

Even if it doesn’t help win people over, how can you resist free pizza? Go get some, even if you hate Lebron James.

Who: Blaze Pizza
What: One free build-your-own pizza
When: Tuesday, July 10 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Participating Blaze Pizza locations in Los Angeles and Orange County
Why: Because Lebron James craves your love

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Kobe Gives Death Stare To Fan Trying To Secretly Film His Family’s Meal [WATCH]

Kobe Bryant went out in a blaze of glory, scoring 60-points in his final game wearing Laker purple and gold last season. Over his long 20-year career, we’ve seen Bryant show every emotion — from laughter to absolute disgust — on and off the court. Well, even though he’s retired now, the Black Mamba will still stare you down like it’s game 7 of the NBA Finals. Don’t believe me? Watch this video and find out the hard way — or better yet, try it.

A new video acquired by The Hoops Doctors on YouTube, shows Kobe and his family eating at what appears to be a Ruby’s Diner, while a person sitting across from their table starts to film them in a not-so-secret manner.

As the camera beings to roll, Kobe and company can be seen just minding their own business. But his sudden awareness of the rogue cameraman makes Kobe go into a full-fledged G.O.A.T-Black Mamba-5-time NBA Champion-Death Stare. It’s an icy glare that will probably haunt the person filming for the rest of their life. What a brave soul.

Here’s a look at the best Kobe reactions, since the recently filmed stare down was a little lo-res.

Probably looked a little like this to the person recording.

Doesn’t even flinch.

What did you just say?


Thanks for everything Kobe Bean, you’re still the greatest Laker of all time.



This Is The One Dish Kobe Bryant Loves More Than Anything


As the “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant calls it quits, once and for all, we want to remember the food that fueled the greatest basketball player in the world.

Apparently, Kobe’s favorite dish of all time is frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce.

I remember Kobe saying it on an ESPN Los Angeles radio show, could have been “Mason & Ireland,” but over time it became one of those common things that all Laker fans knew, like, that Kobe only gets 4 hours of sleep, or that he flies a helicopter to stay away from L.A. traffic.


Regardless of the original source, Kobe is the primary reason you might hear Angelenos say that they love the French dish, because Laker fans are nuts like that.

Kobe has also been spotted at the Cheesecake Factory a few times, so don’t think he only shoots for the upscale, French delicacies— sometimes the greatest basketball player of all time enjoys affordable eats just like you and I.

picthx preux & proper, facebook


Fans Cheer For Pizza Despite Team’s Losing Effort

A crowd of 16,429 roared like maniacs as the Toronto Raptors were inching closer to earning them free pizza. The only thing that didn’t feel right was that the Raptors were seconds away from losing.

Whenever the Raptors score 100 points or more in a home game, those in attendance can redeem their tickets at Pizza Pizza and get a free slice of cheese, or pepperoni pizza.

Strange that with 39 seconds left, in a game where the home team is losing 115-98, the crowd is in a frenzy. But free food will fire up any crowd. “Pizza! Pizza!” was what the crowd chanted in unison as their team was about to be taken down by the Orlando Magic.

The Raptors promotion team has a pretty strange standard for giveaways. The Los Angeles Lakers have a similar promotion where those in attendance can get two free tacos from Jack in the Box when the Lakers score 100 or more points, the only catch is that the Lakers have to win the game.

The redemption period for the pizza begins the day after the qualifying game and ends at the end of the business day, so Raptor fans have to scurry to their local Pizza Pizza right away.

With Raptor victories being hard to come by this season, you can’t really blame the fans for enjoying the little things.

The Toronto crowd does have a reputation for awkward cheering moments, as earlier this year they erupted when Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks buried the Raptors for a last-second game-winning three-point shot.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time they crowd has done this. Below is a video of the fans cheering a loss against the San Antonio Spurs in 2011. Maybe it’s tradition for them to cheer a loss.


Lakers Gingerbread Cookie To Be Sold at Staples Center on NBA’s Opening Night

Lakers Gingerbread Cookie 2012 NBA Season Opener Chicago Bulls

For all the true Lakers fans that are attending the home opener versus the Chicago Bulls (and haven’t jumped on the Chris Paul/Blake Griffin bandwagon), Levy Restaurants, the concession partner for the Staples Center, will be offering a special holiday menu including the pictured Gingerbread Laker Cookies. Other holiday offerings include: Garlic and Rosemary Rubbed Prime Rib, flavored cupcakes, a hot chocolate bar and various other desserts.

This cookie makes for a classic collectible and will stand the test of time because we doubt the cookie can be any harder than the batch we got sent (true story, they look better than they taste). I wonder which Laker they modeled the cookie after…Steve Blake? Hmm, maybe Jason Kapono?

Buying the cookie does help a good cause, with each sale supporting local youth and nonprofits through the Lakers Youth Foundation. $1 from every cookie sold will benefit the foundation in addition to the $2,500 already donated by Levy Cares, the charitable foundation of Levy Restaurants.


Is the NBA Lockout Hurting Sales at Restaurants Near Arenas?

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that businesses and restaurants surrounding big sporting arenas thrive when their particular sport is in season. But what happens when that entire season is in jeopardy, as it is with the current 2011-2012 NBA season?

Restaurants flounder, that’s what.

A recent look at restaurants in Houston, TX shows some serious cause for concern among proprietors near the Toyota Center. Home to the NBA’s Houston Rockets, the Toyota Center is generally a key factor in trickling hungry mouths to the nearby eateries.

Mia Bella Trattoria and Andalucia Tapas Restaurant and Bar, two blocks north of the Toyota Center, state that Rockets and NBA fans represent 60-70% of their sales on game nights. General Manager Mike Neri claims a lot of employee families depend on the income, some are forced to take a pay cut, and some have to get another job.

The most interesting talks coming out of the NBA’s strangely elongated lockout involve the ability for restaurateurs to be able to survive without the likelihood of an NBA season. For instance, Mike Raymond, the co-owner of an upscale bar near the Toyota Center thinks they’ll survive in the long run. But shakily responds:

I’d like to say we’re not dependent on these games. But that said, 16,000 coming to a game? You want it. If you got the Lakers on a Friday night, you know you’re gonna be busy. People are gonna be excited. Everybody’s gonna be happy. Hopefully they figure it out for everybody’s sake. — Mike Raymond of Reserve 101