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Gordon Ramsay Unwittingly Dissed Lady Gaga’s Cake On Twitter With A Savage Response

Gordon Ramsay, master of savage dish critiques on Twitter, has unwittingly put singer Lady Gaga in his culinary crosshairs with his latest tweet.

Happy Birthday to my Ronson girls!!!! 🍾🎂🍰🤗@samantharonson @cjronson #HappyBirthday

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

Lady Gaga apparently created this leaning tower cake as part of a “Cake 911” operation to rescue the dessert at a birthday party for celebrity twins Charlotte and Samantha Ronson. While Gaga didn’t bake the cake herself, she reportedly kept it from collapsing with her icing skills. Regardless, the cake looks like a bad accident waiting to happen, and one Gaga superfan decided to take the shocking sweet and get Gordon Ramsay to critique it.

Of course, Chef Ramsay doesn’t always respond when it comes to slamming celebrity-related dishes, so the superfan, named Anthony, had a plan. By cropping a photo of the cake and pretending to have made the cake himself for his sister’s birthday, Anthony managed to elicit a response from Gordon.

When the internet figured out what was going on, they had a field day with it.

Hopefully, more people catch onto this prank idea, because it’s absolutely hilarious when Gordon Ramsay brutalizes a celeb on Twitter.

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Lady Gaga Just Filed Paperwork To Make Her Own Wine


Photo: Youtube

Following her success during the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga has decided to start making her own wine.

According to TMZ, the celebrity’s company filed paperwork this past week to develop a host of new wine products under te name “Grigio Girls,” which comes from a bonus track on Gaga’s latest album, “Joanne”.

The paperwork filing involves the production of basically anything wine, from wine coolers, wine-based punches, and even wine cocktails. Of course, wines like Pinot Grigio will also likely be made under the “Grigio Girls” brand name.

Lady Gaga isn’t a newcomer to the food and beverage industry, as her family still owns an Italian restaurant – Joanne Trattoria – in New York City.

Many other big names have gone into winemaking in the past, including Oscar-winning composer Alan Silvestri and sports superstar Wayne Gretzky. Even Lil Jon has his own successful winery.

Wines naturally take a while to age and be made, so we probably won’t get to taste any of Lady Gaga’s wine for a while.

When it does come out, however, it’ll be interesting to see how her wines stack up in the already massive industry.


Iconic Musicians Recreated Using Corn Flakes

cereal artists

Some might already argue that Drake is as soft as Corn Flakes, but now there’s an elegant visual of him in Corn Flake form, as well as of other music artists.

Artist Sarah Rosado masterfully took bits of cornflakes and recreated the profiles of iconic musicians of the past and present. From Michael Jackson, Elvis and John Lennon to current stars such as Drake, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, they are all carefully crafted to make you feel something beyond appreciation.

The detail put into these portraits is crazy, as Rosado crafts every eyebrow and hairstyle to a “t” and captures the essence of each musician’s noteworthy characteristics.

Check them out yourself, and you’re likely to start humming their songs as you scroll down:


Alicia Keys

967860_560912950718919_1507322083_n __________

Freddie Mercury




Michael Jackson






John Lennon



Kanye West



Lady Gaga


Amy Winehouse




Jimi Hendrix




Check out more of her art @srartwork.


Guy Does Trippy Performance Art Wearing A Chicken Skin Bodysuit


Yadda yadda consumer culture yadda yadda performance art yadda yadda yes, that guy is wearing a whole bodysuit sewn from chicken skin. And yes, it is scary as hell.

FLESH is a bizarre art experiment by UK-based artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis G. Burton that entails Burton walking around London wearing nothing but raw chicken skin. The point has something to do with “identity” and “social media” and not “how to catch salmonella poisoning on Halloween.”


In an interview earlier this week with Art Map London, Ivanov extrapolated further, stating the true point of the piece is there really is no point.

“The internet has really trivialized everything to such an extent that taking a [social or political] position is almost archaic,” he said, “And whenever I do meet people that do take a position, I always find it quite hilarious because I think to myself, ‘You lost a long time ago.'”

In addition to streaking through Trafalgar Square, Ivanov and Burton have released an ’80s-esque exercise video and merchandise including laptop and smartphone skins, throw pillows, and a pacifier. Oh, the irony.


This Painter Drinks Colored Milk then Throws it Up on Blank Canvases

Dear Readers: this is Millie Brown and here she is enjoying a glass of colored milk.


Now, this is where the pleasantries end. If you’re one of those people who get queasy at the mere thought of multicolored regurgitation, please refrain from reading. For everyone else, well, good luck.

Since 2007, the 27-year-old artist has been practicing “Nexus Vomitus.” The eccentric performance involves Brown drinking dyed soy milk and then vomiting it back out onto black canvases as opera singers provide musical accompaniment. Enchanting, isn’t it?





Before each live show, the eccentric performer starves herself for two days so that the milk doesn’t mix with anything else. “That way the only liquid that comes up is beautiful and of pure colour,” Brown told Daily Mail. The glasses of milk are then swallowed at timed intervals, in order to achieve the “pure” vomit color.

According to DailyMail, Brown’s controversial work has received positive recognition from critics likening her to Jackson Pollock, who gained fame and notoriety for his drip paintings. The proud vegan’s work has also been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and gained the attention of Lady Gaga, who featured the artist in a music video.

Below, Millie Brown’s feature with Lady Gaga and a solo performance.


Lady Gaga Ditches The Meat Dress & Sets To Launch New Gaga Bottled Water


By now, the meat dress is très blasé and bottled water is the new frontier of Mother Monster. In light of criticism following recent photos showing a noticeably robuster pop star, Lady Gaga has plans for branding “healthy drinking water” that will be promoted via a multimillion-dollar global marketing campaign according to Confidenti@l.

“Gaga has been at the center of a lot of attention over her weight increase,” a NY Daily News insider commented. “Losing her weight in such a short time and launching a healthy water drink may be part of a plan.”

So what exactly would a Haus of Gaga water bottle look like? Hollywood correspondent James Desborough claims that the Gaga creative team is keeping the shape of the bottle under lock and key, under Mother Monster’s orders, of course. We’re thinking something like a certain erect genital (ahem) or a bottle made of raw meat wouldn’t be too far off. Come on, she showed up to the Grammys as a fetus in an egg.

Nothing is off limits after that.

Via NY Daily News/Photo Courtesy of Lady Gaga Twitter


Lady Gaga Meat Inspired Mini Dress

A selection of meats are used in this instructional video showing how to make a Lady Gaga inspired meat dress for your Harumika fashion doll (we all have one those, right? Right!). Once you’ve got all your slices of meats lined up, and your doll setup, you can get your Lady Gaga on!

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Celebrity Grub: Bruce Willis Feeds Letterman His Meat Hair

Bruce Willis is no longer bald! This Die Hard playa is able to grow a nice set of ground beef on his head, and just in time for the fall to keep him warm. You have to give it up for B.Willis for his Gaga-ness and his sense of humor. The man is straight up gangster, ’nuff said. While on David Letterman’s Tonight Show, Willis offered Letterman a piece of his meat (???) which pretty much leads to Letterman choking on it (???). I’m not trying to sound filthy, but it’s just writing itself. Enjoy.