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Dogs Eat As Good As Their Owners At This ‘Barky Brunch’

Have you ever wanted to sit down to a meal with your beloved pup? Sure it’s something you can easily do in the comfort of your own home, but I’m talking about sitting down, at a restaurant, to a chef-prepared gourmet feast with your canine companion.

Ray’s and Stark Bar, a restaurant located just outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), is helmed by chef Fernando Darin.

A dog-lover himself, Darin utilizes the leftover pet-friendly food scraps from his kitchen to craft a rotating canine-friendly menu he calls the “Barky Brunch.” The menu was crafted as a means to reduce and recycle food waste, diverting them from landfills.

This season’s menu includes a watermelon sorbet, a chicken and broccoli rice bowl, Pizza Crust Dog Bones, and bacon-topped miniature peanut butter doggy cupcakes.

Our man on the ground, and two-time dog owner Richard Guinto sat down with veritable food beast and chew toy aficionado, Mana, to a sweet and savory brunch at the prominent Los Angeles restaurant.

The two shared a plethora of delicious bites, both for humans and doggies — including a brunch pizza and a decadent slice of salmon toast on the human side of the menu.

Anyone looking to treat their pooch to a lavish gourmet spread, Ray’s and Stark Bar will host pet owners every weekend at the restaurant’s open patio area. Humans and dogs, be sure to bring an appetite.


Here’s Where To Find This Secret Menu Golden Pizza

A day at the museum can make anybody pretty hungry. Just standing there for hours pondering the themes and messages artists are trying to convey through hundreds of mediums can leave our stomaches rumbling so loud, we’re sure to get shushed.

Ray’s and Stark Bar, located on the premises of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a pretty extravagant secret: a gold pizza.

Relax, King Midas. This pizza isn’t made of solid gold and you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Created by executive chef Fernando Darin, the off-menu item features a few decadent variants to traditional pizza ingredients. A main component to it is Sottocenere – a truffled cheese from Italy, burrata, and edible gold flakes.

The idea behind the pizza, according to Chef Darin, was to take something simple and traditional and transform it into something chic and luxurious.

Reach Guinto, Foodbeast managing editor, got to try a few slices himself. Here’s what he thought of the gold pizza:

It was a kind of gooey and melty that was luxurious. I immediately knew my tongue was in the driver’s seat of a Rolls Royce with this special kind of cheese pizza.

Next time you’re visiting the LACMA, or you’re feeling peckish and in the area, perhaps you can indulge your inner royalty just a bit and give this secret menu pizza a shot.