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For 5 Cents, You Can Get A Medium Pizza At Hungry Howie’s


Who: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

What: As part of their Labor Day promotion, any customer who buys a large pizza with at least one topping will be able to buy a second medium one-topping pizza for 5 cents. Hey, any pizza under five bucks is a huge get in our book.

Where: Any of the 600 Hungry Howie’s locations in the United States

When: September 3 through September 5, 2016 (Labor Day Weekend)


Shake Shack Celebrates Labor Day With Limited Edition Corn Dogs


The Shake Shack corn dog is like that family member you only see a few times a year, it only pops round for the holidays then you don’t see it again for a year. Of course you miss it, but you know you couldn’t handle seeing it on the daily.

The chain uses its usual all-beef franks for this golden masterpiece, dipping it in a special made corn batter then frying it to perfection. The corn dog touts a $4.50 price tag, which seems pretty pricey for a fried dog, considering you could get like 9 at Sonic’s for the same price, but Shake Shack fancies it up a bit by pairing their corn dog with a sweet corn relish.

The Shack is also serving up a special edition Peach Pie Oh My Concrete this weekend for $4.25. The summer flavored concrete features Shake Shack’s iconic vanilla custard blended with a slice of their house made peach pie.

Before you go running off to your nearest Shake Shack, the corn dogs are available most Shake Shack locations, except JFK, but you can find the limited edition concrete there. Oh, and if you’re planning on going to Brooklyn’s Flatbush and DUMBO locations, you better not want a concrete because these locations are only serving up corn dogs.

Shake Shack will only be serving these corn dogs through Monday, September 1st in honor of the holiday weekend.

H/T + PicThx Gothamist


Alert: BOGO Jamba Juice This Weekend


Who: Good ol’ JJ

What: Is giving away buy-one-get-one free smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices with coupon for Labor Day. Thankfully the coupon doesn’t specify a drink size, so feel free to go HAM on those fruits and veggies, kids.

When: 8/26 through Labor Day, 9/1/14

Where: All participating locations, which sadly don’t include Hawaii, Downtown Disney, the Vegas Strip, airports, and certain universities, sigh.


Going to bake a cake this weekend for labor day, will probably end up looking like this



Chick-fil-A: Free Food on Labor Day


Chick-fil-A restaurants everywhere are celebrating Labor Day by giving away free Original Chick-fil-A Sandwiches to any customer who comes into one of their locations wearing any sort of team logo. Basically, show up dressed in any shirt or jersey that has a team logo, whether it’s your school team or an official team, just wear it and head on into your local Chick-fil-A for your free grub! For more information and a chance to get another sandwich coupon online, head over to the ChickenWave website! (Thx FFM)