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Starbucks Cup With ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ Leaves Customer Steamed


Yeah, Starbucks drinks are ridiculously full of sugar. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to point it out to the customer. A Starbucks patron allegedly received a message on his coffee order that deeply offended him.

According to Action News Jax, a customer from a St. Augustine, Fla., Starbucks got his coffee order and was shocked to see “DIABETES HERE I COME” displayed on the label.

The customer says that he did not find it funny as his two sisters suffer from diabetes.

While Starbucks issued an apology, some are arguing that this could be nothing more than a prank created through the coffee chain’s mobile ordering app.


If Alcohol Labels Told the Truth, They’d Look a Little Something Like This


You’re at a grocery store and you have to make a decision. Will you stay at home, crying about your ex with Netflix and Moscato? Or head out with the girls for an “I’ll hold your hair back if you hold mine” sesh after one too many vodka-Red Bulls?

Total Sorority Move drafted a series of tongue-in-cheek alcohol bottles renamed for what they should actually be called. We’re talking “Crying Alone” moscato, “Sugar” Malibu Rum, and “Vomit Everywhere” Jager. Granted, while some labels like “Dancing on Tablés” tequila are spot on, others like “Blackout” Fireball come off as a little generic.

Check out more of our favorites below, and feel free to enjoy with a can of “Super Deep V” PBR.

honest-alcohol-4 honest-alcohol-3 honest-alcohol-2 honest-alcohol-1



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Most Honest Wine Labels Ever Include ‘The One with the Berries’ and ‘The One with the Awards’


We’ve seen a lot of innovative marketing when it comes to wine lately. From infographic wine labeling that visually depicts flavor breakdown via color swatches to guides that help you decipher wine lingo, the wine marketing industry has become a hub of creativity. The latest comes from Realist Branding, who have kindly provided us wine-challenged beings with a solution to choosing that perfect wine for any occasion.


Designed for  Easy Choice Winery, the company created a no-hassle way to identify wine preference by implementing a bold font to highlight the most memorable trait of each wine. Such examples include: “The One with the Berries” and “The One with the Awards.”

These playful labels mimic the way most of us actually choose our wines and contain “ten percent less bullshit.” Mmm, tasty.

Picthx Realist


Unique Wine Labeling Uses Color Swatches to Break Down Flavor


Taking a modern approach to wine labeling, Uproot has created a first-of-its-kind color bar. The unique labeling serves as a visual representation of the wine’s tasting notes, offering a guide to the flavors and aromas found in the bottle. Together, these color bars make up what the company calls a “Flavor Palette” that is unique to each variety of wine. While the label changes according to the wine’s flavor profile, the design will retain the brand-specific color bars and overall aesthetic.

The idea here is recognition and transparency. From sommeliers to people just looking for an easy way to decipher wine lingo, this type of infographic strategy provides you with all the basics.

We’ve got to hand it to them — you would definitely know an Uproot wine bottle when you see one, thanks to this clever marketing scheme. However, while this is certainly “innovative” marketing, it’s unclear whether the company is selling wine with diverse flavors, or a home decorating service with a bounty of wallpaper color swatches.

Uproot Wines, $34-$44 @DrinkUproot


How to Unwrap Your Beer Can With an iPhone [Photo]


There’s David Blaine, then there’s this magic: A beer can unwrapped using the power of your mobile phone.


Here’s How to Create Your Own Free Custom Beer Labels

Brewing your own beer is pretty fun, but storing them in some anonymous brown bottles just sucks some of the unique character from the beer. After all, it’s your beer and people should be able to recognize that hard work! Thankfully, Labeley makes this task exceptionally easy by allowing you to design your own custom beer label. You can choose from a variety of different graphics and designs, or you could upload your own photographs to create your own personal beer labels. It’s totally free and you can make up to 5 different labels in a single session. When you’re finished, you’re free to download your designs and slap em on your very own home brew.