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Chipotle Now Testing ‘Really Good Coffee’


Ever go to Chipotle, order a burrito and just go nuts on it before you start getting really sleepy three quarters of the way in? I mean, you could wash it down with a nice cold beer, but for some reason that makes things even worse. What you really need is a nice, warm cup of coffee.

In a move that looks looks to be a step towards expanding their caffeine services, Chipotle is testing coffee at a Washington, D.C. location. The co-founder Todd Carmichael tweeted a photo of the coffee promotion, which revealed that the chain is pairing up with Philly-based coffee roaster La Colombe and brewing up “Really Good Coffee.”

While this test run seems to be located specifically in D.C., that doesn’t mean we might not be seeing coffee soon at our local Chipotle establishments. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyone in the Washington area know if it’s any good? Sound out!

PicThx @toddcarmichael