Starbucks’ La Boulange Hits LA, to Serve Croissant Bun Burgers & Cocktails

La Boulange

La Boulange baked goods have invaded your local Starbucks. The coffee empire acquired the San Francisco-based bakery within the past year, and now, La Boulange is setting up shop in Los Angeles on the corner of La Brea and Fourth Street.

Opening June 12th, the new restaurant will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, all of which have gourmet-style offerings. Customers will dine on sandwiches like the B.E.L.T. — fried egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce and aioli on ciabatta — or a smoked trout salad with walnut bread croutons, potatoes, apple and a citrus vinaigrette. But if you prefer to go the burger route, La Boulange will have a croissant bun to make your experience extra, er, crafty.

La Boulange

In addition to tasty salads and sandwiches, the restaurant is set to offer thick milkshakes made with house jams and a selection of cocktails and beer, among other items.

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Starbucks Offers New Breakfast Sandwiches, Including Ham & Swiss Croissant


Starbucks will be launching four new sandwiches to their La Boulange menu this month. In an early promotion, select Starbucks locations will offer a free 16-oz grande brewed coffee with the purchase of a breakfast sandwich. The four new items are Vegetable and Fontiago, Egg and Cheddar, Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon and Slow-Roasted Ham and Swiss Croissant.

The Vegetable sandwich comes with spinach, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, a fried egg and Fontiago cheese served on a ciabatta bun. The Egg and Cheddar sandwich features a fried egg and cheddar cheese served on multigrain toast. Served on an organic wheat English muffin, the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon packs reduced-fat turkey bacon, reduced-fat cheese and an egg white patty. The Slow-Roasted Ham and Swiss Croissant comes with ham, a fried egg patty and Swiss cheese served on a warm croissant.

The free coffee offer will be available at participating Starbucks locations from March 12 through 14.


Starbucks Sweetens Menu by Adding Caramel Treats


Barely a month after their Caramel Flan Latte debuted Starbucks has decided to sweeten up its bakery menu with even more dulce-licious treats.

The new menu items include a Chocolate Caramel Muffin, Salted Caramel Square and a La Boulange Caramel Sticky Bun. Rounding out the caramel themed sweets is Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Cake Pop which has been on the menu for a while.

The majority of the new items feature salted caramel, appeasing customers’ sweet and salty tastes.

Chocolate Caramel Muffin: chocolate muffin with a caramel center

Salted Caramel Square: chocolate square with crunchy pretzels, pecans and caramel mixed in

Caramel Pecan Sticky Bun: flaky pastry with caramel pecan filling

Ranging from 380-410 calories the coffee chain’s new sweets clock in at a caloric count comparable to your favorite latte. You should be able to find these new menu items at your local Starbucks, but the Caramel Sticky Bun is only available at locations that serve La Boulange pastries.

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Starbucks’ New La Boulange Menu Aims to Look Less Perfect, More Handmade


Last year, French baker and entrepreneur Pascal Rigo sold his “La Boulange” mini-empire to Starbucks for $100 million. Rigo is now leading Starbucks’ effort to roll out a new “artisanal” selection of products reminiscent of intimate, home-baked goods as opposed to their usual commercial fare.

The new line-up will offer “affordable, not intimidating” pricing and is designed with the intention of looking homemade. “It’s the habit of processed food to look pretty,” Rigo told the LA Times. “These aren’t pretty, or they’re about as pretty as what you’d make at home.”

The products are being introduced into Los Angeles throughout this week, with Starbucks hinting at the release via the above photo posted to Facebook with the words “Born by the Bay. Coming to the rest of CA.”

The new additions include a variety of items that are gluten free, void of artificial flavors and preservatives, and filled with sustainably grown fruits and veggies. Expect to see everything from  a spinach croissant made with whole wheat dough and flaxseed (below) to chocolate croissants featuring Colombian single-origin chocolate to a selection of pastries with customized glazes.

The company has also improved overall food manufacturing — trimming down production to consumption time from as long as six months to 60 days and relying on more smaller facilities (25 to 30 bakeries nationwide), as opposed to a few massive locations.

It’s the next logical step for Starbucks, as the coffee behemoth has yet to tap into the growing market of self-proclaimed “foodies.”

Still, Rigo promised that he hasn’t “sold out or gone corporate,” stressing that there will be “no compromises” moving forward.

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