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Burger King’s New CHOW MEIN Burger Is Drenched In Kung Pao Sauce


Here’s something we’d never thought we’d see.

Burger King India has added a new Chinese-themed Whopper to their menu they’re calling the Shanghai Whopper.

According to Brand Eating, the Whopper features either a chicken, veggie, or mutton patty as the protein. The burger is then topped with tomato, red onion, cheese, a cheesy jalapeño sauce, crispy fried chow mien, and Kung Pao sauce.

No joke.

While Kung Pao sauce and chow mein aren’t typically paired together, it seems Burger King is taking some liberties with the components to keep in theme with the Shanghai concept.

You can find the Shanghai Whopper at participating Burger King locations in India. Prices for the burger will vary depending on the type of patty you choose.

Photo: Burger King India

Fast Food

Subway Offers New Kung Pao Pulled Pork Sub

Kung Pao Pulled Pork

In the Chicago area, Subway is currently testing a new sandwich in the form of their Kung Pao Pulled Pork sub. Fans of the Pulled Pork sandwich will be thrilled to hear that this is practically the same thing, with Kung Pao sauce instead of BBQ.

The Kung Pao Pulled Pork uses applewood pulled pork with a Kung Pao sauce described as having a savory combination of garlic and ginger with a sweet and spicy glaze. An interesting combination if there ever was one, we hope to see this sandwich make its way one day to our local Subway (we’ll be keeping an eye out).