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This Chicago Burger Joint Makes The Most Hardcore Metal Burgers You’ll Ever Try

If you’re a heavy metal fan with a massive appetite, Kuma’s Corner will be next on your list of places to try. With five Chicago locations, the restaurant unabashedly boasts its love for heavy metal and meat and holds an impressive menu to back it up.

Their decked out creations are named after iconic bands you’ll hear blasting through the speakers of the restaurant. Much like their names, their burgers and sandwiches are unlike any you’ve had before, all of which are sizable creations that will truly test how hardcore you are.

The Goatsnake burger, made with herbed goat cheese, poblano sweet corn relish, Cholula lemon vinaigrette, and buttermilk breaded deep fried red onions, is served with your choice of meat (which can be subbed for the vegan Impossible patty).

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Perhaps the most outrageous offering on the menu is the Sourvein Burger, a concoction of deep fried blackened chicken tenders, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and Belgian waffle strips topped with a maple syrup drizzle and raspberry aioli.

Kuma’s also keeps things fresh with their burger of the month, an innovative tribute to bands not listed on the original menu. The Cannibal Corpse burger of the month featured a 10oz beef patty topped with grilled buffalo, bacon, beer battered fried blood sausage, roasted bone marrow butter, and smoked gouda, all smothered in a cherry-bourbon jam.

If you’re not set on burgers, mac and cheese and a selection of sandwiches will also satisfy, like the Pig Destroyer, which features an outrageous pile of pulled pork slapped onto a pretzel bun. Assuming your mouth is already watering, we suggest checking it out for yourself.


Chicago Restaurant Serves Sacrilegious Burger with Communion Wafer and Red Wine Reduction


Kuma’s Corner, a burger joint in Chicago, is known for its heavy metal-themed burgers that are serious enough to bust your belt. But their most recent creation, the Ghost Burger, has some people in a religious uproar. On top of ten ounces of meat (beef and slowly braised pork shoulder), aged white cheddar cheese, and ghost chili aioli, there’s an unconsecrated communion wafer and a red wine reduction.  

Unsurprisingly, many have found the communion wafer and red wine reduction to be sacrilegious, as the wafers and red wine symbolize the body and blood of Christ. For Jeff Young, who runs a blog called The Catholic Foodie, this “is a mockery of something that is holy.”

However, Luke Tobias, Kuma’s general manager, says that since the wafers haven’t been blessed, which just makes them “simple, pretty crackers.” So, Foodbeast readers, is the Ghost Burger something that sounds absolutely offensive or downright delicious?

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