It’s Almost Pizza! — SNL Skit Takes Jab at Frozen Pizza Dinners [VIDEO]

This reminds me of a popular frozen pizza dinner (that shall not be named for lack of proof) I bought a few years back that tasted like cardboard, then the more I peeled off the crust, it actually was partially cardboard.

It’s Almost Pizza!

Saturday Night Live had a wonderful skit this weekend that poked fun at processed food, with its Almost Pizza “commercial.”

In the skit, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader argued about what the “pizza” was, then the pizza started getting hotter on it’s own, shattered when thrown to the floor, put itself back together and crawled under the fridge.

It’s not delivery, it’s not pizza, what it is, is up in the air.

For those who have taken a bite of frozen pizza and felt it had a sketchy taste, this video certainly won’t calm your nerves.

I suggest that this not be watched while under the influence, although I wouldn’t doubt that this skit was written under the influence.


‘SNL’ Paula Deen is Hilariously Depicted by Kristen Wig

Kristen Wiig definitely makes a sexy, hilarious and ultimately convincing Paula Deen in this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The skit covers the recent sexual harassment allegations levied against Deen, her diabetes diagnosis and her use of the “N word,” which she claims to have never used (“nutrition”).

Wait ’till you hear Wiig/Deen describe diabetes as “the sugars,” old people in homes having “the shakes” and proceed to butter her hair while she talks with Seth Meyers. Paula Deen ignorance and hilariousness at its finest.

Here’s a look: