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Krispy Kreme UK Teases New Xbox Donut

Krispy Kreme UK’s Twitter account recently fired off a tweet that contained a promo video teasing an Xbox-themed donut dubbed ‘The Nexus Level Doughnut’.

While details on taste and specific ingredients are scarce for now, Krispy Kreme UK’s site does state availability from August 2 – August 22. On the site are rules to a sweepstakes that can get fans a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the chance to win themselves an Xbox Series S.

We’ll be sure to put you on to more details surrounding this product release once they become available.


Krispy Kreme UK Offers Ultimate Party Pack Featuring 2,400 Donuts

double hundred dozen krispy kreme

Those of you lucky to live across the pond now have access to a very special box of donuts that will definitely make you the hit of the office. Enter, the Double Hundred Dozen box of donuts. Yes, you read that right. Double. Hundred. Dozen.

Obviously meant for large scale events, Krispy Kreme UK is now offering this insane box of donuts as part of their “Occasions” line up. In case you’re as terrible at math as I am, this gigantic box of donuts houses 2,400 of the chain’s beloved original glazed donuts. In fact, the box measures in at 11.5 ft x 3 ft and requires eight Krispy Kreme members to deliver it.

Though there’s no price listed on Krispy Kreme UK’s website regarding the cost of this monstrosity, they are running a contest where one lucky UK based company can win their own Double Hundred Dozen. If you don’t quite need enough donuts to feed a small city, the donut giant also offers much smaller party options, such as their Doughnut Towers.

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