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Korean BBQ Restaurant Serves Up Massive Pork Belly Burgers That Can Be Cooked On Your Grill

When you hit up a Korean BBQ spot with the squad, the typical power move is to get a few select cuts of meat and let them sizzle to perfection on the table’s grill. If you’re at this particular restaurant, however, you can up the ante with a massive “K-Town Burger” that you can request to be cooked tableside.

This K-Town Burger experience can be found at Porkfolio, a Korean BBQ joint in Santa Anita, California that’s known for their plethora of various kinds of marinated pork belly. Porkfolio actually mixes some of that into the burger patties, which are half-and-half blends of pork belly and brisket. That all gets topped off with mozzarella cheese, Gochujang mayo, and a kimchi-based “Seoul Slaw,” all of which are encased in a sweet bolo (aka pineapple) bun.

It’s one thing to get a plenteous platter of meats placed down in front of you, but to get a double-patty burger grilled live adds a whole new dimension to this social food experience.

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Cereal Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Boozy Cereal Milkshakes Highlight This Breakfast Playland

The streets of Los Angeles are a bustling place, and sometimes we could all  take a beat and treat ourselves to something sweet and salty.

Milk Tavern, a Koreatown cereal bar, is home to a bevy of desserts and unique sandwiches. Notably, a line of sweet and savory paninis made with cereal.

Foodbeast’s Richard Guinto, who practically lived in Koreatown in his youth, returned to his old stomping grounds to sink his teeth into this cheesy Frosted Flakes sandwich.

“The cereal panini should be a curious item, but it’s a pleasant and surprising example of the sweet and salty flavor dynamic.”

It didn’t stop at the sandwiches though. Milk Tavern also offers a few sweet items, like boozy cereal milkshakes, Frose, and multi-layered rainbow crepe cakes.

“The milkshakes actually made me lose thought of the alcoholic novelty, only because the quality and taste were that good.”

If I wasn’t lactose intolerant, this might very well be one of my favorite spots in Koreatown. Alas, all I can really do is sit here and take in the gleeful looks of patrons as they’re handed their sandwiches and desserts — while I eat my sorbet.

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You Can Order MASSIVE Loaded Pretzels At This Korean Gastropub

I’m always in search of some great bar food. Whether those come in the form of chicken wings, burgers, or pretzels — I’m game. In fact, I love a good pretzel. While my body rejects cheese like a C-student’s application to an Ivy League, there was a time I would enjoy a soft pretzel dunked in rich beer cheese. Man, do I miss beer cheese. Biergarten, located in the Koreatown are of Los Angeles, CA,  doesn’t just do a simple pretzel. In fact, the Korean fusion gastropub created three massive loaded pretzels to appease any and every kind of craving. Let’s dig into the delicious details:

Best of Wurst Pretzel

The Nuremberg bratwurst, kielbasa sausage, and Spam topped pretzel is essential for meat lovers. Garnished with plenty of sauerkraut and spicy mustard, the bar also adds some sautéed kimchi, perilla leaves, and pickled daikons to marry German and Korean flavors. It’s served with a side of… *sighs*… beer cheese.

Supreme Nacho Pretzel

Nacho lovers will want to revel on this loaded work of art. This supreme pretzel is topped with Spam bits, sliced knackwurst sausage, nacho cheese, Angus chili, pico de gallo, and jalapeños.

Dessert Lover’s Pretzel

Finally for those born with an incurable case of the “sweet tooth,” there’s the Dessert Lover’s Pretzel. Sweet with a hint of salty, the soft pretzel is topped with chocolate syrup, sugar cinnamon powder, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Heath toffee bits, and pretzel chips. Just be sure to bring a friend before diving into these things. Sure you can knock one out on your own, but these should be enjoyed with some beers and good company.

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A Fried Onion Crown Rests Upon This Gloriously Extravagant Pizza

Kings, queens, emperors, anyone of royal sorts, all have one piece of headwear in common — the crown. For such dignified and luminous individuals the crown solidifies their status as leaders and those of the upper crust. Speaking of crust, who says a pizza of upper echelon status can’t wear a crown of their own?

Koreatown Pizza Co. in Los Angeles, CA is serving up a ‘za worthy of a crown in the form of a whole fried onion. The Kingsley, as dubbed by the innovative pizza parlor, features a golden fried onion crown resting on a pizza featuring toppings of roast corn, cheese, peppers, and mouthwatering bulgogi. Ah yes, what a glorious mouthful.

Besides The Kingsley, they’re also serving up innovative pies like their Morning Glory, which boasts a crust that’s full on hash browns. We should all be so lucky to start our days off with such a breakfast item.

Koreatown Pizza Co. is clearly doing crazy the right way here and it’s the kind of crazy we know translates well into pizza form. All other parlors should bow down to such pizza royalty.


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This Restaurant Uses Hash Brown BUNS On Their Breakfast Burger

We breeze through Koreatown quite a few times in our line of work. Between shoots in Downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood areas, sometimes we like to post up in KTown to get some work done since the drive back to the Orange County office can be so tedious. It was during one of those Koreatown visits was when I discovered a restaurant called Cassell’s Hamburgers.

Now, first up, any spot that serves breakfast all-day gets praise in my book. However, this spot featured a dish on the menu that had us doing a double-take: A breakfast burger with hash brown buns.

This “B’fast Burger” wasn’t even a promotional item or something seasonal that the restaurant did. It was a permanent fixture on the menu.

Cassell’s B’fast Burger features a beef patty topped with avocado, a fried egg, and spicy mayonnaise. Instead of a hamburger bun, the restaurant credits a custom “bun” made from fried hash browns.

We recommend adding some extra bacon to the burger to round out your meal. Seriously, their bacon is amazing.

You can find the B’fast Burger at Cassell’s Hamburgers in Koreatown, Los Angeles. While breakfast is served all day, the burger is only available before 11 am.

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Literally Go Underground For This Subterranean VIP Karaoke Experience

For those outside of Magic Sing-wielding households and Soju-wasted ragers looking to blow off steam, the idea of karaoke may seem like a cheesy night out that will only end in spilled Hite and embarrassment for not hitting any of Mariah Carey’s dog whistle high notes.

So possibly elevating the whole karaoke experience might switch up your feelings towards it, which is all good, you’re not alone.

Enter The Venue: Los Angeles’ answer to a chic, VIP karaoke experience done in a subterranean setting and featuring a chef-driven menu from Kayson Chong and high-end cocktails by mixologist Devon Espinosa.

The hip spot’s literally underground by way of one very sleek staircase that leads you to 13 private karaoke rooms, as well as an expansive, open dining room and bar. Being immersed in such a sexy setting will literally make you feel miles away from the musty private rooms, dilapidated leather seats, and barely-there song selection of other karaoke joints.

So squad up and fine tune those singing voices, because you really have no excuse not to be a part of this VIP karaoke experience at The Venue in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

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A Look At Nashville Hot Chicken & Other Spicy Food Trends This Year


Global warming aside, 2016 was a pretty hot year. To clarify, it’s been a pretty spicy year. We’ve witnessed a huge surge in the spicy foods trend recently and couldn’t be happier to see people appreciating the heat.

There’s nothing like a peppery plate to get your sweat glands going and your senses on high-alert. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening these last 12 months.

Hot Cheetos Everywhere

Everyone and their mothers have been using Hot Cheetos as a secret ingredient in their recipes this year. Actually, the fiery corn snack has been in the spotlight for a couple of years now, but they’re still going strong. Arguably the hottest and easiest to find of commercial chips, these pepper dusted snacks are the guilty pleasure treats to many patrons.

You can pretty much toss these crimson corn puffs on anything and it’ll be considered trendy. Case in point:

Spicy Challenges

A pretty sizable amount of YouTube videos and Facebook Live Streams have featured some form of spicy food challenge this year.

We even got fellow Foodbeast Elie to try FOUR Carolina Reaper Chips from Paqui. The fiery pepper-encrusted snack food is so spicy that it only comes in a serving of one. It also doesn’t help that the packaging is in the shape of a coffin.

Spicy food challeneges weren’t limited to chips though. In fact, many spots had their own champion in the world of heat.

Fellow Foodbeast Reach Guinto and Wally Vu recently went to Koreatown to try Ddukbokki, a dish of rice cakes made with the fabled Ttangcho pepper, known as the spiciest pepper in all of Korea.

Heck, even the hand-roll spot down the street from our office has a mega-spicy tuna roll for the bravest of patrons. According to Reach, however, it was nowhere near as hot as the Ddukbokki.

Nashville Hot Chicken


Nashville hot chicken started off as a Tennessee staple. The iconic dish was rumored to have been created in the 1930s as a means of revenge on a womanizer who was expecting a breakfast of fried chicken. What the man didn’t expect was that it was cooked with extra hot pepper, which he was shockingly delighted by.

The dish itself features cuts of chicken marinated in a liquid-based (water or buttermilk) blend of seasoning that’s fried, floured, and bearded. Once it’s out of the fryer, a sauce featuring cayenne pepper is added to the piping hot chicken and served with pickle chips and slices of white bread.

Now, hot chicken has commercially spread across the states and folks are LOVING it (myself included). Even fast food spots like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Carl’s Jr began serving Nashville Hot Chicken and Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches, pickle chips and all.


For those who aren’t down for fast food imitations – though KFC’s version is pretty damn tasty – hit up Howlin’ Ray’s (for those in the Los Angeles area), which usually boasts an hour-long line if you’re lucky.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Nashville, you probably have a better idea where to get your hands on some quality hot chicken.

Why So Spicy?


There could be a number of reasons why spicy foods have been on the up and up this year. People’s palates have possibly grown accustomed to the heat and are eager to test their boundaries with every new “hot” dish they try.

What’s more, spicy foods are a way for eaters to come together and socialize over the idea of trying something scary and exciting. The adrenaline rush of not knowing how your body will handle the heat can be exhilarating for some people, while others will just succumb to peer pressure just to be a part of the culture.

The pride of being able to handle spicy dishes better than your friends can also play a major role in why “spicy challenges” are trending more and more. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know you can take the heat better than your colleagues.

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It Was Lit: We Tried To Conquer The #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE

“Dude, I heard there’s this dish here in Koreatown, at this joint called Yup Dduk, that claims to be the spiciest in Los Angeles. They call it the KTown Spicy Challenge or something.”

My buddy Mike, who runs the @Koreatown Instagram handle, piqued my interest immediately with this little tidbit. If there’s anybody that knows KTown well, it was him.

When it comes to spicy food, my tongue’s threshold is that of any average mortal, with a sensitivity that likes to call it quits once it hits habanero territory. I can handle spicy food just fine, but really, I’ve never been the type to go out of my way to put myself through any sort of punishment, especially when it comes to eating. So for me to even consider putting my trusty palate through unprecedented levels of heat speaks more to my dangerous curiosity than anything.

They say its the spiciest dish in L.A., eh? Hmm, bet. I mean how bad could it actually be, right?

I enlisted the help of my good friend Wally, a well-versed foodbeast in his own right, to help me tackle the daunting task that is the #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE.

Pandora’s Box opened up at the corner of 6th and Normandie, in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, the location of Yup Dduk. Its specific contents? A gigantic bowl of veritable magma. Peep the fiery deets: Korean rice cakes (ddukbokki), ramen noodles, sausages, fish cake, cheese, and a lethal helping of the spiciest pepper in all of Korea, the Ttangcho pepper.


At first bite, the Ttangcho introduced itself to me assertively, smacking sense into all my left brain function, letting me know that yes, curiosity always kills cats, and that I was now clinging to just a few of those proverbial nine lives from here on out.  I’m re-thinking all known reason at this point.

But Diddy would be proud, because there ain’t no bitchassedness in these dudes. I shoveled in more of the molten lava, willing myself to go on. Each bite felt like tongue-kissing the devil while riding Rapidash bareback.

Yet to be pummeled by wave after wave of the spicy ddukbokki was quickly taking it’s toll. I look over at Wally and manage to blurt out half-meant encouragement.

“Yeah, we got 2% done bruh.” Wally’s deadpan delivery let some of that realness sink in: Ttangcho ain’t going nowhere but right through us. We were both sweating like two pigs on a spit, rotating closer and closer to our expected demise. The end was near, and were it not for a few rallying comments from our awesome viewers of this spectacle’s livestream, then our fates would have been sealed a lot quicker.

Wally and I tapped out nearly 30 minutes later, spirits singed, tongues wagging, scorched earth left in the wake of the #KTOWNSPICYCHALLENGE. It claimed two more lives that day, business as usual for L.A.’s spiciest dish.



Location: Yup Dduk LA, 3603 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020