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Pizza Hut Korea Now Slinging Korean Taco Pizzas


Like tacos? More importantly, like Korean tacos? Oh, and you like pizza too? Perfect. You and the rest of this article should get along swimmingly.

So here’s the deal. Back in 2008, Roy Choi introduced the first OG Mex-Asian fusion food truck to the streets of Los Angeles, Dominique Ansel-ing the world back when Twitter was still a hashtag-less little peep. Now, Pizza Hut Korea wants to up the ethnic mash-up game with its brand new spicy Pork Taco Pizza.


We’ve seen taco pizzas before, but few that haven’t looked like sad stoner fails. PHK’s version at least looks like it was done on purpose, sprinkling your standard taco fixings like grated cheese, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapeños along with Korean-seasoned shredded pork, on top of a 10 – 13″ pizza crust, whose slices you can then fold in half and eat like — yep — tacos.


Picthx Pizza Hut Korea