Craving: Kogi BBQ Taco

First off, this shot is pretty amazing. Second, I missed my chance to try out the infamous Kogi Korean BBQ a few nights back when the truck found its way into the streets of Anaheim. Something about the continuously hour long lines puts me off, but everyone who has tried it says it’s well worth the wait. One day I will man up. Until then, I will live vicariously through these pictures of beautiful Korean x Mexican fusion.


Kogi BBQ

If you live in Southern California and you haven’t heard of Kogi BBQ, apparently it’s time to shoot yourself (please don’t). Basically, Kogi BBQ utilizes a classy taco truck and serves up a fusion of Korean BBQ and portable tacos/burrito. Sounds unorthodox, but apparently it’s amazing. My friends over at Loud&Obnoxious recently made the trek out to a random late night location where the Kogi truck was parked, and endured the long lines to get their hands on the hype.


Orisue: Still For the Hungry

This past week, we got to spend some awesome time with the good people of Orisue Clothing out in Fullerton. They spent the evening celebrating their creative director and founder’s birthday (Happy Birthday again Michael!) along with the photo shoot for their Fall 09 season. As usual, there was no scarcity of food among these talented group of designers and good vibes were flowing all around.