Customer Engulfed in Flames After Table-Grill Lighting Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]


If you frequent bbq restaurants that feature grills on their tables, this video might freak you the hell out.

Shangaiist reported that Xiao Qian, 20, and Xiao Qing, 20, were at a barbecue bar called Haorizi, when the grill-lighting process went awry. In the video, the server is shown pouring fuel into the grill on the table, then a giant flame burst and shot toward Qian. The server ran away from the table as Qian was completely consumed by the flames and began to roll around on the ground. Qing removed his shirt and began whipping Qian to try and put out the flames, then the video ends.

While all three were injured, obviously Qian suffered the worst of it with 78 percent of her skin being damaged by the fire. She is still in critical condition.

Packaged Food

Korean Barbecue-Flavored Potato Chips Are Sadly Not All-You-Can-Eat


How much do you wanna bet Lay’s just keeps the better submissions to its Do Us a Flavor contest so they don’t have to pay royalties? Call us conspiracy theorists, but we really can’t imagine any other reason something so amazing as KOREAN BARBECUE wouldn’t be included in the running.

A potential mouthgasm of barbecue, sesame, garlic, pepper, and green onion flavors, new Lay’s STAX Korean BBQ is just one of the two savory Asian food-inspired chips to roll out this month, the other being Thai Sweet Chili. Inspired by the gut-busting, self-loathing-inducing experience that is tabletop grilling, these KBBQ crispies are also made with whey and MSG for extra meatiness.

According to, however, that’s where the similarities end. “We definitely got notes of sweet onion, some garlic, a little pepper,” their review reads, “but for some reason not very much soy or sesame; which seem like they would have been easy Korean flavor profiles to utilize…??”

Fair enough. We think we’d rather pay $18 more for all-you-can eat meat and unlimited side dishes, anyway.


Slater’s Debuts Bulgogi BBQ Beef Burger Drenched in Korean BBQ Sauce


Take a second, sit back and take a real good luck at the picture above. Let your eyes feast on every individual ingredient you see and finally the burger as a whole. Now, tell me you’re not hungry. You can’t. It’s impossible to not be salivating at the mouth right now.

Slater’s 50/50 is serving up the Bulgogi BBQ Beef Burger as their October Burger of the Month. This indulgent behemoth is made of all-natural beef, red pepper flake cucumber kimchi, sautéed mushrooms, crispy wonton slivers and topped with beef Bulgogi and drenched in Korean BBQ sauce on a brioche bun.

Now I’m probably in the minority when I say this, but I’m getting a little tired of the Ramen Burger (almost but not completely). This is a welcome change and most definitely something I’d love to sink my teeth into.

The burger is available through the month of October for $11.95.

Packaged Food

Sriracha-Lime & Korean BBQ Beef Jerky Are Not Your Average Gas Station Fare


This is not your average gas station, so-so beef jerky. It’s the real deal crafted by Angeleno Matt Lauster of Dried and True — an “artisan” jerky company of sorts.

After swooping up a commercial dehydrator, Lauster began making his own homemade jerky — finding a local meat supplier to provide him with up to eight pounds of roast. He then would undergo the process of cutting the fat and gristle off the meat, slicing it into thin pieces, and finally marinating each slice in his custom sauces.

Thus, Sriracha-lime, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic Habanero and Korean BBQ jerky flavors were born (with the Sriracha being homemade as well, of course). Other, more subdued flavors like original and peppered were also created and Lauster is still crafting new concontions, like the lemon pepper marinade that is currently in its early developmental stages.


“I’m already doing jerky in a different way that’s kind of unique, but I think the flavors as well are a big contributor in the attention it has received,” Lauster told LA Weekly. “They’re not flavors that you’re used to hearing. They have some flair and a little more personality.”

Although, while Dried and True’s jerky gets kudos for being void of nitrates and MSG, this means it has a much shorter shelf life than its mass-market  competition. This makes it difficult for Lauster to sell his product to big-name retailers like Bristol Farms and Whole Foods. Luckily, the Sriracha-lime flavored jerky seems to be on a good path; it sold out at its debut at the Abbot-Kinney Festival and seems to be popular with those of us tired of stale, ho-hum jerky.

H/T LA Weekly 


Korean BBQ Pie

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is still a month away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have yourself a savory pie in the in-between time. So why not make it a Korean BBQ Pie? Made with two pounds of marinated Korean BBQ, one large sweet onion, and garnished with a stalk of green onion, this post holiday-pre holiday treat will tide you over until Christmas. Did I mention it was made with a flakey, buttery, homemade crust?

Cause it was —

Fast Food

KBBQ Burger Hits McDonald’s Japan

Is it me or do the McDonald’s in other countries get stuff that’s SO much better than the stuff we get here in the states? Is it also obvious that I really love Korean BBQ? The answer we’re looking for here is yes. What you’re feasting your eyes upon here is McDondald’s‘ Japan’s newest menu item the Korean Barbecue Burger.

This latest culinary concoction is comprised of an all beef patty, bulgogi (marinated slices of beef ), cheese and a spicy red sauce. Anyone reading English and residing in Japan can go grab one at any participating Japanese McDonald’s. (via Burger Business)

Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a Detroit City Coney Dog

Another week, another menu addition for the godfathers of the Food Truck game at Kogi BBQ. Paying homage to the streets of Detroit, the Korean Mexican fusion truck has revealed a Detroit City Coney Dog to appease their hipster following (#hipstersdontbemad, count us in that Kogi following too).

Their new item utilizes an all-beef hot dog griddled until the casings crisp, juicy interior and covered with squirts of mustard, salsa roja. The wiener sits on a toasted sesame bun filled with the truck’s signature double-caramelized short rib. Summer ready? Find a Kogi Truck near you, the schedule’s on their website.


Panda Express: New Kobari Beef Menu Item

Beginning today, Wednesday September 22nd, Chinese Fast Food chain Panda Express will intrdouce a new “Kobari” beef to its menu, with reps calling it a “sweet, smoky and spicy” Korean BBQ addition to the menu. The dish utilizes slies of marinated tri-tip beef that has been tossed with wok-seared mushrooms, freshly cut leeks, crunchy onions, and crispy red bell peppers.