Here’s a Mini Keg Koozie for Your Beer Can


Ah, the keg. So many glorious memories. So much awesome. However, if you don’t perpetually live at a frat party, having constant access to a keg might be a tad difficult. Enter the Kegzie.

The Kegzie beverage cooler offers a mini version of its grand counterpart, keeping your drink cold but not your hands in the process. The Kegzie has raised rings on it that provide excellent grip when holding, yet is actually made out of soft foam that won’t freeze your fingers off.

A must-have for tailgating and a perfect Christmas gift, the Kegzie can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike.

The Kegzie, 2 for $25 @Amazon


Dogfish Releases Beer Made with Actual Meteorites


Ever wonder what’d it be like in the future to hit up a bar on the other side of the galaxy, have some moon beer and maybe even get into a drunken fight with a 8-foot-tall space slug? Well, maybe you can have one out of three.

In celebration of the fall equinox, The Dogfish Head Brewery is going out of this world to make a special kind of ale that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The Delaware-based company created what they proudly call their Celest-Jewel-Ale, which is made from lunar meteorites. The meteorites were first crushed into dust and steeped like tea in an Oktoberfest beverage.

The moon dust is made mostly of minerals and salts, which help the fermentation process, ironically adding a more earthiness texture to the drink. Dogfish acquired the lunar meteorites via ILC, a design and development company that makes spacesuits for NASA.

Celest-Jewel-Ale, at 5% ABV and 25 IBUs, is definitely a limited time brew at Dogfish and only available at Dogfish Head’s pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once it’s gone, there’s literally nothing in this world that would taste the same.

H/T Dogfish Head + PicThx ILC, Dover.  J


Beer Shower Koozie is Perfect for Drinkers with Separation Anxiety

The shower beer koozie

If you’ve ever had a long day, just wanted to pop open a cold one and take a hot shower, it’s now possible to raise your efficiency by doing both at the same time.

The Shakoolie koozie makes sure you never have to feel that pain of leaving your beer can behind when you have to step into the shower.

The makers of the Shakoolie “Guarantee a better shower beer,” and channeled their inner MacGruber by combining a suction cup, a foam koozie and industrial grade Velcro that when put together, transform into man’s greatest creation. In other words, a beer-can-holding, shower-tile-hugging gift that keeps on giving.

Not only does it let you drink and shower like a multitasking champ, but it also keeps your booze cold. So much win.

Alright, it’s not exactly a high-tech contraption, but you gotta love innovation for problems we didn’t know we had.

Shakoolie + Launch Pad $10 @Shakoolie

H/T + PicThx Shakoolie


Beer Armor, Because Duh (And Also Game of Thrones)


With the new season of everyone’s favorite “Dinklage-and-Dragons” hour kicked into high gear, it’s obviously the perfect time to debut this new beer koozie: half chain mail, half leather, all awesome, brought to you by DeviantArt user, DougFungus (who created two versions; the original is the inset image). Kick back with your buds and a beer to watch those HBO favorites, more colloquially known as “Sex ‘n’ Swords.”

H/T + PicThx that’s nerdalicious


Behold: the Beer Bottle Car Seat, for Scumbag Parents

For basically being over 70% water, most people’s most precious cargo is still remarkably fragile. But luckily for those parents who strive to take at least as much–if not more–care of their favorite brews as they do of their children, now there’s Growler on Board.

Essentially a holster-like foam “Beer Transportation Unit” designed to keep your little darlings safe on long car rides, GoB can hold up to three ~64 ounce growlers, keeping them from tossing around and making messes all over your back seat.

And for that bit of extra safety, the Growler on Board website also offers $2 car decals so you can warn other drivers to keep far, far away from your precious water bags–or you know, just convince them of what a horrible, horrible parent you are.

Growler on Board/BTUs are $30 online and available in yellow, grey, red and black; 2 for $50.

Drive responsibly.

[Via Gizmodo]


Giant Fist Koozie, ‘The Beast’

The Giant Fist Koozie is a little bit of freaky and a whole lot of awesome. There’s a lot of utility in this product. It not only doubles as a hand warmer and beer cooler but also acts as a giant bopping device! It allows the wearer to pound a few beers and go into beast mode without causing some real damage. A great gift for Father’s Day and the manly men in your life.

Buy: $14.95 @ Amazon/PrankSuperStore



Goldman Leather Koozie

If your koozie game has always consisted of foam memorabilia from hand-me-down gift packages, today might be the day you step things up for yourself. Whether you’re going to be drinking on a yacht, or on the rooftop of of your mansion in the hills, the “Wheelman” Goldman Koozie looks to be your go-to beer-to-hand condom. Made with top grain leather and a 3mm neoprene lining, assembled with hand tap brass rivets in the USA, the Wheelmen aims to ensure your beverage is kept cold. With class. ($24.99 @ Wheelmen & Co.)