Apparently Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, Kool Aid, and SweeTarts Are All the Same Thing


Around the late 1930s, a sour powdered candy named Frutola was created to contend with a similar drink mix named Kool Aid. However, the developer soon realized that kids preferred pouring the mix directly into their mouths. He repackaged the product and added a spoon, calling it Lik-m-Aid. The edible candy sticks and colored sugar would later be rebranded in the 1970s as Fun Dip.

During this time, the company Sunline Inc. also released Pixy Stix — colorful straw-shaped wrappers filled with powdered sugar. However, the non-resealable tubes led to regular complaints from parents claiming the loose candy powder was unnecessarily messy. So, by the 1960s, a solid version based  on the same recipe used to make Pixy Stix a was born and named SweeTarts.

So what did we learn here? Pixy Stix, Fun Dip and SweeTarts all have the same baby daddy: the Kool-Aid Man.

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Kool-Aid Man Undergoes Makeover to Show Off His Sensitive Side


The red pitcher who spent most of the past decade busting down walls and booming out his signature “OH YEAH” will be undergoing a dramatic makeover as part of the relaunch of Kool-Aid’s liquid mix. Kool-Aid’s senior brand manager expressed concern that the Kool-Aid mascot “said things here and there [but] really didn’t have a developed personality,” and decided to make the mascot a bit more relatable.

Kool-Aid’s new commercial spots explain that his life isn’t all “cherry and sweetness” and focus on the pitcher’s morning routine, “I put my pants on one leg at a time […] except my pants are 22 different flavors.”

The emphasis on a giant red pitcher’s clothing choices is definitely moving Kool-Aid in a different direction, but don’t worry — Kool Aid Man still busts down his front door on the way to work. OH YEAH, indeed.

H/T + PicThx HuffPo