Lobster Pockets, Mac & Rib Grilled Cheese and all the Food You Should Eat at the Long Beach Agenda Tradeshow

The Agenda Trade Show is coming to our neck of the woods in Southern California next week and has established the reputation as being the top streetwear and action sports show in the United States, if not the world. In addition to showcasing the latest and greatest in contemporary fashion, they’ve also decided to bring the heat with arranging some of the best mobile food the region has to offer. We’re really excited about our media partnership with the Agenda Team – so make sure to check out the preview of our favorite foods below.

Unfortunately Agenda is an industry event not open to the public, BUT we’ll be showcasing the best in food apparel and the custom #foodbeast menu items being prepared by the likes of Chunk n’ Chip, Grilled Cheese Truck, Lime Truck, Free Range LA and more. So stayed tuned and make sure to check out the live coverage on Twitter and Instagram. And if you can’t make the show in Long Beach, CA – Agenda is also coming to NYC and Las Vegas in late January and mid February 2014, respectively.

So bout dat food doe..


The Fried Chicken Sandwich – Free Range LA

free range fried chicken sandwich agenda

Free Range LA is the brainchild of Jesse Furman and started by creating this sandwich out of his bedroom. In what started at LA Farmer’s Markets, Free Range has grown a following crazy over its organic-free-range fried chicken sandwich topped with fresh jalapeno coleslaw and whole grain honey mustard. Be on the lookout for a custom #foodbeast Italian Club with Roasted Chicken Salad, Canded Rosemary BACCCONNN and stuffed with Potato Chips. In the words of Anchorman 2: WHAMMMYYYYYYY.


 Cheezy Wheezy and Blackjack Quesadilla – Kogi

cheezy weezy kogi truck

blackjack quesadilla kogi truck

It was tough narrowing down our favorites even to two, but here goes nothing. From the top we have pictured the Cheezy Wheezy – a Bangkok-street style grilled cheese outfitted with cheddar, peanut butter, caramelized bananas, sweet chile sauce and sesame. On deck is the Blackjack Quesadilla. Word on the street is that in the early days of Kogi, Roy Choi created this special item for a caravan of 25 people road-tripping from Nevada to LA. Just for Kogi. The rest is history folks. The Blackjack includes caramelized onions, spicy pork, cheddar and jack cheese ladled with citrus-jalapeño-roasted-garlic salsa verde.


Carnitas Fries – Lime Truck

The Lime Truck Carnitas Fries 600

The signature dish of the Lime Truck is their Carnitas Fries. 12-hour slow roasted pulled pork on top of fries and garnished with crema, homemade guacamole, chiptole honey slaw and cotija cheese. We also hear they are going to have a Spicy Ahi Tuna Taco AND a #foodbeast Lamb Sandwich with marinated ground lamb, homemade Tzatziki, red onion, Persian cucumber, tomato, arugula and Sriracha. I’m not sure how my stomach is going to hold all of it.


Hawaiian Musubi Roll & Lobster Pocket – Let’s Roll It

spam musubi roll let's roll it

let's roll it lobster pocket inari

We have to admit, we haven’t had the opportunity to try Let’s Roll It. But if they can live up to half the hype of Spam Sushi and Lobster Inari, we’ll be a happy camper. The concept comes from Paul Lee after spending over 16 years in the Todai corporate office. Don’t be surprised if you see a QSR version of this concept as a store front in 2014. The Hawaiian Musubi Roll includes low sodium spam, cucumber covered in teriyaki or wasabi mayo. The Lobster Pocket houses rice, lobster, sweet & spicy sauce in a sweet inari/tofu pouch.


Mac and Rib Grilled Cheese & Roast Beef Brie Melt – Grilled Cheese Truck

mac and rib grilled cheese truck

Grilled Cheese Truck Roast Beef Brie Melt

After Dave Danhi competed in a Grilled Cheese contest in 2009, his second place entry the Cheesy Mac and Rib (top pictured) would later become his truck’s signature dish. Outside of Kogi and Grill ‘Em All, I still remember the Grilled Cheese Truck (GCT) being one of the first gourmet food trucks that I specifically sought out for gluttonous consumption. GCT aligned with the cultural zeitgeist that was happening in LA circa 2009 – introducing new flavors to classic food items (think bulgogi taco and Mac and Rib Grilled Cheese), which ultimately led to its street success and trucks in 5 different regions. The Cheesy Mac and Rib features macaroni, cheddar cheese, BBQ pork and caramelized onions on French or wheat bread. Oh, and that other photo? That’s their Roast Beef Brie Melt. You should be able to put together what’s in that one. And if you want a sandwich with #foodbeast flavor, look for the Fried Chicken Waffle Melt with a cheddar bacon crust. *Salute*


The Great Pumpkin – Chunk-N-Chip

great pumpkin ice cream sandwich chunk chip


I still remember the first time I realized that if you customize your own ice cream cookie sandwich, you could get ice cream smothered in between two different types of cookies. Forever, my life was changed. And forever would normal ice cream sandwiches become sub-par. Pictured above is The Great Pumpkin ice cream sandwich with pumpkin spice ice cream paired with maple smoked bacon on the cookies of your choosing. I doubt we’ll technically have any room for dessert, but YOLO! Chunk-N-Chip is set to debut a #foodbeast sandwich, but it’s being kept under wraps until Agenda day 1.

Fast Food

Move Over Kogi –Taco Bell Now Selling Bulgogi Tacos


So the Kogi craze has come and gone, but there’s nothing like a good dose of capitalism to make an old stroke of genius new again, amirite?

Now available from Taco Bell Korea – which opened in South Korea, mind you, over two years ago, the laggers – the new Fiesta Bulgogi Tacos and Grilled Bulgogi Burritos feature what seem to be ground pieces of soy sauce-marinated beef topped with fiesta salsa, lettuce, shredded cheese and seasoned rice.

Granted, since they aren’t coming out of a truck, these fusion-inspired beauts have the potential to be either very bad or very mediocre. But hey, for 2,700 won (~$2.56) for the tacos and 3,500 won (~$3.31) for the burritos, rest assured knowing you’ll get a slightly bigger bang for your buck.

(You know, minus the cost of the plane ticket and all.)

H/T + Picthx Brand Eating

Food Trucks

Kogi’s Family Turkey Meltdown

Feast your eyes on this feast from the Kogi BBQ Truck just in time for the holiday season. This is the Family Turkey Meltdown. Turkey meat and cheese topped with chili slaw, sesame mayo and salsa verde comprise this new twist on traditional turkey day flavor. Grab one from one of the several Kogi BBQ food trucks around the Southern California area, or stop by The Alibi Room in Culver. $7