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This Guy Created A Knife Out Of Pasta That’s As Sharp As The Real Thing

As much as I love pasta, I also fear it. Fear it in the sense that overeating those delicious noodles will eventually lead to my downfall. Now, it seems, I’ll have another reason to fear the majestic pasta.

YouTube channel kiwami japan demonstrates the art of crafting cutlery by showing viewers two different ways to make a kitchen knife with pasta noodles.

By grinding down spaghetti noodles with a food processor, a powder is created that is turned into a paste. As the paste dries, it’s molded into the shape of a knife and dried for 10 days. Once the pasta is hardened, the meticulous process of sharpening the knife begins.

After what seems like hours against a whetstone, the knife is finally able to slice through produce and cardboard like it was made of steel.

Kids, do NOT try this at home.

Check out the video to see the tedious project. If you decide to try your hand at this craft, and you’re done playing with the knife, you can simply boil it up and serve it with some cheese — as seen at the tail end of this video. Bon appetit and happy slicing.

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Use This Detailed Knife Guide To Help You Become A Master In The Kitchen

The knife is as quintessential to cooking as fire is. From the most basic task, like slicing a lemon, to more intricate cuts requiring superior knife skills, there are more than 10 different types of common kitchen knives to aid you in such. So to help you, Reddit user Randomusefulbits shared this detailed knife guide to reference when deciphering which knife is best for the job at hand.



It may seem simple, but the anatomy of a knife can tell you a great deal about what its primary use should be. The blade edge is an important place to start and this comprehensive knife guide shows the alternative cutting edges on each knife. The most common are straight, serrated, and granton blades.

Detailed knife guide

Straight blades are usually the sharpest, and are perfect for slicing fish, chopping vegetables, and cutting raw meat.

When cutting foods with a hard exterior yes a soft interior, like pineapple, watermelon, or bread, it’s best to use a serrated blade.

Granton-style blades have shallow grooves along the cutting edge, and are designed to cut through moist items. These oval shaped grooves help prevent the blade from sticking.


Now that you’ve got your cutting edge selected, it’s time to pick a knife. Some common, everyday knives include the pairing knife, a turning knife, and a boning knife.

Detailed knife guide

A pairing knife is a small, yet sharp kitchen tool that is great for tedious tasks like peeling potatoes, and coring items.

The turning knife sports a short curved blade, with a longer handle. Turning knifes are ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables, but the curved blade allows for a bit of style in each cut.

When removing meat from the bone, a boning knife is a recommended choice. Equipped with a slight curve, boning knives are a great tool to incorporate when dealing with fish or poultry.

For large jobs, use a large knife. Here’s where the use of a filleting knife, a utility knife, or Chinese cleaver will come in handy.

Detailed knife guide

The filleting knife has a long, skinny blade and a sharp cutting edge. There’s a bit of flexibility in the blade which makes it ideal for delicate tasks, like removing skin from the meat or filleting a fish.

The highly versatile utility knife is a strong, powerful knife. Use the utility knife when you’re chopping small cuts of meat and vegetables.

The Chinese chopper — also known as a Chinese cleaver — is similar to a cleaver, but is not ideal for cutting through bones. Use the Chinese chopper for large cuts of meat.

When butchering meat, the cleaver, Santoku knife, and Chef’s knife are the most ideal choices.

Detailed knife guide

Identified by its rectangular blade, and thick cutting edge, the cleaver is exceptionally useful when splitting large cuts of beef or spare ribs.

The Santoku knife is a great choice for chopping or mincing meat or vegetables. A true santoku will have a Granton edge, which will prevent moist food from sticking to it, making it useful to scoop chopped bits of food.

The ever versatile Chef’s Knife has a weighted blade that makes it easier to rock back and forth while chopping. If there’s one knife in your kitchen, make sure it’s this one.

Even if you’re just making a turkey sandwich for lunch, a bread knife, a palette knife and a carving knife will help make clean precise cuts.

detailed knife guide

A bread knife has a sharp serrated edge that will slice through a loaf of bread without tearing. The bread knife is also an ideal knife to use when slicing tomatoes.

A palette knife, is not sharp but will allow you to lift and slide between items. It’s a good tool to use when cooking on a skillet.

Lastly, a carving knife is perfect for cutting those paper thin slices of turkey, ham, or beef that we all know and love.

Using what we’ve learned from this detailed knife guide should help shape the understanding of the capabilities of all the different cutting options available to us. There’s definitely plenty of knives to choose from, but this should help even the most amateur chefs cut skillfully and gracefully.

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This ‘Fast Food Knife’ Is Forged Using Beer, Bacon, And Fries [WATCH]

This knife is probably the most American knife ever made. You know that because it was forged using three food items that Americans love: beer, bacon, and French fries.

This badass concept was smithed by Steve Calvert from Green Beetle, who regular makes zany knife creations on YouTube and described the knife to Foodbeast as “part science, part fun.”

Making a knife with beer, bacon, and fries must’ve been hard, but Steve found a way to make it possible.

Before utilizing any of the food ingredients, he made sure that the knife wouldn’t give users heartburn by “carburizing,” or hardening the blade with Tums.

Then began the actual incorporation of the food ingredients. During the heating and cooling of the metal needed to temper and set the knife, Calvert chose to dunk the steel knife in beer in what can only be described as a nuclear symphony.

Photo courtesy of Steve Calvert (Green Beetle)

The bacon and French fries were coated with resin and carefully set into the hilt of the knife before attaching the blade — and thus, the “Fast Food Knife” was born.

It was an intensive process that took several days, but resulted in the most patriotic knife ever constructed since Paul Revere was a silversmith.

The knife is as functional as it is gimmicky, with Calvert demonstrating it cutting through paper and fast food with extreme ease. It’s definitely an eye-turning knife, and although it’s not likely to be mass-produced, it’s an interesting blade to add to Calvert’s growing collection of custom-made knives.

I personally feel that it’s deserving of a place in the Smithsonian.

Featured Image provided courtesy of Steve Calvert (Green Beetle).
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Watch This Plastic Coke Bottle Stand Up Against Super Heated Butcher Knife

If there’s one utensil that’s essential to cooking in every kitchen, it’s probably a butcher or steak knife.  To a chef, a sharp knife is the do-all tool in the kitchen for them, slicing through tasks and chopping up to-do’s in haste.

This week, Mr. Gear, A YouTuber dedicated to documenting dozens of eye-opening life hacks, heats up an ordinary kitchen knife to approximately 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and uses it to savagely cut through various house hold items like a stack of Post-Its, a block of cheese, and a bottle of Coca-Cola.

There’s something soothing about watching a 1,000 degree slice and sizzle through random objects, because in just 24 hours, Mr. Gear’s hot knife video gained more than 6 million views.

This super-heated knife cuts through most of the items with ease, until it encounters a 20oz. Coca-Cola bottle.

What’s most interesting about this experiment is that despite the glowing red-hot temperature of the knife, the liquid seems to counteract the heat so quickly that the knife can no longer penetrate the melting plastic.

Mr. Gear attempts several angles, but still the fizzy soda begins to spit liquid at the camera, leaving Mr. Gear’s ultra hot knife useless as he covers the spewing puncture marks from soaking the camera lens.

While seeing and hearing an ultra hot knife cut through random objects was oddly satisfying, it was a bit anti-climatic seeing the Coke bottle get the best of Mr. Gear’s weapon of choice.

Mr. Gear probably didn’t see how this one guy basically ruined the professional knife industry last week, when he showed us how to turn a $1 knife into an ultra-sharp Ginsu death blade, by sharpening it at home.

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Guy Ruins The Professional Knife Industry With A $1 Knife And A YouTube Video

A dull knife can lead to a dangerous time in the kitchen if you’re not careful and slip up. The problem is, good, professionally sharp knives can be hard to come by, because they’re always a bit expensive.

JunsKitchen wanted to show you don’t need to buy an expensive knife, all you really need is a decent blade sharpener. By taking a $1 knife he purchased from a discount store, and taking it through the sharpening wringer, he made that dollar store knife sharp enoukgh to cut through food, paper, and even water bottles.

The YouTuber used a variety of knife sharpeners that he purchased online. In the video’s description, he lists them out for viewers to purchase if they were interested. He sharpens that same knife over and over with the different stones, but eventually, the cheap knife was as sharp as any professional kind of instrument.

He concludes the video by addressing getting some sharpening stones and practicing with the knives at home before trying for the $1 one.

Pretty inspiring to see that you can make the best out of even the cheapest things.

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10 Useful Amazon Kitchen Products That Cost $5 Or Less

We’re plenty guilty of surfing through Amazon and buying a ton of unnecessary things from the online retailer. Quite a few of them, actually, are things to litter our kitchens with. So when an inexpensive kitchen gadget that makes our cooking experience much easier comes along, we kind of throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Fully realizing that all too common scenario, here are ten kitchen toys we found on Amazon that are less than $5. Our apologies ahead of time for any discomfort you might feel in your wallets.


Onion Holder Slicer


To the uninitiated, chopping an onion can be one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen. Still, we hold back tears and risk bloody fingers just to dice that little bastard, because almost everything tastes better with onions.

Having an onion holder on deck assures that our fingers won’t accidentally slip and get sliced while we get to work. The tears, however, will probably be there.

Price: $3.25

Avocado Peeler & Cutter


Sure, you could learn how to properly peel and cut an avocado with a regular knife, or even a paring knife, but then you couldn’t play around with this nifty green gadget.

The avocado peeler and cutter will do exactly what the name mentions in a few extra steps less than if you are to use a knife. Anything to get that guac started.

Price: $2.60

Finger Protector


Anyone who has ever sliced their finger while prepping vegetables will know the value of practice… or a finger protector.

This gadget will protect your digits as if they were a mother bear protecting her cubs.


Hot Dog Cutters


Your bored, uninspired hot dogs have left you wanting more when it comes to barbecuing. Luckily, this hot dog spiraling device will ensure that your wieners get the pizzazz they’ve been desperately needing.

Price: $4.20

Mayo Knife


One of our biggest problems when making a cold sandwich is getting bits of mayonnaise at the base of our knife and then getting said mayonnaise on our fingers shortly after. The Mayo Knife is a plastic device designed specifically to avoid that problem as well as to give your sandwich a nice even spread.

Price: $4.29.

Fruit Core Splitter


It’s said that an apple doesn’t actually have a core. For those who still want to avoid eating the center of a Red Delicious anyways, this fruit core splitter is just the thing to pop the inside our your apples straight out. There will be no unnecessary debate or worry about consuming those apple seeds.

Price: $3.22

Bear Claw Meat Shredder


Freshly smoked pulled pork is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, shredding it can leave your fingers burnt and calloused if done improperly. Unless you’re the Wolverine, you may want to invest in these dope bear claw meat shredders.

Price: $3.92

Garlic Peeler


Like onions, garlic is one of the most essential delicious ingredients at your disposal. The only problem is, working with garlic often leaves your finger smelling for hours. Unless you’re willing to take the necessary precautions to manually get that odor off, you can invest in this garlic peeler.

With a couple quick rolling motions, your garlic is peeled and your fingers smell as good as they did before you partook in this endeavor.

Price: 4.95

Egg Yolk Seperator


A huge part of baking is making sure you have egg yolks and whites. This means you have to know how to properly separate the components of the egg. If you tend to have trouble getting the whites outta there before your yolks crack, this separator will simply suck the yolks out in one quick motion.

This should make baking a lot simpler as you’re not having to mess around with shells.

Price: $2.27

Shark Fin Ice Tray


Cooking, while relaxing, can also be an exhausting experience. You’re gonna want to stay hydrated while in the kitchen. This shark fin ice cube tray will not only cool your drink, but create the whimsical illusion that there are some icy sharks cruising through your beverage.

Price: $4.96

Note: Prices may fluctuate a dollar or two from the time this article launched.

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These Are Gordon Ramsay’s 5 Essential Basics To Cooking

You may know Gordon Ramsay from one of his million shows. The world-famous chef is probably known for making the most complicated dishes look simple. Ramsay just released a video on his YouTube channel showing five essential cooking skills everyone needs to learn.

The nearly 8-minute video features him showing us how to prepare foods like chopping onions, cooking rice, skinning and deboning a fish and cooking pasta. Ramsay also demonstrates the proper technique to sharpening a knife.

To kitchen newbies like us, this is a pretty solid crash course.


How to chop an onion

Leave the root on the onion so that it doesn’t bleed and you start crying. Using three fingers, guide the knife with the knuckle of your middle finger. Cut towards the root, trying to get as close as you can with long strokes.

Push the onion back together and start cutting horizontally, using the weight of the blade to get to the root.

How to cook the perfect rice

Using Basmati rice, start with 400 grams of rice. Rinse off the dust and the starch of the rice in cold water. Put the rice into the pan and add three cardamom pods and two whole star anise.

Now, season the rice with hot water and add 600 mils of cold water (one part rice, one and a half part water). Throw a lid on the pot and bring it to a boil on high heat. As soon as it boils, turn it down to a simmer and let it steam for 8-10 minutes.

Just don’t remove the lid while you wait.

How to skin and debone fish

Taking your filleting knife, start cutting into the end of the fish until you separate the meat from the skin about halfway. Once you’re halfway through, you can wrap the skin you removed around your hand and pull the fish towards you as you continue cutting.

Take some tweezers, start picking out the bones.

How to sharpen a knife

Grip the steel of a knife sharpener like a tennis racket at 45 degrees. Take your knife and start moving it in long strokes along the steel from bottom to top.

Make sure to keep your fingers behind the handle of the steel. That can’t be stressed enough.

How to cook the perfect pasta

Throw some water into the pan and season the water with salt and olive oil. Bring the water up to a rolling boil and throw you pasta in. Gently twist the pasta with some tongs so that it’s submerged in the water.

When the pasta hits the texture you’re happy with, throw it into a colander and drain it. Add a light seasoning of salt, pepper and olive oil.

Mix the pasta together.

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This Knife-Wielding Monkey Got Drunk And Became Furious George

Trying to deal with a drunk man wielding a knife is a scary thought, but something about the unpredictability of a belligerent monkey parading around with a Santoku knife like a blade-licking psychopath really puts the fear of God in you.

The capuchin monkey (we’ll call him Stabby) simply walked into a Brazilian bar and began downing a rum beverage he found on the bar top.

Shortly after Stabby got his lil’ buzz on, he decided to pull an OJ and grabbed the biggest knife he could find. The furry alcoholic then retreated to the roof and began swinging the knife wildly at anybody that tried to get close and blow his buzz. At one point it even looked as though he was waiting for someone to walk underneath him so he could drop it on top of them, a la Christian Bale in American Psycho.

Eventually, Stabby was caught and released back into the wildlife reserve, only to be captured again and put on time out after getting a little rough with some of the local children.

Photo Credit: Cracked, YouTube, Fox 5