Watch Ed Sheeran Serenade Adorable Kitties In A Cat Cafe


Last year, English musician Ed Sheeran took a trip to Japan. There, he visited one of the cat cafes that have been growing in popularity. What better venue for such a superstar than a room full of cats?

Overwhelmed with the amount of cuteness that surrounded him, Sheeran whipped out his guitar and began to perform his famous song “Thinking Out Loud” to the group of cats. The confused felines began to scurry away in fear.

Check out Sheeran’s Japan trip in the video below featuring his experience in the cat cafe. He starts playing around 03:54.

H/T: RocketNews24


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Humor Video

Video: Kitty Goes OmNomNom

A real omnomnomnom video! Or at least I’m going to believe it is. And guess what? There’s a cat in it too. What would the world do without YouTube?