How to Turn a Table Into Chalkboard for Telling Stories and Labeling

Some of us are kinesthetic learners, some are audio learners, but those who are visual learners are in for a sensational dining experience with the Chalkboard Kitchen Table thought up by Mi Piace Kate. Take an old wooden table, sand, prime and paint it with chalkboard paint. After three days of drying, that once average dinner that took place on a drab table will have transformed into an interactive experience, all while feeding your desire for sleek and stylish furniture.

Remember that anxiety you get sitting next to your older brother who picks off your plate? Solved. Don’t know if you’re eating spinach or collard greens? Solved. And if you’re that person who thinks it is acceptable to move all the objects on the table, leaving people without a fork, beverage and condiments, to explain a traffic situation then I highly suggest you take up this weekend project and tell your stories with a piece of chalk instead.

via Design Sponge