Amy’s Baking Company Cancels Press Conference After Fox Makes Lawsuit Threat


Amy’s Baking Company — you know, that lovable couple America just can’t get enough of — cancelled a press conference after Fox sent them a friendly reminder to not “spea[k] publicly about Kitchen Nightmares.” Fox, the production company behind Gordon Ramsay’s KN, also noted that if the restaurant “disparage[s] the show, the host, or its producers,” they will be forced to pay “liquidated damages of $100,000.” Needless to say, the press conference scheduled for after tonight’s “Grand Re-opening” was promptly cancelled.

When word of the cease and desist from Fox went public, Rose+Moser+Allyn (the PR firm Amy’s Baking Company hired for damage control) parted ways with the restaurant. Jason Rose, president of the firm, explained to the Phoenix Business Journal that his company and owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo had “differences on public relations strategies.” Apparently, these differences were enough to cause Rose+Moser+Allyn to split after a mere 5 days of working with the Bouzaglos.

However, despite the letter from Fox, which can be seen here via CBS 5 Arizona, the couple spoke publicly in a radio interview about their negative and unfair portrayal on KN. Whoops.

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Amy’s Baking Company Waitress Does AMA on Reddit, Calls Her Former Bosses “Assh*les”

Katy CiprianoWe’ve all had that one boss who took all our tips, called us “a poisonous little viper,” and then fired us for asking a three-word question, right? No? That’s probably because most of us haven’t been employed by Amy’s Baking Company, the Scottsdale restaurant whose famously unstable owners physically and verbally assaulted customers before telling Gordon Ramsay to f*ck off on national television. After the show aired, viewers were  outraged by chef Amy Bouzaglo’s treatment of Katy, the teenaged server who was fired on the spot for asking Bouzaglo if she was sure  a table’s order was correct — after the food had been sent back three times.

That was six months ago, and Katy has taken to Reddit to assure us all that she has another job and is doing fine after being let go from Amy’s Baking Company — although she would still like her tips back.

Some highlights include Katy’s thoughts on Amy’s religious affiliation:

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.35.59 AM


Whether or not she’s afraid of Amy’s Baking Company still has her Social Security Number

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.33.48 AM


And, finally, whether or not she is actually a cold-blooded reptile.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.36.42 AM


Glad she cleared that one up. Thanks, Katy, for satisfying our curiosity about the insanity happening inside that restaurant. We salute you and hope you’re enjoying your viper-free work environment elsewhere.

Check out her full Reddit spiel here.

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8 Ways to Lose Friends & Ruin Your Restaurant (Hint: Tell Gordon Ramsay to F*ck Off)


By now, you’ve probably heard about that insane media meltdown by Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro, a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. You know, the delusional husband and wife duo who caused Gordon Ramsay to walk off set during a taping of Kitchen Nightmares.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap: After the KN episode aired last Friday, the couple received an outpour of internet criticism for their outlandish behavior towards their customers and employees. As Yelpers and Redditors put Amy and Samy on blast for all the internet to see, the couple took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to defend themselves.

To put it lightly, things escalated from zero to posting “FUCK REDDITS, FUCK YELP AND FUCK ALL OF YOU. BRING IT. WE WILL FIGHT BACK.” It was a magnificent social media hotmess. It was an unbridled and impressive use of caps lock. Yet in the end, Amy and Samy’s desperate attempt to save face failed miserably.

Which brings us to our handy list of “8 Ways to Lose Friends & Ruin Your Restaurant.” In case you ever want to  crash and burn your joint in an extraordinary flame of internet fury, just take a page from the Bouzaglos:


1. After verbally and physically threatening a customer, make sure to demand they still pay for their uneaten pizza. It’s a simple courtesy and if they refuse, ring up the popo for help. That, or call said customer a “weenie.”

Watch from 5:00 to 6:23


2. When the moment’s right, tell Gordon Ramsay to F*ck Off on national television



3. Make sure the public knows that your food is just as good as Walmart’s



4. Try to play Reddit God. Remember, ALL CAPS



5. Do a really bad job at stealing other bakeries’ stock photos

Pic 1


6. Serve delicious ravioli to a 3-time felon, then chase him out of your restaurant with a knife



7. Impersonate a cat



8. Deny, Deny, Deny


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In Case You Missed It: ‘Little Gordon Ramsay’ Is Terrifying, Adorable


Watching re-runs of American Idol and Kitchen Nightmares, you almost can’t help but wonder what kinds of childhood trauma guys like Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay had to go through in order to grow up so mean. But what if they were always like that? Remember when you were five and you used to just throw away those carrot sticks your mom packed you? Yeah, Mrs. Ramsay was never that lucky.

In this series of awesomely cute commercials from hospitality career website, a young Felix Light impersonates everyone’s favorite grumpy British chef by wreaking culinary havoc on underwhelming sack lunches, shoddy anniversary dinners and unsuspecting cafeteria lunch ladies.

When little Gordy specifically requests granary bread for his sandwiches and his mom fails to deliver, he has no problem skewering her apparent stupidity. “What did I tell you last week about the bread?” he rages, “This is white f*cking anemic stuff.” He then proceeds to dump his lunch onto the kitchen counter and seethe as his mother rushes to cry in the other room.

But it’s hilarious, trust us. Back in 2009, the actual Gordon Ramsay discovered Felix’s skits and was so taken with the kid that he invited him for a guest appearance on Hell’s Kitchen. Since then, it seems Felix has settled down into your typical former-child-actor obscurity, throwing up gang signs on Facebook and changing his cover photo to a banner that reads, “F*ck haters.” His hair is also brown now, apparently.

You can watch the whole “Little Gordon” series for yourself below:

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‘That’s F*cking Disgusting’ and Other Sh*t Gordon Ramsay Says [VIDEO]

That’s not cooking, that’s dog sh*!

Gordon Ramsay is a hot head that deserves his own “Sh*t People Say” video, and BBC America was quick to splice one together to promote the “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” show, Tuesdays 9/8c.

Seafood crepe? Seafood Crap!” There’s definitely a good amount of shit Ramsay spews from his mouth, and I’m glad it’s compiled into a compact 1:08 promo piece for us to look back on when this silly ‘Sh*t People Say’ trend is over: