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Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza and Immediately Spits It Out [WATCH]

Food innovations are hit-or-miss in this wacky culture of ours. In order to achieve success, one must find that perfect balance between two completely different dishes. For every cronut, there’s a sushi pizza. As a matter of fact, guess which one Gordon Ramsay can’t stomach?

In a classic episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the world-famous chef visits the failing restaurant Sushi Ko to help the husband and wife owners turn their business around. One of the items he was served on his visit was a sushi pizza made with rice, salmon, crab, mayonnaise, and some cheese.

Sounds scrumptious.

Check out Chef Ramsay’s reaction to this sushi pizza

With all the possible food combinations out there, perhaps sushi and pizza aren’t the best choices to meld together. That being said, a chili cheese churro would sing symphonies in ol’ Gordon’s gullet. Perhaps one day we’ll be lucky enough to serve it to him.

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These Restaurants Had The Balls To Serve Gordon Ramsay Microwaved Food [WATCH]

For a chef with a famously refined palate, Gordon Ramsay has eaten a lot of crappy food over the years, thanks to his popular TV series Kitchen Nightmares.

When you go to a restaurant, the minimum expectation is to at least have your food cooked fresh, and not reheated leftovers. On that note, if you knew one of the premier chefs in the world was coming to your restaurant, why in the hell would you serve him microwaved food?

While it sound idiotic, there have been several occasions where restaurants have tried to pull a fast one on Ramsay, and it has never ended well.

Ramsay has the highly trained tongue of a Greek god, and could immediately tell when the food was cooked by “Chef Mike” AKA the microwave.

It makes absolutely no sense to serve up reheated junk to Gordon freakin’ Ramsay, but at least we can all get a good laugh out of him “firing” Chef Mike.

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Darth Vader Dubbed As Gordon Ramsay Is Hilariously Brilliant [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay‘s known for being a bit of a villainous character on his Hell’s Kitchen TV show, so it’s only right that he’d fit so perfectly in Star Wars scenes where Darth Vader’s just wreaking havoc.

YouTube channel Mr. Wood From the Hood did a masterful job of taking infamous Ramsay meltdowns from his shows and dubbing them over Darth Vader scenes.

For example, the epic battle between Vader and Luke Skywalker is dubbed with Ramsay’s cries of, “Fuck off! Get out! Get out of my kitchen!” This is followed by Ramsay yelling, “A black jacket? You need a straitjacket,” as Vader casually throws his light saber at Luke.

It’s pretty hilarious all around, and makes you wish that Ramsay actually played Vader, despite James Earl Jones’s indelible work behind the villain.

Check out the full vid below:

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Watch The Differences Between Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares In The UK Versus US

Gordon Ramsay’s version of Kitchen Nightmares in the United States compared to his series in the United Kingdom is like night and day. You might think you’re watching two completely different chefs.

Have you ever had the chance to view them side-by-side?

Kitchen Nightmares uploaded a video highlighting the differences between the two versions of the television series and they’re quite noticeable. Both feature the same premise: Gordon Ramsay travels to a struggling restaurant and inspects the establishment to see why it’s failing. He then takes a hands-on approach to improving the food and service at the restaurant before driving off into the sunset.

Here’s where they differ.

Watch the differences between the Gordon Ramsay shows:

As you can see, the intensity of chef Ramsay’s visit is much more distinguished in the US version. Chef Ramsay’s mannerisms are still pretty consistent, but the editing and menacing music make him appear ten times scarier. The US hosts and chefs are much more lippy as well.

Arguably, the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares is better than the US. Even so, the American version is slightly more addicting to watch.

Luckily, we don’t have to choose between the two.

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This Is The Absolute Filthiest Restaurant Gordon Ramsay Ever Went To On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay recently spoke about his deep regret for ending his popular Kitchen Nightmares shows, and while it’s been gone for a good four years, the wrath he showed to bumbling restaurant owners still lingers. In its seven seasons, the American version of Kitchen Nightmares had 77 restaurants featured, and only 38 percent of them managed to stay open after getting the Ramsay treatment.

To this date, the absolute filthiest restaurant Ramsay ever visited can be traced back to its first season, as Ramsay met the folks at Seascape Restaurant and Taproom in New York.

While at the restaurant, Ramsay found grease filling every crevice of the walls, as he proclaimed, “This is 10,000 times worse than I thought it would be.” He found “fresh lobster ravioli” frozen and inside a bucket, a container of moldy pesto that was actually served to him, and a bag of fish food in the restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator.

The worst part is that Ramsay was actually served a lot of this disgusting food, and boy did he let them have it in the back. There really is no excuse for serving up moldy food, especially to a world-renowned chef. How do you blow it that badly?

As you can imagine, the restaurant didn’t make it, as it was later sold and turned into a J&R Steak House that probably didn’t get torn apart by Gordon.

While the location is still thriving as a food establishment, the ghosts of Gordon Ramsay’s wrath still probably haunt the walls, as there was a time that his menacing Scottish voice pierced through the entire building of Seascape Restaurant and Taproom.

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Gordon Ramsay Regrets Ending Kitchen Nightmares, Hints At New Show

When Gordon Ramsay decided to shut down Kitchen Nightmares, we were saddened that the show that had cemented his legacy was ending. It turns out we weren’t the only ones, as Chef Ramsay just revealed he regrets ending Kitchen Nightmares as well. We also now know that it’ll be back in one way or another.

According to the New York Daily News, Gordon revealed that he had originally left the show because he kept getting fed up with the criticism. Several restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares fell back into trouble, something Ramsay attributes to owners returning to their old ways.

“I got fed up with Kitchen Nightmares because I was getting s–t,” Ramsay claimed. “So I woke up one morning and I thought ‘F–k it, I’m done.’ ”

That happened three years ago, and everyone misses the show so much that old clips still go viral today. While he regrets ending Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay also hinted at a new project that channels the old show’s spirit.

“The biggest demand over the last four years is for Kitchen Nightmares (to come back) and what I am putting together is a return of something magical.”

Ramsay claims that the series is “along the lines” of Kitchen Nightmares but way better. Ramsay and Fox, the network that airs his shows, didn’t provide any more detail than that.

FOX Television Group did confirm to the NY Daily News that a new show will be on air in the near future. That means we’ll get more of the cursing, meltdowns, feel good endings, and drama that made Chef Ramsay so popular originally.

We can’t wait to watch it all unfold when this new show airs on TV soon. Hopefully, it’ll generate a flurry of new clips we can all obsess and enjoy.

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12 Times Gordon Ramsay OWNED Folks Who Tried To Stand Up To Him

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If you ever get the chance to meet Gordon Ramsay in person, the one thing I would recommend not doing is trying to go toe-to-toe with him. Chef Ramsay isn’t here for the BS, and will shut down anyone trying to stand up to him in a war of words.

Don’t believe me? Just look at all the times folks on Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen have tried to do it through the years. Each time, Ramsay had them sitting down and being humble within minutes. We’ve compiled a few of the harshest fights and best clapbacks Gordon has offered up to cameras, and it’s definitely the most savage montage of all time. Enjoy yourselves, and remember to breathe while laughing.

Contestant Tries To Defend Their ‘Smart Idea’

On season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen, oddball competitor Andrew Forster attempted to salvage his “mashed potato soup” by adding a thick pile of mash to the pot. Chef Ramsay immediately called him out on it, and Andrew stood his ground saying it was a “smart idea.” That earned him a trip to the time-out box and a flurry of insults from Gordon that later caused Andrew to walk out of the competition that same night. Good riddance.

Customer Tries To Push Back Beef, Gets Called A Quail

Season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen definitely had it’s fair share of lowlights. This snarky contestant who couldn’t tell what a medium-cooked steak looked like decided to get some extra camera time in. He tried to stand up to Gordon about the temperature of his beef, but retreated back to his seat pretty swiftly, all the while getting pelted with verbal barbs from Chef Ramsay. Calling him a “fucking quail” was probably the best of the whole bunch for trying to strut up to Gordon the way he did.

Chef Can’t Cook A Mussel But Can Mock Gordon Ramsay

An early episode of the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares featured Chef Ramsay struggling with a chef who couldn’t even cook a mussel properly. The chef got so offended at Ramsay’s offer to teach him that he began to mock Gordon and insult him as his only way of retaliation. Needless to say, it didn’t go very well.

“Yea, But I’m Not Dickface”

Fed-up chefs tend to give the “best” responses to Gordon Ramsay. Contestant Giovanni Filipponi from season 5 of Hell’s Kitchen is a prime example. After getting called “Dickface” for screwing up an entree, Giovanni protested at his new nickname, leading to a close and personal scolding from Chef Ramsay that nobody wants to be on the opposite side of. Just accept the nickname next time, man.

Masterchef Contestant Tries To Clap Back

Even Masterchef contestants aren’t free from Gordon Ramsay’s harsh critiques. After one contestant made a delicious, perfectly seasoned risotto, Gordon asked fellow competitor Christian Collins, who served up a completely bland mashed potato dish, to taste it. Christian said it tasted good but that he had had better, forcing Chef Ramsay to put him in his place. If Christian had just shut his mouth after the first few words, his day would’ve been a lot better.

Gordon Offers To Shove A Go-Pro Into A Pretty Nasty Place

In a feeble attempt to defend his reasoning for delivering Gordon a pile of raw scallops, Hell’s Kitchen season 16 contestant Matt Heam told the chef to “check the cameras” to prove what he was saying. Chef Ramsay, obviously, could care less, and proceeded to tear Matt a new one before threatening what he would do the next time someone mentioned a camera. Definitely didn’t sound like the most pleasant offer.

So-called ‘Head Chef’ Tries To Square Off With Gordon Ramsay

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay hates more than lying chefs, it’s when those chefs are lying and accusing him of something at the same time. In the case of this so-called “head chef” of a fine dining bistro featured on Kitchen Nightmares, he had the audacity to compare himself to Gordon, calling himself “his twin” after being called things like “ignorant” and “defensive” by Chef Ramsay. This was after pretending that his “Catch of the Day” special wasn’t frozen fish and putting fake garnishes on dishes that had already infuriated Chef Ramsay, turning this boiling confrontation into a full-on shouting match at one point. This guy just didn’t know when to quit, and Gordon made him pay for it.

Amy’s Baking Company

Do I even need to say anymore than that? We all know the story of this Arizona restaurant, their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares, and how they continually stood up to Gordon and refused to hear anything he had to say. Chef Ramsay may have dropped the greatest clap back of all time on them when he walked out and refused to help the restaurant anymore. One of the world’s greatest chefs telling you your restaurant isn’t salvageable? That’s a pretty low blow.

Chef Actually Tries To Bitchslap Gordon Ramsay

After a chef on Ramsay’s UK Kitchen Nightmares show shouted at her staff, Gordon asked to talk to her in private and asked if what she was doing was “showing off.” The chef was so offended at this accusation that she tried to slap Gordon Ramsay in the face multiple times. However, Gordon suddenly morphed into Jackie Chan, blocking every single attempted blow while talking the chef down from her high horse. He did this all with the tranquility of a Zen Master, making his role in the entire debacle seem all the more badass.

Lying Chef Gets Caught Red-Handed, Then Threatens Gordon

After a brigade of cooks served Gordon some horrible food and insulted him behind his back, Ramsay called them out on some shady restaurant practices, like cooking their duck once a month and freezing it or serving frozen crab cakes. One of the chefs who had lied to him about that being the case was absolutely mortified, and decided to try and save face by challenging Gordon to a fight. You can bet that didn’t go over well.

The Greatest Hell’s Kitchen Insult Of All Time

Hell’s Kitchen is no stranger to customers coming up and trying to get their free camera time with Gordon Ramsay, but this exchange takes the cake as one of the funniest ever. A man trying to score some extra pumpkin risotto under allegations there was no pumpkin in his almost-finished dish walked up to the pass and asked Gordon for some pumpkin. Ramsay responded with what is definitely the greatest insult to ever come out of his mouth. If you haven’t heard it already, watch the video. It’s that worth it.

Gordon’s Finest Hour

In what is probably Gordon Ramsay’s most iconic clip in television history, he nearly gets into a massive fight with Hell’s Kitchen competitor and former Marine Joesph Tinnelly. Joseph had been badmouthing and ignoring Gordon’s instructions through the entire elimination sequence at the end of an episode, and as Ramsay publicly dismantled him for that, Joseph lost it, tearing off his jacket and going after Gordon. Ramsay eventually proved that Joseph wasn’t ready for prime time, though, and sent him packing. It’s surprising Tinnelly even found a job in the restaurant industry after that.

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Innovative Restaurant Serves Gordon Ramsay Steak On A Roof Tile, He Was Not Impressed [WATCH]

It takes a lot to impress Gordon Ramsay. The world renowned chef and star of the half the cooking shows on television has seen pretty much everything there is to see when it comes to food. Or maybe he hasn’t.

In a segment from his hit series, Kitchen Nightmares, chef Ramsay visits a restaurant that serves traditional filet mignon in a pretty unconventional way.

The owner came up with a fun idea to serve the steak on a piece of roof tile, calling it the Flaming Tsunami. Placed slightly uncooked on the piece of tile, the steak is finished with a burner and some garlic butter in front of the patron.

Props for showmanship, but apparently this culinary performance led to some pretty chewy steak. As you can see from the video above, chef Ramsay was far from impressed with the flamboyant dish.

Jokes aside, hopefully the restaurant owners turn things around for their business.