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Foodbeast’s Audience-Powered Kitchen League To Debut on Amazon’s CROWN Channel

Foodbeast’s Kitchen League has been making noise and causing quite a ruckus in the live streaming segment of food and beverage by presenting a one-of-a-kind cooking competition that gives tremendous power to the audience.

The live cooking competition turns up the heat to unprecedented levels by giving all the control to the viewers in causing sabotages to the Kitchen League competitors as they race to whip up never before seen dishes in a mad dash that’s all parts of mayhem and all kinds of kitchen hijinks.

So think chefs and home cooks trying to put the finishing touches on their soufflé while blindfolded or being forced to dice all their veggies with the use of just one hand. Yup, that’s the kind of dust Kitchen League has been kicking up while live-streaming regularly on Twitch.

The thirst within the food and drink live streaming community for a communal and fun way to connect with each other has led to Kitchen League, the unruly and much cooler cousin of every televised cooking competition, making its debut on AMAZON’s Crown channel, a destination that features the best in gaming and pop culture through original live shows and programming.

Kicking things off is a three part, special King of the Hill-style battle between Kitchen League veterans Josh Elkin and The Hunger Service, and newcomer to the competition, RedVacktor.

Starting Wednesday, December 9th, RedVacktor will step into the Kitchen League for the first time to try and take it to Elkin and The Hunger Service, who will follow in the coming weeks on December 16th and December 23rd, respectively. The chef with the highest tally score comes out on top and gains all the Kitchen League glory.

To catch all the action in this unique tournament, make sure to tune in to the following:

CROWN Channel
Foodbeast Channel

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Man Makes Nashville Hot Chicken Blindfolded With Some Scorching Results


Making your own fried chicken at home is one of the most comforting meals you can produce. But can we make it Nashville Hot style while blindfolded?

Foodbeast Chris attempted the hard-mode cooking challenge as part of a Kitchen League mini game. Kitchen League is Foodbeast’s monthly competitive cooking show on Twitch where the audience gets to sabotage the chefs live.

When competitions aren’t streaming, members of the Foodbeast team will hop on and cook while plagued with various sabotages like time crunches, cooking while blindfolded, and other obstacles. It’s a chance to practice these sabotages that chefs will face throughout the competition, going through them one at a time to understand where problems can occur.

Chris is actually one of the judges on Kitchen League, so going in on Kitchen League Minigames like this helps him understand what the chefs go through during their cooking time.

Chris did have fellow Foodbeast Elie acting as a guide over video chat to make sure he didn’t burn or injure himself, but getting everything else done correctly was up to Chris.

This included loading up the fried chicken into the deep fryer…

Coating it in the Nashville hot oil…

… and even seasoning it while relying on kitchen awareness and Elie’s instructions.

While there were some struggles with holding the chicken after it was fried, as well as attempting to coat the chicken with oil and seasoning, Chris emerged unscathed,  with a triumphant platter of glistening, fiery Nashville Hot Chicken in hand. He managed to complete the challenge in just under 2 hours, a remarkable feat while not having any sight to work with.

The hardest part of it to Chris, outside of cutting chicken and dropping into scalding hot oil, was trying to not get any of the fiery spice caught in his throat while trying to cook. As he found out tasting it at the end, the chicken’s heat catches up with you fast.

You can view parts of the challenge through the clips posted throughout this post, and the full stream is available on Foodbeast’s Twitch page. The next challenge, on Thursday, May 14th at 2 PM PST, will be Foodbeast Costa (that’s me) attempting to make sushi one-handed, so stay tuned to see how that turns out.


Chefs Nationwide Compete In Unprecedented Remote Cooking Tournament

Foodbeast Twitch will be hosting what might be the first-ever nationwide competitive cooking competition that viewers can control the outcome LIVE and in realtime. During this Bleed Purple tournament, each chef will be teamed up with a partner that will help them develop their recipes for the upcoming matchups.

Imagine a competitive cooking competition where any chef can compete from their home kitchens. With everyone staying in these days, getting our sports fix is limited to highlight reels or video games. What if, however, there was a real-time tournament where not only you can cheer on your favorite chef, but you can actively sabotage their competition live?!

For those unfamiliar with the Foodbeast Kitchen League, it’s a competitive cooking series on Foodbeast’s Twitch channel that pits two chefs against one another. While they cook, audience members can donate Twitch currency “BITS” to sabotage competing chefs with things like having to cook one-handed, being blindfolded, taking away their knife, or having to wear oven mitts for a period of time. Regardless of how many sabotages come their way, the chefs always manage to produce some of the coolest dishes we’ve seen and tasted.

There will be ways to support your favorite chefs during the stream too, with options such as sabotage protection, clearing sabotages, and revealing dreaded secret ingredients early in the competition.

As the chefs cook, their partners are tasked with guiding them through their sabotages as well as answering host questions to earn Swagger points that lend to the judges’ final deliberation.

For the first time, Kitchen League will be done in complete Squad Stream format, with chefs and their partners participating remotely across the country.

The winner of the entire tournament will be presented the Foodbeast Kitchen League Championship Belt on stream. Additionally, there will be a charity-based reward for all four teams, with bits contributed by your audience (to sabotage opposing teams) going to restaurants or charitable organizations that your team chooses. The overall winner will have $500 added to that cumulative total.


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Competitors for the Bleed Purple tournament include:

We’re pumped to see how this all plays out. You can learn more on our Foodbeast Kitchen League site and be sure to tune in 2pm-5pm next Monday, April 27, on Twitch.TV/Foodbeast for the first competition. The second round continues 2pm-5pm Tuesday, April 28, with the final round to determine the champion concludes 2pm-5pm Thursday April 30.

Fast Food

Doritos Locos Quesarito: New Taco Bell Dream Item Forged From Cooking Competition

Meet The Doritos Locos Quesarito Supreme.

Created by celebrity chef Josh Elkin during last week’s milestone Foodbeast Kitchen League Twitch stream, the item turned heads as the contestants were tasked to create a Taco Bell-themed dish.

Kitchen League is Foodbeast’s interactive cooking competition where chefs go head-to-head with one another live on Twitch as the audience orders sabotages to go against them from a menu all in real time. Chefs have an hour to create an innovative dish that adheres to that week’s theme and are judged on Taste, Creativity, Visuals, Swagger (the ability to keep cool during audience sabotages), and use of the Secret Ingredient.

The Doritos Locos Quesarito takes a cheese quesadilla and stuffs with with seasoned beef, rice, chipotle sauce and sour cream. It’s then dredged in crushed Doritos and deep fried before a generous drizzle of fresh queso is applied all over.

We could absolutely see this hitting nationwide Taco Bell locations in the months to come, and we’ll stay tuned.

While Visuals and Swagger went to Josh Elkin during the final deliberation, it wasn’t enough to take the win as competitor Jake McPeck claimed the title with points for Taste, Creativity, and clever use of the Secret Ingredient.

Still, Elkin’s entry into the emblematic cookbook of the Kitchen League is one to take note of, as the item even turned some heads over at Taco Bell corporate with how on-brand it was.

Anyone interested in watching the Foodbeast Kitchen League will want to follow us on Twitch to get the latest updates on upcoming competitions, and head over to our rankings page to see the top chef holding the belt.


Celeb Chef Josh Elkin Is Reigning Champ Of New Streaming Cooking League

I’m a fan of cooking shows and a fan of sports — never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have the privilege of writing about both in the same article.

It’s the year 2020 and my wildest dreams are upon me: there exists an interactive cooking league. Participants are talented competitors made up of Snapchat stars, Twitch streamers, restaurant owners — all of whom will be judged by a live ranking system. It’s called Foodbeast Kitchen League, and a match between two chefs is streamed at least once a month, with current competitors including the likes of FaZe Clan’s chef CHEO, Rhett & Link’s own Mythical Chef Josh Scherer, and current league leader Josh Elkin.

Full, Updated Rankings live on Foodbeast Kitchen League website

Josh Elkin got his start in the food game as one of the chefs on the YouTube show Epic Meal Time, before venturing out and becoming a Food Network personality of his own. Most recently, he’s become a breakout celebrity on Snapchat, with his daily cooking routines broadcast to over a million hungry viewers every day. Those daily cooking and creative habits seem to be paying off, because at the time of this writing, he sits at position #1 of the Foodbeast Kitchen League, with 2 wins and 1 loss under his belt in the very early days of the league.

This Thursday, February 6th, the stage is set for four chefs to go up in a double header competition. The theme is Taco Bell, so we expect an array of creativity, nostalgia, and craft versions of one of our favorite fast food brands.

The rankings are eerily close with our four contestants — so as of tomorrow afternoon, everything may change.

CookingForNoobs VS Steve Bramucci of UPROXX: 2/6/2020 at 11 AM PST

Insights: Though technically an under-card match, the energy surrounding COOKING FOR NOOBS v. Steve Bramucci is palpable. Let’s start with newcomer to the league, Steve Bramucci. The children’s book author (shout out Danger Gang!) and Editorial Director at entertainment powerhouse Uproxx, Steve seems like an unlikely opponent — until you dive into his resume. He’s a chef inspired by travel, and having long been a travel/food writer and adventurer, he’s experienced cuisine from all over the globe. He also regularly participates in an Uproxx sponsored cooking competition. Steve will likely bring a strong command of flavors, an understanding of social cues, and a potentially helpful green eye to the competition — never having competed before, in our league or anything else televised.

Christine aka CookingForNoobs, on the other hand, is intrinsically in her element. She made her bones, and career, off of her own streaming cooking channel. Before this February 6th battle, she’s competed twice in Foodbeast Kitchen League before, with a record 1-1. In her first showing, she demolished league champion Josh Elkin. Christine comes with an army of loyal followers from her Twitch channel, she’s silently confident, and approaches her cooking with a familiar, cheery disposition — something judges and the audiences can often quickly relate to. Her last Kitchen League loss came in a controversial and keystone match against fellow Twitch chef, Jae Benny, whose audience simply overpowered that of CookingForNoobs during the sabotage and voting stages — prompting a recalibration of the League’s core functionality.

These two chefs couldn’t be more different — tomorrow will be very exciting.


Josh Elkin vs. Jake McPeck of Mess Hall Canteen: 2/6/2020 at 2 PM PST

Insights: Jake McPeck is currently undefeated in Kitchen League matchups, but his overall rank sits lower than Josh Elkin’s due to the sheer amount of matches he’s competed in. Jake, the head chef and co-founder of the Messhall Canteen Truck has seemingly served more time making food for customers. Jake has proven well under pressure, competed on Food Network’s Chopped as well as Food Truck Face Off. No stranger to cameras, he’s known for using high quality ingredients well under the spotlight.

Josh Elkin has gained notoriety for his creativity and visual style. Boasting more time in studio-driven kitchens, he’s comfortable in front of the camera, confident — potentially to a fault — and will likely attract a larger audience into the chat. As a reminder, a chef’s individual fan base is allowed into the chat of the livestream competition and can initiate “sabotages” to the other chef.

With Jake’s record sitting at 2-0 and Josh’s at 2-1, the winner of the match will be lay claim to the league’s title belt — and ultimately be the leader of the Foodbeast Kitchen League.

Tune in live starting at 11am PST, on February 6th:

Celebrity Grub Twitch

Trader Joe’s Favorites Are The Theme Of Foodbeast’s Next LIVE Cooking Battle

We’ve all got our favorite items at Trader Joe’s, whether it be the legendary Orange Chicken, the hype new Knafeh released this year, or even some holiday Jingle Jangle. Some of those favorites are about to be stretched to their creative limits in an upcoming intense cooking battle.

On this week’s upcoming matchup of the Foodbeast Kitchen League, two of Twitch’s top chefs will be squaring off in a Trader Joe’s Battle. Returning champion CookingForNoobs, who unseated chef Josh Elkin last time around, is going up against newcomer Jae_Benny, a Twitch chef and gamer with a serious lineup of unique recipes up her sleeve.

For those unfamiliar with the Kitchen League, in each matchup, the audience has the ability to sabotage the chefs live by taking away knives, eyesight, or other things they need to cook their dish. They also have a key voice in the vote, grading each chef on their dish’s visual appeal as well as the chef’s swagger throughout the match.

The two chefs are making recipes that are based either on their favorite Trader Joe’s items, or using their Trader Joe’s items. What that will actually entail remains to be seen, but it should make for an intense and tasty matchup.

CookingForNoobs and Jae_Benny will square off on Foodbeast’s Twitch channel, live at 11 AM PST on Thursday, December 12th.