You Can Now Make HELLO KITTY SPAM MUSUBI At Home With This Adorable Kit


A while back, we discovered that a hotel in Los Angeles served special Hello Kitty Musubi on its room service menu. While hardcore fans might’ve dropped everything to get their hands on the novelty dish, it’s no longer necessary. SPAM is now giving folks a chance to make the dish themselves.

The canned food brand is offering Hello Kitty SPAM Musubi kits for a limited time on their website. What was once only available at select events (Hello Kitty conventions), can now be purchased for $15 through SPAM’s online store.

SPAM Musubi is typically made with a slice of grilled SPAM on top of rice and wrapped in seaweed (nori). With the kit, you can add Hello Kitty’s iconic face, whiskers and bright red bow to your dish.

It kit should make for a great holiday gift, though you might want to get a jump before Christmas gets here.


DIY Sake Kit Lets You Brew from Your Kitchen Countertop


While it’s probably not the same thing as ordering sake in Japan, or even a Japanese restaurant, it’s now possible to make the Japanese wine sake right at home. Like homemade beer kits, you can now order a sake kit and brew the stuff from the comfort of your living room.

The DIY kit comes with the basic needed to create the proper sake. Among those are yeast and short-grain polished rice, tubing, steeping bags, a fermenting bucket and a glass jug. Oh, and of course, instructions on how to make it. The only thing the kit doesn’t come with are white raisins and sugar, which you can swoop up at your local grocery store.

The sake kit is available for $57 at Uncommon Goods. It also should be mentioned that brewing your own sake, or any alcohol, can be dangerous. So stay safe, kids.

H/T Design Taxi 


Go Home Health Food Advocates – DIY High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Exists


Every so often, the world likes to remind us that yes, we do still live in ‘MURICA.

A graduate student at Parsons The New School for Design has just developed an artisanal kit for small-batch DIY high-fructose corn syrup.

The student, artist and designer Maya Weinstein, told Bon Appetit that the idea for her kit sprung from the fact that high fructose corn syrup, despite being one of the cheapest sweeteners in the industry, is still not available for consumer purchase. She said she hopes her DIY HFCS will be just the first of a series of “’citizen food science’ kits that let people make industrial ingredients in their home kitchens.”

“I’d like to give this recipe to people and let them do what they will,” Weinstein told BA. “It’s all about doing it yourself, taking the ideas of open sourcing technology and applying them to food. By taking back these foods that aren’t ours, deconstructing them and reconstructing them, maybe we can disrupt the industry a little bit.”

Those who actually like the sweet taste of processed food and were hoping to create their own hyper-sweetened Coke on crack, however, should know that Weinstein’s kit cost her between $70 – $80 for “just a little jar.”

BA thought it was delicious though – like “corn candy.”

Check out the ingredients for yourself below:


H/T + PicThx Bon Appetit


Grow Your Own Pizza Kit – Just Add Cheese

Remember those class projects you did when you were little where the whole class would grow their own plants? And the teacher gave everyone Styrofoam cups to decorate and then she’d line them up by the window and eventually, if you were lucky, you’d get to see tiny sprigs of green peek up out of dirt before they inevitably shriveled up and died in the summer heat?

Well, traumatic childhood plant deaths aside, how much better would those projects be if you got to grow pizzas instead?

Perfect for “kids of all ages,” the Grow Your Own Pizza Kit comes with “1 packet of tomato seeds, 1 packet of basil seeds, 1 packet of oregano seeds, 3 coconut husk starter pots, 3 coconut husk compost discs, 3 wooden plant markers and a Sow & Grow booklet with growing tips and puzzles.”

The only thing missing are the cheese seeds. Wait, what do you mean cheese doesn’t have seeds? What kind of bullsh*t classroom project is this?

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