Here Is Why You Should Make Out in TGI Friday’s This Christmas


Last month, we reported that a TGI Friday’s in the UK had a flying drone that hovered over customers with a piece of mistletoe. If the couple gets picked, they have to kiss in front of the entire restaurant.

Looks like the Friday-lovin’ restaurant chain is bringing this tradition to the US. Appearing in select restaurant locations throughout the country, TGI Friday’s will start piloting drones for the Christmas season.

Like their UK counterparts, the drones will hover over couples and put them on blast for all the restaurant’s patrons. Interestingly, whether they kiss or not is up to them. However, TGI Friday’s is rewarding those willing to publicly display their affection with a special gift card.

Not quite sure yet on TGI Friday’s system for determining who qualifies as a couple. Either the pilot will just pick two people at random or spend a decent amount of time watching people eat before sending the drone flying toward them.


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