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Hershey’s Has A CARROT CAKE For Easter


With Lent having just begun and Easter quickly approaching, Hershey’s already has their holiday editions ready to go. Nothing reminds us of Easter like the Easter Bunny, so naturally the chocolate company released these Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kisses.

Made with a white-chocolate base, the Kisses are giving a bright orange flavor with some carrot flavoring. Hopefully kids who can’t have sugar won’t think these are actual carrots.

According to the Impulsive Buy, the chocolates are currently available at Walmart. Wouldn’t mind giving these a try at all.

Photo: Impulsive Buy

Packaged Food

Hershey’s Chocolate Finally Drops Artificial Flavoring From Their Iconic Candy


Hershey’s has announced that their famous chocolate Kisses and bars will be getting much less complicated. The company says that it will be dropping artificial ingredients and will be using real vanilla in the two chocolate candies.

It was previously announced that Hershey’s Co. wanted to use simpler ingredients, AP reports.

The change in recipe has already begun for the candy company as the new batch of kisses and certain chocolate bars have already begun shipping. Stores will be updated with the new variants as soon as their shelves need restocking.

Packaging for the chocolate will feature a new “natural flavor” listing rather than vanillin, the artificial flavoring used in the original chocolates. Hershey’s has also cut Lactose and PGPR from its recipe.

Seems like loads of companies have begun taking steps towards more natural ingredients recently.


Best Valentine’s Gift EVER: Boyfriend Transforms Ice Dispenser into Candy Dispenser


Like many already great things (yogurt, grapes, Thin Mint cookies), candy, especially chocolate candy, is even better frozen. But it can be difficult to know just when you’ll want to nom on some frozen Hershey’s kisses. What if it’s, like, midnight and you want some frozen chocolate right now, because your Valentine’s Day was demoralizing, and dammit, candy is great?

Luckily, one boyfriend has the answer. Even more luckily, if you don’t have a boyfriend, he made this great video (and step-by-step instructions) to show how he did it. So, here’s lookin’ at you, single ladies (and gentlemen). If you liked it, then you shoulda finagled an ice dispenser to give frozen candy in place of ice.

Catchy, no?

H/T The Daily Meal + PicThx Foodinese


Made With Love Sandwich Bags

For all you Mommy Foodbeasts out there: Pack your children’s lunch boxes with these Made With Love Sandwich Bags to show them how much you care.  Each pack comes with twenty plastic sandwich bags decorated with a lipstick kiss design. ($4.52 @ Archie McPhee)


Hershey’s Kisses Announces New Product: Air Delight

One of the most iconic bite-sized candies in the chocolate game, Hershey’s Kisses, have just announced their latest product addition: Air Delight. These new Kisses take the brand’s trademark milk chocolate taste blended into a light, airy texture. In the product shots, little bubbles are evident in the candy’s exterior, highlighting the aerated milk chocolate of the new Kisses iteration. They are currently making their way to stores now!