Cafe Owner Alarms Public By Selling Fake Molotov Cocktails


If you’re selling molotov cocktails at your cafe, you’re definitely going to get a visit from the cops. A cafe owner in Japan set out a basket full of Kirin bottles stuffed with rags. He then posted a sign that said “Molotov Cocktails: One for 100 yen.

Naturally, this sparked some uneasiness among the community. Upon first look, it’s a molotov cocktail that’s practically primed and ready for use. Though on closer inspection, one could see that the bottles were empty.

Regardless, the police caught wind of this unconventional promotion and paid the cafe a visit. The owner was asked to remove his display and given a warning for “creating a stressful environment for others.”


Instant Frozen Beer Slushie Maker Keeps Your Beer Cold


Summertime is synonymous with ice cold beers and slushies. At least in my booze-addled, slurpee-addicted mind. A nice frosty beer or an icy blended drink is a definite must every now and again. Naturally, Kirin’s frozen brews peaked my interest combining those two summertime loves.

The Japanese beer brand has been known to dabble in the slushie game through the years. You’ll probably recall their curious frozen beer foam spotted at Dodgers Stadium. The only problem is having to get tickets and shelling out $10-plus per drink. Turns out you’ll no longer have to wade through the multitudes of baseball fans at Dodgers just to get your hands on a boozy treat. Kirin’s Frozen Beer Slushie Maker lets you pour a frozen head on top of your brew from the comfort of your home, sans pants. Like the one at Dodger’s Stadium, the frozen foam keeps your beer chilled for longer.

If you really have your heart set on one (why wouldn’t you?), they’re available at Japan Trend Shop for $65 US. If it’s anything like the original, it’ll pay for itself.

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So, Who Wants To Drink Some Blue Beer?


Before we start, let’s have three guesses at where this oddly-hued brew this comes from. (Hint: if you didn’t say “Pandora,” “Smurf Village,” or “Japan” just now, get it together man, honestly.)

Last year, we discovered the glory that was frozen beer foam — not a beer slushy, but a kind of whipped snow developed by Kirin Brewing Company to cool beers by watering them down. Well, in Japan, it seems they’ve taken this neat invention to its next logical step: sports branding.

For a limited time, the Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden in Tokyo is selling an awfully Breaking Bad-esque summer beer in promotion of Japanese soccer team, Samurai Blue. Topped with frozen, bitter beer foam, the Listerine-colored lager is actually nice and “refreshing,” according to Rocket News, with a surprising sweetness at the bottom we can only assume comes from whatever syrup gave the beer its color.

Since it’s only available at the beer garden until July, there’s probably a slim chance this grown-up Kool-Aid will ever make its way to the States. No, we’d never drink anything so weird.

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Dodger Stadium Serves Frozen Beer Foam – Keeps Drink Cold For 30 Minutes

Let me first escort the elephant out of the room in relation to ‘frozen beer’ and ‘frozen beer foam.’ For reasons unbeknownst to us, beer Slurpees do not exist in a widely available or commercial form. We wish it did, and we hoped this story would be our ornate, spiraled staircase to the heavens by showing us that the neglected purgatory between frozen-undrinkable beer, and a nice, frosty, cold one actually existed. It does not. BUT, Japanese-Beer Maker Kirin’s frozen beer foam could definitely be a solid first step in the right direction, and in the meantime serves a pretty damn good purpose: keeping your summer draft from getting warm.

And it comes out of a Margarita Machine. Doesn’t take like a margarita though. Doesn’t taste like much of anything really.

kirin frozen beer foam dispenser machine

Kirin Frozen Beer Foam

Once I saw the machine, my hopes soared. How could ‘Kirin Ichiban Frozen Draft’ with semi-frozen beer liquid coming out of what looks to be like an adapted margarita machine be anything but the slush concoction of my dreams?  Turns out, in this case we have a contemporary example of function over form. The foam, served at -5 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Fahrenheit, was created to top a pint glass and form an insulated layer that ‘protects your beer’ in the daytime heat.

The process essentially breaks down into 2 easy steps for a bartender, or in this case a newbie Dodger Stadium employee. Step 1, pour the beer out of the tap. Normally, I would add ‘Tilt The Glass!,’ but because you’re essentially topping the beer with frozen head anyway, it doesn’t really matter in this case. Step 2, conjure your skills as a frozen yogurt employee because adding the frozen foam is aesthetically similar.


We put the frozen foam to the test and it did in fact keep our beers pretty cold for a few innings and the full thirty minutes. We didn’t test the foam under multiple scenarios, but it seemed to work pretty well in the late afternoon/early evening on a sunny, yet humid, 80+ degree day in Los Angeles. Our 16 oz. beers retailed at the inflated you’re-stuck-at-a-sports-game price of $10, but may vary at other locations.

The Frozen Beer Foam is currently available at multiple Los Angeles locations including Dodger Stadium, Think Blue Bar (on the loge level), Chaya Downtown Beer Garden, Katsuya at the Americana and Katana on Sunset. The frozen beer is also available at the Epcot Center in Disneyworld and a few Japanese restaurants in Hawaii.