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Guy Casually Orders From McDonald’s Kiosk While A Fight Breaks Out Around Him

There are times when crazy occurrences get in the way of your dining experience, as the managers and employees get distracted and can’t exactly take your order on-demand. Well this video is evidence that McDonald’s ordering kiosk puts the power in your hands, no matter what, even if something outlandish like a fight breaks out around you.

Reddit user TonyMoll successfully put in an order at a Liverpool, UK McDonald’s, even though chaos erupted around him, with chokeholds being placed and frantic managers trying to control the situation.

Usually something like that means you have to wait for the bullsh*t to settle before you can place your order, but TonyMoll was not to be deterred.

He recorded the fight breaking out around him, but continued on to order his Mayo Chicken sandwich.

Unfortunately, because the people were swearing in the video, the sound was removed by Reddit, so we don’t even know what pissed off the customers so much.

While Tony recorded this kind of comically, it does remind us of the usefulness of kiosks, and how you don’t have to wait around on humans to put in your order.

In particular, self-serve kiosks like this take away the anxiety of having the cashier blankly stare you down, as you’re surveying the menu, while they silently judge you for not knowing what to order by now. They also ensure that the order is put in correctly, because you have full control.

And of course, as the crazy fight video showed, you don’t have to wait around while the employee’s taking care of something in the back or trying to input a complicated order or stopping a fight from getting out of control.

You can literally put in your order, wait for the dust to settle, grab your burger, and bounce.

Thank you, McDonald’s kiosk. You’re the real MVP.


UBER Testing Breathalyzer Station That Gives Drunks Free Rides Home


Uber has plans to test remote kiosks at select cities they’re calling Uber Safe. The kiosk work as a breathalyzer machine that inebriated folks can blow into. All they do is grab a disposable straw, place it into the slot and blow for six seconds while the Uber machine determines the person’s blood alcohol level.

If high enough, the kiosk will then place a call to the nearest Uber driver and have the car pick them up. In what’s a pretty generous step in the battle against drunk driving, Uber apparently won’t charge folks for this service.

Does that mean we can get as drunk as we want and not pay? Sold.

Uber Safe is currently testing a prototype in Toronto and has plans to move to other select cities, if successful. Until then, the over-boozed will just have to fumble on their mobile devices for rides.


Panera to Roll Out Mobile Ordering and Self Order Kiosks in 2016


No longer will you have to wait 20 minutes in line for your “you-pick-two” meal. Forget being on hold forever and a day trying to order your favorite Fuji Apple Chicken salad. The revolution is coming and thy name is kiosks.

In an attempt to fix their well-known speed issues, Panera has dropped $42 million on technology to bring kiosks and mobile ordering to its locations. With the kiosks customers would be able to customize their meals to their tastes, pay, and take an assigned pager so a Panera associate can deliver your food. Regardless if you’re eating in or grabbing a sandwich to go, the self-ordering system could dramatically speed up the entire ordering process.

With the mobile ordering system customers can grab a booth ahead of time and order from their seat, avoiding the kiosks and guaranteeing a spot, which will be great during Panera’s crazy crowded lunch hour.

Though some people are concerned with the kiosks replacing potential jobs for staffers, Panera assures consumers that their workforce won’t be cut. The plan is to have at least eight kiosks in every location with only one or two cash registers being cut.

The whole thing sounds like a great idea considering how long it takes to get a sandwich and soup, but before you start getting too excited the technology won’t be rolling out until 2016. Womp.

H/T + PicThx Consumerist


Salad Vending Machine Sells Healthier Alternatives in Recyclable Containers

Farmer's Fridge

Vending machines don’t usually provide the most nutritious foods (a la candy, soda and burritos), although sometimes it’s the easiest option. Luckily, there’s now a much healthier alternative hitting the market — Farmer’s Fridge.

These refrigerated kiosks aren’t your standard vending machine. In fact, Farmer’s Fridge prefers to call them “veggie machines.” Each kiosk is made from reclaimed local wood and recycled materials, and they’re stocked every single morning with freshly-made salads. From the High Protein to the Mediterranean mixture, each salad is packed in a recyclable jar that makes eating on-the-go extra easy. They also offer deliciously healthy snacks, like apple slices with almond butter and Greek yogurt with berries.

Farmer's Fridge

Even better, Farmer’s Fridge discounts all salads by $1 after 6pm, and any food that doesn’t sell the same day is donated to local food pantries.

As of right now, the healthy kiosks can only be found in Chicago, but Farmer’s Fridge is hoping to expand to New York in the near future.

H/T PSFK + Picthx Farmer’s Fridge


World’s First Burrito Vending Machine Dispenses Instant $3 Burritos


Can a man love a machine? Well, if that machine immediately dispenses burritos, then I’d say heck yeah. The world’s first burrito kiosk, the Burrito Box is more than just your average, Twix-pumping vending machine. Using only 100% all-natural ingredients, this beauty is the closest thing we have to gas-station Chipotle.

According to Jenn Harris of LA Times, there’s five different burritos you can order from the kiosk: roasted potato with egg and cheese, egg and cheese with uncured bacon burrito, chorizo sausage egg and cheese, range chicken with beans and rice, and a shredded beef and cheese burrito.  Though you can’t customize your choices, you can add either sour cream ($0.50), Tabasco sauce ($0.60), or Wholly Guacamole ($0.75) separately.

Once you make your choice, you pay by credit card, sit through a quick video ad while your burrito heats up, and then pick up your order from the slot. Each burrito is about $3 each, not bad for a vending machine burrito.

Current Burrito Box locations: 

8380 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90069
Century City
10389 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90025
(Open Jan. 18)

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Robots Threaten to Replace Baristas & Offer Consistent, Quality-Controlled Coffee


They are growing stronger, they are studying us, and now: they know how you like your coffee. Briggo recently launched a kiosk at the University of Texas named “The Coffee Haus” that can take your order via text, make it, and have it for you to pick up exactly how you like it. Every possible detail is yours to control, down to the amount of milk and what type of sweetener you want. They serve a variety of options, from ice drinks to hot chocolate. If customers create an online account, their favorite drinks can be saved to make it easier to order in the future. But the most interesting part by far is that the whole process involves no people, just machines.

When you arrive at the unmanned kiosk,  you notice it takes up about fifty square feet total, and has a sleek wooden design. It is divided into two parts: Order, for those who didn’t in advance, and Pick Up, where you can grab your coffee and go.

“The coffee tastes good and it always tastes the same,” Yamit Lavi, a student at UT Austin, told NPR. “I would say the consistency of the taste makes it better than a standard coffee shop.”

As more of these coffee shops open, there are many complaints that naturally rise up. Some say that these kiosks will run coffee shops out of business, while others say that this takes away the human element of forming a relationship with your local barista. I think these concerns  are to be encouraged. I mean hey, robots are cool but is it really better than talking and connecting with another human being for a few precious seconds?

H/T NPR + PicThx Briggo