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Study Suggests Eating Kimchi Could Help Protect Against Covid-19

As scientists have been scrambling for potential treatments and vaccines to combat against the COVID-19 pandemic, some have begun testing different unique foods that could play a role in disease prevention.

One food, kimchi, has shown in an early study to be a possible food that could help protect against COVID-19 when consumed.

The pre-printed study took a look at data of death rates from different countries and found that those that eat fermented vegetables, including fermented cabbage products, tended to have a lower death rate. The countries surveyed in this study were European ones, but authors noted that this could be similar for other countries with lots of fermented vegetables in their diets, which includes kimchi.

One could infer from these results that kimchi, sauerkraut, and other fermented cabbage products could help in protection against the disease as a result.

Scientifically, the theory behind this is that fermented vegetables like cabbages have high antioxidant activity, and can inhibit an entry point for coronavirus into the cells called the ACE-2 pathway. ACE-2 is a protein on the membranes of cells that some coronaviruses, including the one responsible for this outbreak, can enter the cell through.

Could eating more kimchi and other fermented cabbage products help prevent you from getting COVID-19? It’s possible, but this study was done to establish some possible hypotheses on how diets could affect the spread of the pandemic. That means that while the possibility is there, now is the time for massive epidemiological research to prove that it’s actually the case.

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LA’s K-Town Famous ‘Quarters’ Comes To OC With A BULGOGI BURGER

Going to Korean BBQ is an event. It’s treating yourself to a hefty portion of delicious, prime meat. It’s getting together a group of friends and chatting about everything going on in your lives while your favorite cuts sizzle away on the grill. It’s having no intention to rush. It’s fasting all day so that you can eat to your heart’s content once the bulgogi starts flowing. It’s leaving with a belly fuller than a perm in the 80’s. Sometimes, though, it’s not about all that.

Sometimes, you just want the food.

This was exactly the case for Foodbeast’s very own Elie Ayrouth and Mark Kharrat, along with Christina Kim (@vivalastina), in the newest episode of Going In. And boy, did they get the food.

One of LA’s quintessential KBBQ restaurants, Quarters BBQ, is bringing their high-grade meat to a more casual setting. This has translated to the debut of a new iteration of their restaurant in the form of Quarters Kitchen, in Orange County, CA. Here, they’re serving up their famous marinated meats in ways more attuned to your local spot that explodes with people at lunchtime.

There’s the fresh handmade Kimchi, Spicy Pork Belly Bowl, Nutty Green Tofu Salad, and the Kimchi Fried Rice, and the Grilled Pork Belly Bowl, and the Japchae, and — okay, I’m running out of breath. There’s a plethora of mouthwatering food, needless to say. And our favorite Foodbeasts tried them all. And when I say ‘all’, I mean they ordered every single item on the menu — in true Going In style. Check out the dishes they picked out as their favorites after sampling the menu.

Bulgogi Burger (Elie)

Often times, the best part about KBBQ, surprisingly, isn’t the meat. It’s the bowl of cheese that sits next to your meats on the grill, melting down until it turns into a luscious fondue. Thankfully, Quarters hasn’t abandoned that cherished feature here. This Korean-American BBQ hybrid is stacked with soy-marinated ribeye steak, lettuce, mushroom, cheese, and Quarter’s house signature sauce, all of which sits in between two brioche buns.

Bulgogi Kimchi Tater Tots (Christina)

Almost anything goes well with crispy, golden tots — even nothing, really. But when they’re covered in bulgogi, kimchi, and (as Christina stresses in the video) cheese? Forget about it. We’re taking it all.

Mandu (Marc)

These dumplings are filled with a mixture of beef, pork, bean sprouts, zucchini, dried tofu, onions, and chives. If you’re curious to see how these are made, make sure to check out the episode, as our hosts were lucky enough to make their way into the kitchen and receive a lesson in mandu making.

The trio finished off their meal with Quarter’s soft serve ice cream, which comes towering in a cup with a couple churros sitting atop. I’m not sure how there was any stomach space left there, but I guess our hosts were truly… going in.

You can view everything mentioned in this article in the newest episode of Going In. If watching isn’t enough, you can try for yourself at Quarter’s Kitchen at the Yorba Linda Town Center in Yorba Linda, CA.

Created in partnership with Quarter’s Kitchen. Feature image by AYCE Creative.

Packaged Food What's New

New Kimchi Salsas Combine Everything We Love About Both

Jongga is recognized as a top name in the kimchi world both in Korea and globally. The company behind the brand, Daesang, is launching a new business here in the United States that features spins on the Korean staple, including a trio of jarred kimchi salsas.

Photo courtesy of Daesang

Each of the salsas feature a kimchi base, but then includes other key ingredients you would find in salsa, like tomato, garlic, and jalapenos. Sold under the O’Food brand, gochujang, tomato & garlic, and green pepper & onion varieties are now available as well.

The kimchi salsas can draw on the popularity of fusion food in the United States to become more popular, especially with the trend’s birth in Korean-Mexican tacos (shoutout to the man Roy Choi). With fermented foods also on the rise as gut health gets more public attention, this fermented salsa should also be a hit because of that, too.

You can find Daesang’s new kimchi salsas being sold at Kroger stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon. They’ll be spreading to other supermarkets around the country in the near future.

Cravings Restaurants

This Pizzeria Slices Up Pizzas Topped With Entire Kimchi Dumplings

We’re still stuffed from last month’s NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles event, but that doesn’t mean we can’t anticipate our next cheat day.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store, who created kimchi pizza dumplings exclusively for the Noods festival, has decided to take the next logical step and cement the dumplings on a pizza, for a new permanent menu item.

In a collaboration with Oak and Coal, the two restaurants have created a Kimchi Dumpling Pizza that is topped with chicken, pork belly, kale ramen noodles, and whole dumplings. The dumplings themselves are also stuffed with a mix of chicken and pork belly, along with garlic, ginger, and chives. Everything is then covered in a spicy gochujang sauce.

The new kimchi dumpling pizza is exactly what it sounds like and we wouldn’t wanna anything less than that.

Foodbeast family member Annie Le had this to say:

I wasn’t sure what a kimchi dumpling pizza would taste like, but it was the perfect amount of cheesy, spicy, and crunchy!

You can order this massive pie at Sgt. Pepperoni’s — located in Newport Beach, CA. Be sure to bring a friend or two. We sure did.

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5 Instagram-Worthy Foods In Westside Costa Mesa

Tucked just above the beautiful shores of Newport and Huntington Beach is one of Orange County’s oldest and most historic cities — Costa Mesa.

Costa Mesa also happens to be the local Chomping Ground of our friend and popular Instagram foodie, @Dradevsfood.

Join us as we take a ride with Drade to see how he spends his time cruising through local eats within Costa Mesa’s vibrant and ever-expanding food scene.

First stop, Wild Goose Tavern, which is known for a robust list of signature cocktails, gourmet burgers and a super laid back vibe. Drade highly recommends the caprese burger, a juicy burger stacked with a thick slice of fried mozzarella, cilantro chimichurri, and garlic aioli.     

Don’t forget a Wild Goose Sour to go along with your burger, though. This fresh take on the classic whiskey sour – made with Basil Hayden’s, angostura bitters, egg white, and lemon – is not to be missed.

Donuts, anyone? If you’re in Costa Mesa, Sidecar Doughnuts is a must-see for any level of donut lover. Sidecar has been supplying the Orange County scene with delicious, colorful and seasonal donuts for years.

If there’s a must-have at Sidecar, it has to be the Eggs Benedict Donut — made with a poached egg, Benton’s ham, and infused with a homemade basil hollandaise.   

Now it’s time for a steak dinner at Boathouse Collective. One of the most popular plates is the off-the-menu – but always available – 20 oz. ribeye served with yakimo, a.k.a. Japanese sweet potato, and miso butter.

This perfectly cooked, juicy steak is packed with flavor, and the miso butter provides the perfect depth to the dish.

One of the greatest things about Costa Mesa’s proximity to the ocean is the access to super fresh, super delicious seafood at all times. If you’re in the mood, there’s no better spot to check out than Catalina Fish Kitchen.

While there’s plenty to choose from, do yourself a favor and go with the LSB Burrito stuffed with Lobster, Shrimp and Bacon. This surf and turf burrito is smothered in a homemade gumbo sauce (per request) and is a surefire way to make all your Instagram followers jealous.  

For some lighter fare, Oak & Coal is your go-to spot for some Kimchi Dumplings. These perfectly handcrafted dumplings are stuffed with chicken and pork and will become an instant favorite.

Thanks for showing us around, Drade! Make sure to visit to learn more about the foodie scene in Costa Mesa.

And don’t forget to tag all your pics with #eatcation!

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10 Bizarre Foods That Pair Well With Cheese

I know I’m not alone when I say this: I am obsessed with cheese. If I had the choice, I’d probably eat cheese all day and melt cheese on all other non-cheese items. Everyone has different things they like to eat with this favorite dairy product, and tbh, some of those relationships are a little… weird.

Forget your typical grilled cheese or cream cheese on a bagel, here are 10 bizarre things people like to pair with cheese.

Pickles and Cheese

This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but pickles and cheese are all the rage. Whether you’re dunking them in beer cheese dip, fondue, or straight up wrapping them in a slice or two, the sourness of the pickle and the creaminess of the cheese complement each other perfectly.

If you really want to do this flavor combination right, try making these mozzarella-stuffed fried pickles by Richard in the Kitchen, and don’t say we never did you any favors.

Hot Cheetos and Cream Cheese

👍🏻😛🔥 #hotcheetosandcreamcheese #yummy #sogood #flaminhotlimoncheetos #creamcheese

A post shared by 🌺Stephanie🌺 (@stephanie_lynn_85) on

You might have heard of people drinking milk with their Hot Cheetos. Well, this weird pairing kind of takes that notion to the next level. Maybe to help ease the burn of this spicy snack, some have taken to dunking their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in cream cheese.

Crazier yet, people are literally making cream cheese and Cheetos sandwiches, mainly with bagels as their bread of choice.

Salsa and Cottage Cheese

How is this nasty!? Thank you @jornelas_420 for trying! #cottagecheeseandsalsa

A post shared by M A R T Y J. 👸👑👄 (@prncssmjvalen) on

The logic behind this pairing seems to be if two things separately are great dips, then together they should make one super dip. You love dunking your chips in salsa, and fresh fruit is great with a scoop of cottage cheese, but together?! Together they make a combo that the general interweb is furious about.

Caramel and Bleu Cheese

You read that right. Apparently, spooning caramel onto bleu cheese makes for an out-of-this-world flavor combination. This is a little known fact that cheese experts swear by for a cheese-centric dessert. Truthfully, we’re having a hard time picturing what exactly this would taste like. Confusion, maybe?

Kimchi and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Judge if you want, but this actually sounds amazing. We know it sounds weird when you first think about it, but kimchi and cheese get along better than you’d think. Cheese brightens up the intense kick that kimchi presents, and if you don’t believe us, we dare you to make your own. Or, better yet, go out and order one now.

Peanut Butter and Cottage Cheese

I may be a big proponent of cheese, but peanut butter is definitely my #2. So I’m trying to not be too salty about this one. In some alternate universe, people actually enjoy eating scoops of PB with cottage cheese. Now, I’m all for eating peanut butter straight from the jar (I did that like five minutes ago) but why do we have to add cheese to the equation?

As it turns out, this combo is a high protein snack that bodybuilders will “indulge” in for a late night snack or for breakfast. I don’t know your life, guys. Not here to judge.

Banana and Cheese

Afternoon treats 🌞🌞 #homecook #fromamyskitchen #bananaandcheese

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This is an old school snack dating back to the ’70s and we kind of see why it went out of vogue. Basically, you wrap a piece of single-serving cheese around a banana and immediately eat it. No tea, no shade — that sounds downright disgusting. But if Mr. Rogers was a fan, how bad could it have honestly been?

Hot Chocolate and Cheese

Also known as Colombian hot chocolate, this cup of cocoa has a little surprise inside. Spoiler alert: it’s cheese. After making this frothy drink on the stove, Colombians will usually add some kind of white cheese, like queso compasigna, queso blanco, panela, halloumi, or mozzarella. You can use a spoon for dunking or you can put the cheese in the bottom of your mug and pour the cocoa on top. We’re definitely intrigued.

Coffee and Cream Cheese

Putting cheese in coffee is very much a thing around the world. In places like Korea, Switzerland, and Panama (where queso blanco is the general coffee cheese of choice) putting cheese in your coffee is a pretty standard thing. Fans of the pairing have said that when cheese is mixed with espresso, it supposedly tastes something like tiramisu. That might be one mystery we could do without solving ourselves. We’ll take your word for it.

Cereal and Cheese

Ask and you shall receive #cheeseoncereal

A post shared by M Y A H ⚡️M C N E I L L (@myahmcneill) on

Potentially the most jarring pairing on this list: cereal and cheese. We’d like to believe this is something only broke college students do when they run out of ramen, but it’s a thing that actually happens. Photos of people putting shredded cheese on more bland cereals, like Cheerios, have surfaced on the internet recently, and a lot of people have been coming to their aid against haters, claiming this combination is actually delicious.

Culture Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Irish Folks Try Korean Food For The First Time

The folks over at Facts have gotten pretty adventurous over the last few months, slowly expanding their culinary horizons with each new video. In their latest taste test, the Irish group tries some Korean foods for the first time.

Traditional dishes include Kimchi (pickled cabbage), Haejangguk (hangover beef broth stew), Nakji Bokkeum (spicy stir-fried octopus), Mul-naengmyeon (noodles in an icy soup), and Yumilgwa (a rice confectionary).

As you can see in the video, they’re more receptive to some dishes than others.

Damn, watching them try these foods really makes us crave some good Korean food. Preferably a meal that that won’t burn the roof off our mouths.

Fast Food

This Is How Taco Bell Looks Around The World

Have you ever wondered what some Taco Bell menu items would look like from other countries? While 80 percent of the core Taco Bell menu can be found at International locations, about 20 percent of the items draw inspiration from the region they’re located in.

For example, Taco Bell Korea features a chicken quesadilla filled with locally made kimchi.

In a recent trip to Taco Bell HQ, we got to see what some of the popular international items at the fast food location is. Here’s an up-close look at 8 of them.

Still waiting for that pho-ritto, though.

Kimchi Quesadilla (Korea)


Loaded Fries (Japan and United Kingdom)


Tikka Masala Burrito (India)


Chocomarsh Wrap (Spain)


Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider (Canada)


Gordita with fries and Tzatziki Sauce (Cyprus)


Fiesta Fries Burrito (Chile)


Shrimp and Avocado Burrito (Japan)