End Your Rotten Luck: ‘Food Huggers’ Keep Leftover Fruits & Veggies Fresh


Spoiled veggies got you down? Well that rotten luck is a thing of a past with Food Huggers.

Besides having a cute name, this kickstarter funded product does just that and literally hugs your chopped produce, forming a tight seal to prevent your favorite veg from rotting. They also double as the perfect can covers and help keep your veggie odors from spreading in your fridge, because onion milk isn’t cool kids.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 8.51.27 PM

These nifty little dodads come in a variety of shapes so you can safely keep kiwis to onions to grapefruits. Already surpassing their original $26,000 goal with nearly $100,000 raised, creators Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicolas will also be creating Avocado Huggers as part of their stretch goal. These specialized Food Huggers help keep your avocados protected from the air so they won’t turn that nasty brown color.

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For a more in-depth look at Food Huggers check out their video here.

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‘Kitchen Safe’ is the Cruelest, Smartest Cookie Jar Ever

Kitchen Safe

Ever find yourself in a binge battle between you and deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough or Watermelon Oreos? You’re not alone, hungry folk. Sometimes we’ve gotta put the kibosh on our cravings, which is why David Krippendorf created the Kitchen Safe.

This cruel-meets-genius container features a lid that seals shut when the timer on top is set. So let’s say you put in a whole load of cookies and set the countdown to an hour. That means it’ll be 60 grueling minutes until you can stuff your face again. NO COOKIE FO’ YOU.

The Kitchen Safe is hoping to be funded via Kickstarter, so head on over and donate a few bucks. Lawd knows we’ve all got our binging weaknesses.

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The DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener Is Kind of Like a Drinking Game for Messy People

It’s late. You’re drunk. You’re vaguely aware you should probably stop drinking now, but for some reason, you’re stuck in YOLO-Land while your inner adult secretly cries over the mess he’ll have to pick up in the morning.

No more.

The DropCatch is a magnetic, wall-mounted bottle opener capable of holding between 15 and 52 tiny metal grown-up Legos – you’ll know what I mean when you step on them – with ease.

Each DropCatch is handmade out of walnut, steel and high-grade rare earth magnets and comes in either a “Junior” ($50) or “Senior” ($70) size. Best of all, the Dropcatch Kickstarter only started yesterday and has raised almost $8,000 of its $10,000 goal, which means there’s almost no way you won’t be using one of these bad boys to outdrink your uncles at Christmas.


Dropcatch Magnetic Bottle Opener: $50 – $70 @ Kickstarter

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Frying Pan Weapons – Who Knew, Right?

Answer: Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and even Amy Pond at one point.

But in case you’re still not convinced about the effectiveness of frying pans as makeshift weaponry, please allow these Fighting Man Frying Pans to prove you wrong.

By switching out the traditional panhandle for a sword hilt, you can finally take your boring old dragon’s egg omelets from “eh” to epic. Best of all, all titling to the contrary, these crazy new hilts are so simple, even a woman could use them. Éowyns of the world, rejoice.

Combat Kitchenware, handles and custom pans: $30-500 @ Kickstarter

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