Revolutionary Bottle Holds Hot Coffee And Cold Water At The Same Time

Like Ant-Man and The Wasp or Ja Rule and Ashanti, there are some duos that are just destined to work in perfect harmony. While coffee and water used to need their own respective carrying vessels, they are finally getting a joint venture through a Kickstarter campaign called H2Joe .

The H2Joe bottles let you carry around 12 ounces of water AND 12 ounces of coffee at the same time.

The unique flask works by keeping the two liquids in different compartments and two separate spouts, all on the same lid. That means the coffee is being stored at the bottom of the traveler, flowing through its own path, and coming out of its own corresponding spout. Same with the water.

“One of our main goals with H2Joe was to help combat chronic dehydration… without having to sacrifice coffee,” co-founder John Anthony said. “When we designed H2Joe, we wanted it to be easy to transport in one hand and have a natural feel.”

The leak-proof compartments are described as a, “double-walled coffee chamber,” and a “triple-walled water chamber,” which means your coffee won’t get cold for at least six hours, and your water won’t get warm for at least eight hours.

This is extremely convenient for busy folks who usually carry around two bottles. You know who you are.

The bottle’s starting Kickstarter pledge price for the first 24 hours is $34, which will go up to $49 thereafter. The campaign funding goal of $20,000, set to end March 13.

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This Water Bottle Lets You Purify Any Water In SECONDS

Proper hydration is essential. There’s no working around that. The human body needs plenty of water to keep it fully functional and healthy. So what happens when you’re in an environment where safe drinking water is harder to come by?

Grayl, a water bottle purification company, has developed a new tool to help make drinking water safe wherever you go.

Photo Courtesy of Grayl

Said to be the world’s fastest portable purifier, the GeoPress Purifier is capable of removing all waterborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts. It is also capable of filtering sediments, chemicals, heavy metals, and micro plastics from the water source.

All you have to do is fill the device with dirty water from streams, spigots, or sketchy sinks, press the bottle down on any low surface and the bottle will purify the water in about eight seconds.

Photo Courtesy of Grayl

Beginning as a Kickstarter campaign, the GeoPress has already reached more than $214,000 of their $30,000 goal at the time of publication. Now that the project is fully-funded, expect to find the GeoPress on the Grayl page in the near future.

A near instantaneous portable water filtration device is a game-changer. Maybe grabbing one will give me an excuse to get out more.

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‘Keurig For Plants’ Runs Your Countertop Garden, No Skill Required

The future of indoor farming may already be here, in the form of a growing system that uses a Keurig-like system to grow your produce for you.

Photo courtesy of aspara

Created by aspara, this hydroponic Smart Indoor Garden will take whatever seed pod you place into the different slots and take it through the entire growth process. It uses sensors to sense levels of water, oxygen, and nutrients in plants, and knows how to regulate them to keep the plant going until it’s ready to be harvested. LED lights help to enhance and accelerate the growing process, yielding a 50% faster timeline.

The hydroponic system has a cyclic process of water and nutrients coursing through it to ensure all of the plants get the nutrients they need. As a result, you barely have to lift a finger during the growing time, as the indoor garden will take care of it for you. It’ll alert you via a smartphone app if something does need to be changed or replaced.

Photo courtesy of aspara

The Keurig pod-like capsules are designed to plug directly into the system, and guarantee a 100% germination rate, meaning the seeds will sprout to grow into produce. aspara has produced over 15 types of pods so far, with several types of lettuce, tomato, arugula, and herbs available to place into the system.

Photo courtesy of aspara

What’s most intriguing about aspara’s technology is how it could potentially revolutionize indoor farming. By making it ultra-convenient and self-regulating, it increases the opportunity for people to grow their own vegetables, which helps cut down on food waste from grocery shopping and promotes healthier lifestyles. In addition, the system uses 10% of the water typical farming methods consume, meaning it’s more sustainable and helps prevent overconsumption of natural resources.

It’ll be interesting to see just how popular this new indoor garden becomes, because if it does become ubiquitous enough, it could become a piece of technology that’s instrumental in saving the planet.

aspara’s indoor garden is currently a project on Kickstarter. It’s been fully funded, but you can still fund the campaign in specific amounts to get your own set pre-ordered for when the system launches. A pledge of $349 gets you the indoor garden, 16 seed capsules, and access to the mobile app.

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7 Crowdfunded Food Campaigns You Need To Check Out ASAP

If you want to see what’s cutting-edge and new in the world of food, you need to take a look at crowdfunding sites. Places like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and the like are chock-full of food entrepreneurs pitching their latest ideas to the world. Whether it’s in the name of social justice or just a flat out intriguing invention, crowdfunded food projects are some of the most unique and tasty ones out there.

Currently, there’s several campaigns across these funding sites that carry amazing messages or creative ideas. All of these are still looking to reach their fundraising goals, so if you want to get in on the action, this is your chance to do so.

The Chemo Kitchen Cookbook

A Cookbook Whose Recipes Are Tailored To Those Undergoing Chemotherapy

During chemotherapy, a person’s taste can change or disappear. This cookbook is designed specifically for this, as the dishes have been engineered by chefs to account for various changes in taste. It’s a great book for caregivers, patients, and friends willing to help out, and helps bring taste back to an enjoyable level for those undergoing chemo.

A single cookbook requires a $35 contribution, but there are bundles available for a cheaper per-book price.

The Real Paella Valenciana

An Authentic Spanish Paella Recipe You Can Make In Under 20 Minutes

Teddy Rebollo, head of e-commerce platform The Iberico Club, is leading this project. He’s teamed up with an esteemed paella chef from Spain to bring authentic Paella Valenciana flavors to the world.

Rebollo’s team will cook all of the ingredients except for the rice ahead of time. It all is then shipped, including the rice. You have to supply your own paella pan (although several of the options on the Kickstarter include one), and pour all of the contents and the rice in and cook for 18 minutes: less than HALF of the typical cooking time for a paella.

This project is on the expensive side, with a $50 minimum donation required to guarantee your taste of Paella Valenciana early. If you’re a huge connoisseur of the iconic Spanish dish, though, it may very well be worth it.

The Handy Pan

A Pan With A Draining Side That Makes Removing Grease WAY Easier

A frying pan/strainer hybrid sounds bizarre, but solves an oft-overlooked issue. Press the button on the handle to pull up the strainer and remove any cooking grease, liquid, etc. that you want out of your food while cooking. It keeps all of the other food inside the pan, too, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of that.

Early birds on this campaign can get the pan for $35, but it’ll cost about $42 in a “Kickstarter special” for anyone else who contributes and wants it.

Cricket Baking Flavors

Lineup of Nutritionally Beneficial Flour Mixes That Include Cricket Flour

Yup, the future of food is gonna involve some bugs, and this flour is helping us acclimate to the change. There’s gluten-free, keto-friendly, and other mixes that match your dietary lifestyle. Cricket flour is high in protein, vitamin B12, magnesium, and other key nutrients, making these flours both functional and fortified with the good stuff.

Pledging $12 to the campaign gets you a 12-ounce package of your flour of choice. Bigger contributions also include a cookbook for those looking for recipes.

The Edible Games Cookbook

A Cookbook Where The Recipes Are All Also Game Ideas

This project combines food and fun together, as it makes a bunch of recipes that also serve as the canvases and core parts of games. Variations include “Veggie Land,” aka Candyland on a pizza, or a modified version of chess that’s played with decorated cookies.

Pledging $25 gets you a digital version of the cookbook. A hardcover version costs over twice that, at $60, and contains a dozen different games.

Tchad: Cooking For Conservation

African Cookbook/Travelogue That Gives Money To Animal Conservation Funds

Part cookbook, part travelogue, this book contains native African recipes while detailing the expansive beauty of the Tchad region’s Zakouma National Park. It’s part of a social entrepreneurship campaign that gives $100,000 to an African conservation society, plus 25% of the profits of the book after that target is reached.

If you just want recipes, you can get a set of five for $10. The actual book requires a $38 contribution to the campaign, but there’s plenty of perks at a lower cost as well.

For True Foodies Only

A Self-Paced Culinary Course App That’s Like ‘Culinary School Without The Degree’

Described as “culinary school for those who don’t want the degree,” the caliber of chefs teaching the courses on this mobile platform is top-notch. Instructors from Le Cordon Bleu are just a part of the 300-chef network bringing these recipes to life.

A $20 donation gets you a course of your choice from the two debut classes: French Pastry or French Cuisine.


Instagrammer Launches Kickstarter For ‘Mexican Fruteria’ With Culturally Tone Deaf Video

When it comes to food and culture, people take things very seriously. Lately, several culinary controversies have been fueled by aspects of cultural appropriation. From Kylie Jenner cooking soul food for Tyga, to an Oregon-based burrito shop closing down after people accused the owners of stealing a tortilla recipe. Let’s not forget about the two bros who tried to add “bodegas” to our lives a few weeks ago.

Now, thanks to a racially tone-deaf and culturally insensitive Kickstarter campaign, Jenny Niezgoda, a wellness and travel blogger known as @TheBarefootBohemian on Instagram, has canceled funding for her project less than three days after the initial launch.

Shortly after the project launched, the video became a focal point of ridicule on Facebook, gaining unwanted attention for passively promoting gentrification, while “whitesplaining” the concept of a “Mexican Fruiteria.” The video was removed from the crowdfunding site within 48-hours.

However, FOODBEAST was able to find a downloadable link to the video that was still available on The Crowd Funding Center’s website.

“I always dreamed of opening my own cafe, to create something from the ground up – that I could truly call mine. And now, that will be a reality.” — Jenny Niezgoda, Kickstarter

La Gracia is slated to open in San Diego’s Barrio Logan, a region plagued by aging infrastructure and a large homeless population. However, Niezgoda claims it has become, “the most vibrant and up-and-coming neighborhood of San Diego.”

Niezgoda planned for La Gracia Fruteria t0 become a, “plant-based cafe that nourishes community, conversation, respect, positive thinking and togetherness,” according to the Kickstarter campaign page.

As innocently as Niezgoda tried to present her concept, the project remained largely ignorant of the fact that this could be accomplished anywhere in America — without the misappropriation of Mexican culture.

Nothing about this project, other than the name — and the theme created by Niezgoda — felt rooted in Mexican tradition.

Adding to that, Niezgoda claims she gained inspiration for this entrepreneurial venture by traveling to “Mainland Mexico,” after leaving the security of a full-time job in the hospitality industry.

Despite removing the video, La Gracia Fruteria’s Kickstarter campaign was still accepting pledge donations for a day, or so — with a pledge goal of $35,000. However, as of Friday Oct. 27, the funding had been canceled — with a total of $812 from 14 backers.

While the video itself established a sense of entitlement, the Kickstarter page was also plagued with culturally misrepresented words and Spanish 1 level phrases that were included within the pledge incentives.

For example, by donating at least $175, La Gracia Fruteria supporters become “Especial,” which includes two La Gracia Fruteria T-shirts, a smoothie, and a sticker.

For $500, supporters are considered “Tu Eres un Big Deal.”

“La Gracia will work with you to create a special menu item named after you! Menu item will be up of one month [sic] and you will get 10 bowls of it for free + one La Gracia signature pineapple sticker + invite to our pre-grand opening fiesta,” according to Kickstarter.

This campaign seemed like the quickest way to commit entrepreneurial suicide, and essentially, since funding has been canceled, it was. I find her disregard for racial sensitivity offensive. As someone raised in a Mexican-Italian culture, but is identified as “white,” it’s sad to see a cultural disconnect so drastic, someone actually tries to profit off it.

Regardless of her inspiration, her concept is equivalent to a smoothie bar that could exist anywhere in America. Why does this project belong on Kickstarter to begin with?

Race aside, this is lazy entrepreneurialism that shouldn’t be condoned — nor supported.


This Cookware Kickstarter Shattered Their Goal In Less Than 24 Hours

A couple years ago, a small company launched a knife on Kickstarter that did gangbusters on the crowdfunding site. At the end of their initial campaign, they raised more than $1 million in funding.

Now, Misen is launching an entire cookware set, made to the standards of their vastly popular knife. This premium cookware, however, actually costs less than typical retailers. If you’re a broke college cook thirsty to get that culinary practice in, pull up a chair.

The new set includes a saucier, a skillet, a saute pan, and a stockpot. There are three sets, available depending on how much you back the Starter Set, the Essentials Set, and the Complete Set.

At time of publication, with 35 days left, Misen has already raised more than $450,000, effectively shattering their initial goal of $40,000. Wonder how much they’ll rake in at the end of this campaign?

If you’re looking for a new set of kitchen tools and you’d like to back Misen Cookware, be sure to check out their Kickstarter.


Bros Combine Beer Pong And Golf For A New Way To Get Wasted

Combining the ball-in-cup base of beer pong, with the hand-eye coordination required for mini golf, this Kickstarter campaign for Beer Pong Golf is a frat bro’s wet dream.

People have taken numerous stabs at revolutionizing beer pong, from the tall task that Mountain Pong provided to the Futuristic Pong Bot, but this concept just might be more fun than either of those.

The plastic beer cups are placed on a corn hole-like board, still in its traditional 10-cup triangle formation. These plastic balls used are not heavy enough to break things, which allows you to play indoors. The provided mat to hit the balls off is made with “high quality” artificial turf, whatever that means.

With the Beer Pong Golf makers knowing their demographic, there are specific blank spaces where you can put your favorite sports team’s decal or logo and create rivalries.

The only drawback I can think of for this thing, is the “not easy at all,” claim. Sure challenges are fun, but when a bunch of people are getting together to get drunk, having to work hard for it isn’t exactly what they’re looking for.

Still, your beer pong form wasn’t built in a day, so a little practice would probably do you some good in this.

While you might be in the, “why change a game that’s already perfect,” camp, this looks like a pretty awesome deviation from your usual tailgate game, and people seem to be behind it. With Beer Pong Golf’s modest goal of $20,000, that number has been obliterated with over $100,000 in backing, still with 20 days to go as of this writing.

The $75 pledge is no longer available, so getting your hands on the the board itself will cost you $89, while a complete set that includes the special golf balls and chip mat will cost you a pledge of $159. Beer Pong Golf is estimated to go out for delivery in October 2017.

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This Portable Grill Fits In Your Backpack Like A Laptop

If you’re the type of person who often finds themselves in the wilderness, you’re going to be pretty stoked that you can carry a full-on grill on your shoulders, without pulling a muscle.

It’s called the Gizzo portable grill, and while it stands at almost two feet high, and grills up to eight burger patties at a time, it’s capable of folding up and fitting in your backpack like a laptop. On top of that, it only takes about 40 seconds to assemble.

Grilling while backpacking isn’t exactly something you thought possible, but this grill could change the game, giving you a new option for food prep while in the great outdoors.

The Gizzo is pretty lightweight, too, coming in at 8.16 lbs, which is about the same as carrying two large Coke bottles in your backpack.

Hell, if you live in a beach city, this is perfect to take out on the sand and grill up some hot dogs while you hit the sun.

The grill is currently on Kickstarter with a goal of $148,643 to be fully funded, and you have until July 25 to pledge and help get this revolutionary grill going.