KFC Female Employee Sink/Hot Tub

Back in August, we posted about a former Burger King employee who was fired after bathing in a Burger King restaurant sink, video taping it, and putting it on You Tube. Today, a new group of idiots are brought to our attention, in the form of three catastrophically unnattractive female employees who decided it would be a good idea to bathe in their kitchen sink at KFC. The group of girls made it easy for the company to confirm, considering shortly after the incident, they posted these pictures on their Myspace pages. OMFG c0mm3ntz my pix0rz! No. Fired. (Thx FFC)


Yum! Brands Adds Calorie Info to Menus

No more guesswork when you’re doing work on that Burrito Supreme.

Fast Food giant, Yum! Brands, has announced that it will be voluntarily posting calorie info on all of its menu boards starting this year. The company owns A&W All American Food, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. They estimate that the complete transition will be completely by January 2011.

The move is a new one for the fast food industry, as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC will be the first national restaurant chains to post calorie info alongside their menus. In conjuction with this move, Yum! Brands will also stop advertising on television programs aimed at children under 12 and plans launch online exercise programs to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle for their customers.