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KFC’s Wild New Chicken & Donuts Are Now Available Nationwide

This past fall KFC teased a wild new dish that was gloriously unashamed of its own decadence: a chicken & donuts sandwich. Tested only at select locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania at the time, the truly American combo gained enough positive feedback to finally be considered for national release. So come February 24, for a limited time only, KFC will be offering this new chicken & donuts combo at all participating locations.

For those curious about the deets, it’s literally all in the name: Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts. Sure it sounds like the most simple sandwich ever, but simple don’t mean stupid in this case. Did Dan Flavin achieve notoriety through complex and busy art? Surely not. A hot, freshly glazed donut sandwiching some juicy fried chicken sounds like a winner in any scenario.

So come this Monday the 24th, you can step out and get you some KFC Fried Chicken & Donuts, a duo that guarantees as much instant gratification as Kobe and Shaq highlights.

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KFC Expands Vegan Fried Chicken To 70 Locations In The US

Last year Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that they partnered up with Beyond Meat to offer some plant-based alternatives to fried chicken. For one day, the vegan protein was sold at a KFC in Atlanta and the launch did gangbusters in numbers.

The restaurant sold out of the plant-based meat in less than five hours after opening its doors, with lines wrapped around the block with people waiting to get their vegan fix.

According to LiveKindly, KFC is bringing the Beyond Meat back to restaurants in 70 locations. This includes select cities such as Charlotte, Belmont, Salisbury, Lincolnton, Mint Hill, Davidson, and Nashville.

For anyone who missed the initial launch, KFC plans to expand this release even longer than the single day. The Beyond Chicken will be available from Feb. 2 through Feb. 23 while supplies last. During this time, you can order your vegan chicken with a dipping sauce or tossed in Honey BBQ, Buffalo, or Nashville Hot Sauce. They come in either 4-pieces, 12-pieces, or as combo options on the menu.

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KFC Rice Cooker Hack Is Some Next-Level Cookery

While we’re here in the states enjoy our Kentucky Fried Chicken with a fresh buttery biscuit and some dangerously sweet honey sauce, Japanese Foodbeasts on the other side of the world have discovered a game-changing method for fans of the fried chicken chain.

Nextshark reports that a new KFC trend has been sweeping Japan that anyone with a rice cooker must try ASAP.

Called “KFC Japanese Rice,” you take a rice cooker and fill it with rice, chicken stock, and a bit of soy sauce. Then, take two pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken and set it inside the cooker and turn it on.

After the rice is cooked, shred the chicken and mix it into the rice. The result seems to be a wildly flavorful rendition of rice paired with the 11 herbs and spices that make KFC insanely popular in Japan.

Definitely something to consider the next time we order a bucket of the Colonel’s chicken and want to meal prep for the rest of the week.

Wonder how this trick will fare with Popeyes chicken, though?

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KFC Indonesia Has A New Merch Collection With SANDALBOYZ

In recent years, the roads that have separated streetwear and the food industry have continued to converge. Restaurants with a hyped following have collaborated with popular streetwear brands to create limited edition collections for the truly dedicated fans who enjoy what they wear, as much as the food they eat. KFC Indonesia and Los Angeles-bred streetwear company, SANDALBOYZ are the most recent brands to come together for a capsule rooted in community.

Apparently, the popularity of The Colonel’s fried chicken is on a different scale in Asia, particularly Indonesia, which has grown to over 750 storefronts since its arrival in 1979. Despite being a young company based in Los Angeles, SANDALBOYZ holds some cultural heritage within Indonesia, while also having their manufacturing efforts within the country. Both brands want to continue and emphasize an expression of family and community, with the KFC signature bucket serving as its inspiration.

The result of this collaboration from the two brands is a full clothing capsule, featuring the signature SANDALBOYZ Court Slide, along with tees, hoodies, shorts, and socks.

To celebrate the collection’s launch, there will be a pop-up shop on December 14, 2019, where fans who purchase a “Pop Up Combo” at the 12 particiating KFC locations in Jakarta until December 12 will receive an entry wristband. This Indonesia exclusive capsule collection will only be available at the SANDALBOYZ x KFC pop-up at the KFC Kemang store in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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Korean Fried Chicken’s Answer To Nashville Hot Is Here


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If you were dropped into Los Angeles’ culinary scene with no prior knowledge, you would think that the concept of spicy chicken is something reserved solely for Nashville hot chicken spots. When it comes to spicy fried chicken, most restaurants have ridden the wave of this particular brand of hot bird. Enter Michin Dak, a local Korean fried chicken spot that’s doing hot chicken their own way.

The shop uses a special spice mix that largely remains top secret, though it’s a fact that some of the included spices have to be imported from Korea. This chicken comes in five different spice levels, the last of which is aptly named “Michin Spicy” and described on the menu simply as “Spicy AF.” 

And boy does it live up to its name. To give a frame of reference, the menu warns patrons that they won’t be offered a refund if they come to think the chicken is too spicy.

While there are a couple of methods to eat this fiery chicken, the Korean Fried Sando is the star of the show. The sandwich comes with a fried chicken thigh, house made Korean pickles, a Greek yogurt-based cabbage slaw, and thousand island dressing, all of which sit in between a fresh, split Brioche bun. It’s sure to give any chicken sandwich a run for its money. 

This unique take on hot chicken can be found at Michin Dak’s sole location on 6th St., in Los Angeles, CA. Check it out and find out exactly what a “Spicy AF” sandwich entails.

Created in partnership with 6th Avenue Restaurant Group. 

Fast Food

KFC Brings Heat To Their Chicken & Waffles, Nashville Style

When KFC unveiled their version of Chicken & Waffles, fans went crazy, as it only made sense for the fast food restaurant.

Now you can rejoice again, as KFC is releasing a Nashville Hot version, giving a spicy twist on their popular menu item.

The spicy Nashville sauce-covered chicken patties will be sandwiched between two Belgian Liege waffles, with a side of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup to pour over the entree.

This isn’t KFC’s first foray into Nashville Hot Chicken, first introducing the limited time bone-in offering in 2016. After some time away, KFC will actually bringing back the Nashville chicken to enjoy in either a breast, two-piece, or three-piece tender combo.

Now the mouth tingling chicken will have a little sweetness to accompany it.

The Nashville Hot offerings will be available starting November 18 at participating locations for a limited time, so make sure to get your hands on some before they’re gone.


KFC Now Offers Fully Sauced Chicken Wings

KFC made some noise earlier this summer when it announced it would introduce plant-based wings with Beyond Meat, but now their actual chicken wings are making a bit of noise, albeit not quite as loudly.

KFC is introducing a new set of fully sauced, bone-in wings to its menu, which should make sports fans happy.

While they’ve had variations of wings in the past, including a spicy dry rub and even Honey BBQ, those come and go as limited time offers.

This is their first stab at a true saucy wing lineup, and the three flavors they are debuting are Honey BBQ, Buffalo, and Nashville Hot.

KFC has been pretty active of late, making waves with the above mentioned plant-based wings, but also debuting a Cheeto’s-crusted chicken sandwich, chicken tacos, fries (No, they’ve never had fries before. Trust us) and even a fried chicken and doughnut sandwich.

Their new wing announcement pales in comparison to the other items, but feels like a fundamental right coming from a the biggest chicken chain in the world.

Fast Food Sweets What's New

Fried Chicken And Donuts Is KFC’s Newest Sweet And Savory Collab

When you think of pairing fried chicken with something sweet, the usual form that comes in is chicken and waffles. Only a few outliers, like some food festival and county fair vendors, have transitioned over to utilizing donuts.

KFC is getting on this fair play with a classic combo now, unleashing an unexpected test of their signature fried chicken and sweet glazed donuts.

Photo courtesy of KFC

The star of this new test launch is the Chicken & Donuts sandwich, which puts a fried chicken breast in between two glazed donuts. You can get this mashup for $5.99 on its own or as part of a combo for $7.99.

Photo courtesy of KFC

For those that prefer to keep things somewhat separate, you can also order a platter of fried chicken (bone-in or tenders) and donuts. A tray containing chicken and one donut costs $5.49, while a bigger meal option with two donuts is $7.49.

KFC is currently testing these for a limited time in just 41 locations, all in the Virginia and Pennsylvania area. The addresses of all of those locations can be found below:



If this test goes well, like KFC’s Chicken and Waffles in the past, there’s a good chance we’ll see these going nationwide soon.