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KFC Adds Sandwich That Has Hash Brown ‘Gravy Boat’ In The UK

Photos courtesy of KFC UK

Gravy is the most comforting part of any holiday meal. It’s rich and savory, making it the exclamation point to any feast that keeps a warm boat of it on the side.

In the UK, where roast dinners are king year round, even outside of the holidays, KFC is latching onto that vibe with a new fried chicken “burger” that cranks the gravy meter to the max.

The new Gravy Box burger meal (the UK tends to call cooked, flat meats served in a roll burgers) features a fried chicken filet, melted cheese, and gravynnaise: a blend of gravy and mayo that looks as unctuous as it sounds.

Atop all of that lies this sandwich’s piéce de resistance: a hash brown “boat” (basically an indented hash brown to contain space) that’s filled to the brim with gravy.

The sandwich promises to be a gravy-soaked feast that’ll leave you in pure bliss, as well as a need for extra napkins.

KFC UK’s offering is being sold for a limited time over the holiday season. It comes in a box with a mini chicken filet, a pot of gravynnaise, a side dish, and a drink for £6.99.

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KFC UK Now Dealing With Gravy Shortage After Fixing Their Chicken Shortage Problem

What the fuck is going on with KFC UK lately? First, they run out of chicken and hundreds of stores have to close. Just as that mess gets sorted out, they’re hit with a gravy shortage.

As the Colonel’s UK locations reopened following the poultry crisis, BBC reports that the KFC gravy shortage has forced many spots to serve limited menu as they recoup the sauce loss.

This is all happening as KFC has recently moved to a new supplier for the UK that’s been unable to keep up with the demand necessary to operate 900 stores at once. While those issues appeared to have been resolved in regards to the chicken, the gravy crisis shows that there’s still a few kinks to work out.

When Twitter learned of the shortage, users were less than pleased, to say the least.

KFC is working to get their latest issue resolved, though, and issued out a statement saying they’re working on bringing the gravy back ASAP. “We’re working as hard as we can to get this sorted out. We know that our gravy is a big favourite!” a spokesperson told the BBC.

Interestingly, this same statement was given to a user on Twitter by KFC UK’s Twitter account, but the tweet has apparently since been deleted and replaced with a GIF response.