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KFC Has a Double Down Hot Dog and It’s as Terrifying as It Sounds


Back in 2010, when Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the release of its Double Down sandwich, everyone was in a huff about how such a fattening concept could make it onto the menu. Fast forward a few years and a few satisfied customers, and the Double Down has become a consistent staple in the KFC brand.

Now it looks like KFC Philippines is taking the next step toward the evolution of the Double Down with the new Double Down Dog. The dog is made with a fried chicken breast patty that’s wrapped around a hot dog. Because replacing buns with fried meat is the whole point, right? The dog also has a choice of ketchup, mayo and cheese.

Business Insider reported that only 50 Double Down Dogs are available for purchase on Jan. 26 and 27 at participating locations. This means our readers currently in the Philippines might not even be able to get one after this sentence.

Better luck tomorrow.

A few individuals have already posted images of the hot dog on social media. It looks like a beast.


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KFC Philippines Debuts Burger With a Cheese-topped Bun

In what sounds like a humorous cultural faux pas, KFC locations in the Philippines have just launched what they call a ‘Cheese Top Burger.’ You’re reading correctly, this chicken patty burger has a bun topped with a slice of melted cheese — because…well, just because.

The burger — which should be classified more correctly as a sandwich — features an “Original Recipe” chicken patty, garlic parmesan dressing and the soon-to-be-infamous bun topped with a slice of melted cheese. Burger blog A Hamburger Today reminds the world that KFC in Malaysia already sells a cheese-topped bun breakfast sandwich called the Cheesy Egg Bun.

This may not be a sandwich with fried chicken as the buns, but we’re still baffled by the Cheese Top Burger’s existence. Almost as baffled as the actors in the commercial for it: