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KFC Japan Invents Low-Smell Fried Chicken To Keep Aroma From Bothering People

Around Christmastime, one of the go-to party meals in Japan happens to be none other than fried chicken. Of course, carrying a bucket full of the crispy stuff home can lead to some strong aromas wafting through the air. If you’re taking the subway or other public transportation, some may even find it bothersome. Fortunately, KFC’s got a “low-smell” fried chicken solution to keep that awkward scenario from happening.

According to Sora News 24, there’s a special KFC subway stand in downtown Tokyo that sells the low-smell fried chicken. Called “Fried Chicken Home Type,” the meal consists of two pieces sealed in a special container served at room temperature. KFC claims that they’ve developed a technique that locks in flavor and aroma, although that may just be the fact that the chicken isn’t piping hot upon serving. Since steam carries flavor through the air, a lack of that may contribute to that aroma repression.

Regardless, the Sora News team couldn’t detect any whiff of fried chicken unless their noses were pressed up against the container. When they took it home and heated it up in the microwave, they claimed it smelled and tasted just like normal KFC.

Those interested in this aroma-free fried chicken can grab two pieces for 500 yen (about $4.50 USD) while the special KFC subway station is open. It closes on December 31st, meaning you have until then to keep yourself from bothering fellow subway travelers on the train with eau de fried chicken.

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KFC Wants You To Look Extra Crispy With Their New Sunscreen That Smells Like Chicken

It’s well-known that KFC loves to stay ahead of the trends. A few months ago, the company introduced edible nail polish in Hong Kong, and shortly after, KFC India released a portable meal box that actually charges your phone, called Watt-A-Box.

While the previous items were released outside of the U.S., the brand’s latest promo item seems to target the American beach loving demographic.

From now on, KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen will be the first item on your beach day packing list. However, KFC wants you to know that while this product will give the user UV protection — SPF 30 — KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen is NOT edible, according to its website.

KFC debuted their new cosmetic product via Twitter on Aug. 22, but at the time of this report, KFC’s corresponding website ran a disclaimer explaining that supplies had ran out, but remains confident customers can, “still look at it.” In fact, KFC fine print revealed that supplies were very limited.

However, that didn’t discourage Twitter users from immediately jumping on the Extra Crispy bandwagon. Twitter user, Chris W., said he’ll be blasting the, “good stuff” all over his body, soon.

KFC Sunscreen OutWe are really looking forward to eating a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy, on the beach, while using the Watt-A-Box to charge our phone, tweeting with our KFC nail-polished fingers, about how delicious KFC’s Extra Crispy Sun Screen smells.

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KFC Drumstick iPhone Cover is as Ridiculous as it Sounds


If you weren’t able to nab an iPhone 6 this weekend and still have that janky iPhone 5s, you’re in luck, because you can upgrade it with this precious chicken drumstick case.

KFC Japan’s PR team must have gotten together and asked themselves, “How stupid would people look holding a giant chicken leg next to their face?” Then his mate probably responded with, “About as stupid as they do when they normally eat our chicken.”

With that said, KFC is hosting a contest where you can win this fowl case by following @KFC_jp on Twitter, hashtagging “#KFCカーナルズデー” (“KFC Colonel’s Day”), and linking to their promotional page.

You might have noticed the Colonel literally ROTFL in the pic above, that’s because even he thinks this thing is ridiculous. First We Feast translated the quote bubble and the Mr. Sanders caricature is saying, “Why is it so big!”

This isn’t the first time KFC Japan has provided us with majestic chicken gear as we can’t forget their chicken keyboard they graced us with a couple weeks ago.

The contest ends on September 24, so you have a couple days to try and win this sweet prize. Heck, you can even win this breathtaking chicken drumstick pillow for optimal rest when the Itis hits you.

H/T First We Feast, PicThx KFC Japan

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KFC to Open ‘Adult Kentucky Fried Chicken’ with Beer and Pasta Dinners


This week, word got out that a new “Adult Kentucky Fried Chicken” will open on March 17 at the Yomiuri Shimbun Building in Tokyo’s Otemachi. According to Kotaku, this grown-up version follows KFC’s continuing attempt to create more late night spots, such as Route 25 – a KFC bar that launched in 2012 (pictured above).

The adult-friendly joint, which Kotaku endearingly notes as “sexy,” will offer both domestic and international beer, plus a limited dinner menu with five different types of pasta. Orders will be made via touch screens at each table and yes, the classic fried chicken will still be on deck.

Peep photos of the upcoming restaurant:




Picthx IT Media


KFC x DBZ: Colonel Sanders Goes Super Saiyan to Promote New Dragonball Z Movie (Also for the Lulz)


In case the headline wasn’t clear enough, there’s a new Dragonball Z movie coming out in March called DBZ: Battle of the Gods. And to help celebrate (it is the first in 17 years to make it into theaters  after all), KFC Japan has decided to let the Colonel dress up as Goku—orange jumpsuit, giant moonboots, pitiful stub of a cut-off monkey tail (I’m guessing) and all.

Even better, each of the seven special location colonels will hold one of the seven magical dragon balls, which guests can either steal for wishes (natch) or buy as a water bottle topper, along with one of KFC’s limited edition value packs.

Granted, for our American readers, this is yet another incredible fast food promotion that’s only available in Japan, but if you steal those dragon balls like I suggested, I’m sure Shenron will be happy to take care of the travel costs.

H/T + PicThx Entabe

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KFC Japan’s Offering a Free All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Trip to Osaka? #YOLO

In case you just can’t get enough of the Colonel’s deep fried, finger-lickin’ good goodness stateside, why not tweet your way to a free fried chicken eating tour in Japan?

Oh, because the prize is only redeemable by non-KFC employees and people who actually live there? Well, I guess that makes sense.

But for all you YOLO-ing Mayan Doomsdayers, listen up. For the holidays, KFC Japan is running a twitter contest for a free, most-expenses-paid eating trip to Osaka. Just tweet “#KFC食べ放題ツアーin大阪”(KFC All-You-Can-Eat Tour in Osaka) as many times as you want, and on December 20, three lucky winners will be taken along with a guest to the KFC restaurant in Onobaru, Osaka.

Now, since the contest ends on the 20th (the 19th here), here’s what you should do. Renew your passport, move to Japan today, find a sponsor, become a citizen and spend the rest of your time learning Japanese and tweeting. Best of all, if you charge the trip and the world does end, you won’t ever have to pay it back.


via Rocket 24

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There’s Fast Food, and Then There’s KFC’s New Fried Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

In case you were looking for a new side to go along with that extra crispy bucket, KFC Japan’s new Ginger Salt Chicken Potato Chips help cut out the guesswork behind flavor harmonies. Why combine sweet coleslaw with savory chicken legs when you know for sure the best thing to go with chicken is even more chicken?

Available at Japanese convenience stores nationwide, this finger-lickin’ good combo is the result of the first-ever collaboration between KFC and chip company Calbee, best known for its popular shrimp-flavored snacks.

Best part is, if you’re really just fiending for foul, each bag comes with a coupon redeemable at KFC locations for some actual Ginger Salt Chicken. You know, to go with your chicken. Which go with your chips.

[Via Tokyo Walker]