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KFC’s Wild New Chicken & Donuts Are Now Available Nationwide

This past fall KFC teased a wild new dish that was gloriously unashamed of its own decadence: a chicken & donuts sandwich. Tested only at select locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania at the time, the truly American combo gained enough positive feedback to finally be considered for national release. So come February 24, for a limited time only, KFC will be offering this new chicken & donuts combo at all participating locations.

For those curious about the deets, it’s literally all in the name: Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts. Sure it sounds like the most simple sandwich ever, but simple don’t mean stupid in this case. Did Dan Flavin achieve notoriety through complex and busy art? Surely not. A hot, freshly glazed donut sandwiching some juicy fried chicken sounds like a winner in any scenario.

So come this Monday the 24th, you can step out and get you some KFC Fried Chicken & Donuts, a duo that guarantees as much instant gratification as Kobe and Shaq highlights.