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KFC Ditches Celebrity Colonel Sanders Gimmick, Brings Back The Original Colonel

Over the last couple years we’ve gotten used to seeing KFC’s famous Colonel Sanders portrayed by celebrities such as Norm MacDonald, Dolph Ziggler, and probably the best of the bunch, Darrell Hammond. These guys all put on the white suit, a powdery white wig, and did their best Southern old folk impression.

Now it looks like KFC is turning away from the celebrities, however, as they revealed the latest Colonel Sanders will be played by, well, Colonel Sanders.

“We’ve had some amazing celebrity Colonels over the past two years, and each of them has put their own twist on our original Colonel Harland Sanders,” George Felix, KFC U.S. director of advertising said. “But no one can play the Colonel like the Colonel can play the Colonel.”

KFC hasn’t run an ad with the original Sanders since the 1970s, so this is a super throwback for the new generation.

It makes sense that they go back to the O.G. Colonel, seeing as the 60th anniversary of the Original Recipe fried chicken is coming up, so of course, they’re probably going to hype up the original aspect as much as they can.

One of their new commercials for the Original Recipe shows footage from a classic 1970s ad featuring the true Colonel Sanders himself. Then, they superimposed Norm MacDonald, as he sneakily hid behind a tree, watching Sanders eat chicken with a bunch of kids.

Yeah, it screams creepy, but it somehow works.

A second commercial seems more telling of what’s to come, as there is no Norm MacDonald or any other of the celebrity hacks they’ve used over the years. It’s just Colonel Harland Sanders and a couple of goth kids eating fried chicken.

So it looks like KFC’s plans for the immediate future are to take old Colonel Sanders commercials and edit them in some 2017 flare, to join two different eras.

Sure, some of the celebrity Colonels did a great job (Again, like Hammond) but nothing beats the original.

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Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Back In Funny New KFC Commercial

KFC has revived a Game Of Thrones legend to create a fun and witty new commercial.

The fast food chain’s UK and Ireland branch launched the new ad to introduce a brand new box of fried chicken and rice called the KFC Ricebox. To introduce the meal, they recreated a well-known scene involving Hodor, one of the more beloved characters from the HBO saga.

There are some spoilers beyond this point, so if you’re not fully caught up with Game Of Thrones, you may want to scroll down a bit. For those of you who are waiting for the new season or don’t watch the show at all, the original scene which involves Hodor’s tragic sacrifice to save escaping characters Bran and Meera, is below.

In the Game Of Thrones scene, Bran is unconscious and in the middle of a vision that blends in what’s happening around him. As Hodor holds a door shut to stall attacking enemies, Meera is calling out to him to “hold the door” so that she can cart Bran off to safety. In Bran’s vision, those words are repeated continuously by a different character and eventually get slurred together into the word “Hodor.” The sacrificial hero eventually falls victim to the oncoming villains, giving Meera and Bran the time they need to flee successfully.

The KFC commercial recreates that word blurring with Hodor’s actual actor, Kristian Nairn, in a new role as a KFC employee. Caught in the middle of a lunch rush, he eventually blurs “chicken and fries” into “chicken and rice” in a style akin to that of Hodor’s death. It’s a bit of a stretch compared to the original scene, but it makes for a fun commercial and makes us all miss Hodor once more.