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KFC Using Face-Scan Technology That Lets You Pay For Food

KFC China is letting you keep your money and credit cards in your pocket, as you can now simply pay with your face.

The technology was introduced by Ant Financial in Hangzhou, and according to CNN Money, the customer puts in their order at a kiosk, which promptly scans their face, making sure it matches the photo ID in the system. The reason they have access to people’s photos is a little scary, but apparently China has a database filled with its citizens photo IDs.

There is one last step that’s not super efficient, as you’d still have to enter your phone number before the payment goes through, but it’s a minor detail.

The payment platform itself is a popular app called Alipay, which has already implemented the facial recognition technology, and has more than half a billion users worldwide. Ant Financial swears the technology is safe, and uses a 3D camera to make sure people don’t try to fool it by using someone else’s photo.

The face-scanning technology sounds like something out of Minority Report, and while that movie is a bit terrifying, you don’t really have to panic about a machine take over — yet.

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KFC Releases Its Own Smartphones To Celebrate 30th Anniversary In China

KFC could be out to prove itself the most tech savvy chicken joint in the world by going all-out for its 30th anniversary in China. It’s no secret KFC has been at the forefront of innovative items, like the phone charging Watt-A-Box meal deal or their edible finger nail polish — that actually tasted like chicken.

Now, KFC has announced that it is selling 5,000 units of a new, limited edition 30th Anniversary Colonel Sanders themed smartphone, that some are dubbing, “KFC’s iPhone Killer.

In celebration of KFC’s arrival to China back in 1987, the YumBrands! chicken giant has partnered with Huawei Mobile — a Chinese telecommunications company also founded in 1987 — to announce a smart phone already being sold online, at KFC “TMall” retailer for 1099 yuan, or $161.90 USD, according to the KFC Weibo page.

The Huawei X Kentucky Fried Chicken 30th Anniversary Phone is a, “limited edition line of Huawei [Enjoy] 7 Plus,” according to Fortune. The bright red device has a laser cut image of Colonel Sanders on the back along with the year “1987.” The phone features a 5.5-inch touchscreen, with 720 x 1290 pixels, along with Android 7 software.

The special anniversary device comes with a preinstalled version of the Kentucky Super App.  While it’s still a bit unclear what the Kentucky Super App is, the video, which was posted by Branding In Asia, shows users controlling the music inside KFC locations, which seems cool.

KFC is probably a long way from competing with Apple in terms of cellular devices, but there’s no question who makes the better chicken. However, this limited time release raises the bar on what should be expected from KFC, and other fast-casual eateries in the future.

Happy 30th KFC China, you’ve earned it.