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KFC Adds Sandwich That Has Hash Brown ‘Gravy Boat’ In The UK

Photos courtesy of KFC UK

Gravy is the most comforting part of any holiday meal. It’s rich and savory, making it the exclamation point to any feast that keeps a warm boat of it on the side.

In the UK, where roast dinners are king year round, even outside of the holidays, KFC is latching onto that vibe with a new fried chicken “burger” that cranks the gravy meter to the max.

The new Gravy Box burger meal (the UK tends to call cooked, flat meats served in a roll burgers) features a fried chicken filet, melted cheese, and gravynnaise: a blend of gravy and mayo that looks as unctuous as it sounds.

Atop all of that lies this sandwich’s piéce de resistance: a hash brown “boat” (basically an indented hash brown to contain space) that’s filled to the brim with gravy.

The sandwich promises to be a gravy-soaked feast that’ll leave you in pure bliss, as well as a need for extra napkins.

KFC UK’s offering is being sold for a limited time over the holiday season. It comes in a box with a mini chicken filet, a pot of gravynnaise, a side dish, and a drink for £6.99.

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KFC China Offers Novelty Thin-Sliced, 6-Layer Beef Burger

While most of us associate KFC with crispy, fried chicken, the chain offers several beef items overseas in China, the latest creation being the Layered Beef Burger. Described as a “six layers of thin-sliced tender beef, cheese, lettuce and mushrooms,” the new item bears a resemblance to a teriyaki burger’s patty.

Available for 16 yuan ($2.61 US), this item isn’t the only thing on the menu that’ll have you giving the side-eye. Other non-poultry menu items include the other white meat, aka pork, as well as rice dishes and meatballs. A name change might be in order, maybe Kentucky Fried Everything if that’s how they’re gonna play us. Of course, we’re just mad we’re stuck with to-go cups while the rest of the world gets delicious beef.

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Man Caught Smuggling ‘Beloved’ Turtle in a KFC Hamburger


Not wanting to part with his cold-blooded companion, a man in China attempted to smuggle his turtle through airport security by stashing it in a KFC hamburger.

The situation went down on July 29 at  Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as Li, the turtle-toting man, was about to board a flight to Beijing, the Guangzhou Daily reported. When he passed through security, X-rays detected “odd protrustions” sticking out of the burger inside in his bag.

Despite airport staff claiming that the protrusions bore an uncanny resemblance to turtle limbs, Li insisted otherwise.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” Li reportedly assured security. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

However, after repeated requests to inspect the suspicious bag, Li finally gave in. Airport staff discovered his pet turtle hiding inside his burger and refused to cut the guy any slack, telling him his shelled buddy couldn’t board the plane.

Li explained that he only wanted to travel with his “beloved” pet. Despite this, he was forced to leave his turtle behind with a friend.

Shoot. This is probably the saddest thing you’ll read all day.

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