KFC Developed A Keyboard That Keeps Phones Free Of Chicken Grease


Texting is the last thing you should be doing when eating fried chicken. Speaking from experience, the grease marks on your phone will never truly go away. Kentucky Fried Chicken Germany has developed a way for patrons to text and enjoy their chicken without ever getting their phones oily.

By creating a tray liner keyboard, the fried chicken chain has allowed customers to easily text their loved ones without even touching their phones. All they have to do is connect the keyboard tray to their mobile device through bluetooth and they can type away as they eat.

Once they’re done, the board can simply be wiped clean, recharged and reused. The concept was tested at a location in Germany. While successful, people had a habit of taking the devices home.

Understandable, but kind of a bummer.

Fast Food

This KFC Keyboard From Japan is Real and We Want One Immediately


As part of a Kentucky Fried Chicken promotion, KFC Japan is offering this adorably ridiculous must-have fried chicken keyboard.

The brand is pushing their Twitter followers to tweet about the product using the hashtag #KFC, most likely to promote fried chicken awareness. They’ll then select one lucky individual to receive the keyboard, a fried chicken mouse and a fried chicken USB. Yep, as far as everyone knows only one exists.


While nothing more than a PR tactic, the keyboard and computer accessories are the pinnacle of fast-food novelty gifts. No word yet on whether or not this campaign will only be available to Japanese citizens. However, we are more than prepared to spam the Twitterverse until we get our hands on said fried chicken keyboard and accessories.


H/T Kotaku


Customer Spills Orange Juice on Keyboard, Good Guy Bank Sends Replacement


A distraught customer of Capital One took to Reddit to vent his frustration towards not being able to meet his bill payments on time. His problem was that he was unable to enter a ‘2’ or even copy and paste it into his account number for the bank. The reason behind this was that his keyboard had been damaged due to an unfortunate incident involving some orange juice.

Good Guy Capital One decides to not only send him a new ‘2’ key for his broken keyboard, but rather, a brand new keyboard altogether. Talk about great customer service. According to Consumerist, the keyboard sent was absolutely from Capital One and not from another member of the Reddit community. A spokeswoman from Capital One confirmed that they encourage their agents to look for opportunities to practice random acts of kindness for customers.

Take notes, Comcast.


H/T Consumerist

Humor Video

VIDEO: Keyboard Cat and Pistachios?

The world’s two finest things in life are now finally one! Keyboard cat and pistachios, it truly is a match made in heaven. If you don’t like a good cat video, shame on you. In this video, keyboard cat is playing a catchy tune to advertise pistachios. I know it makes total sense!


Sweet Tooth Keyboard

A keyboard that is completely edible. Looks to be made of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. Talk about a tease-at-work. Yeah. (PicThx @EnjoyLiveRelax)


Chocolate Keyboard

chocolate-keyboard(PicThx GeekAlerts)