Kettle Brand Red Curry Chips Coming to Spice Up Our Mouths in January

kettle curry


Last time Kettle Brand tried to spice things up, they hit us with a Sriracha-flavored chip that had our taste buds burning. Now they’ve come out with another spicy flavor, but it’s evened out with enough sweetness to make you want to finish a whole bag without looking at the calories on the back.

The Red Curry chips’ taste is a blend of red bell pepper and the sweet coconut flavor beloved in curry dishes.

Slated for a January release, Kettle will also roll out their new Roasted Garlic and Pepperoncini chips, saying they’re trying to tap into our “late-night cravings.”

Of course, the chips are gluten-free, GMO-free and any other thing-free that hipster vegans like to blurt out at random times.

Kettle already has a Red Thai Curry flavor that might be a little hotter, but you can try out both for yourself and decide on a favorite.

Keep our mouths burning, Kettle.

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New Maple Bacon Flavor Kettle Chips Prove Bacon Is Still Totally Porkable


Earlier this week, the New York Times brought us “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food,” but for anyone who missed it, here’s a quick primer: The perfect pressure point for maximum chip enjoyment is four pounds per square inch. The crazier and more robust a chip’s flavor profile, the faster you get full. And Kettle Brand potato chips just makes the best potato chips, like, omg, ever.

All right, so they didn’t really say that last bit, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

From the makers of arguably the best-textured chips around, Kettle Brand’s new Maple Bacon Flavor is designed to build on “one of the most talked about recent food trends – bacon” and “combines the deep smokiness of bacon, the rich sweetness of real maple syrup and the subtle spice of chili pepper for a truly iconic comfort food combination,” according to Business Wire.

Granted, calling the bacon trend “recent” is a bit like calling American Idol, well, recent, but at least it still tastes good, amirite?

Along with Kettle’s other new flavor “Sweet & Salty,” which combines natural sea salt and cane sugar, the new Maple Bacon chips will be available this summer in 5 oz. bags for $2.69, 8.5 oz. bags for $3.49 and online at

H/T Brand Eating  + PicThx Business Wire

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Kettle Brand Brings Back Jalapeno Jack, Cheddar Beer, Red Chili and Salsa Flavored Chips

kettle brand potato chips jalapeno jack red chili cheddar beer salsa mesquite

Kettle Brand Chips is heading over the hill with its 30th Birthday this year — although we hear 30 is the new 14. But the good news is that because every food brand likes to get excited with every anniversary, Kettle is bringing back 4 of the retired, yet ‘classic’ flavors including Jalapeno Jack, Cheddar Beer, Salsa with Mesquite and Red Chili.

Jalapeno Jack (the office favorite) originally debuted in 1989 and adds a creamy taste to the peppery crunch. Cheddar Beer, the most recently retired of the 4 flavors, was a fan-favorite in 2005 and combines sharp cheddar with malty beer tones.

Salsa Mesquite first launched in 1999 and includes a tomato, bell pepper, onion and garlic blend. And in my opinion is one of the first salsa-flavored chips that was actually worth eating. Red Chili was introduced in 1982 and apparently a Kettle Brand employee has campaigned for its return since its retired 23 years ago. Congratulations Jimmy, you got your chips back. Stock up while you can. The Red Chili combines the taste of a Lays Ketchup Chip and a salt n’ vinegar chip with a hint of spice.

The chips are currently available in 5 oz. bags at, and will be available in both the 5 oz. and 8.5 oz. bags in grocery and food stores nationwide by this fall. The 5 oz. bags should cost you a cool $2.79, 8.5 oz. around $3.49. These four flavors are labeled with ‘limited batch’ and will disappear by next summer.