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The Internet Debates Whether Ketchup Slices Take Condiments A Step Too Far

The food industry is a marvel because they will take anything you want them to make and figure out how to bring it to life. Case in point, ketchup slices. Once the talk of the internet via “ketchup leather” at Los Angeles’ Plan Check, they’ve now turned into a product you can find in grocery stores. Not everybody seems to be on board with that, however.

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Ketchup slices have recently picked up steam in terms of internet buzz thanks to Bo’s Fine Foods. The company launched a Kickstarter for their “Slices of Sauce,” which would bring solidified ketchup to grocery stores for the first time. With news of the company’s model and aspirations breaking came a round of reactions from people who think ketchup should stay in its native liquid form.

However, the sauce slices do have an advantage over regular ketchup in one area: on-the-go foods. The tomato-based condiment is often the source of many a mess when you chomp into burgers, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and the like. Having a solid square of it could contribute to a less messy meal experience, perfect for drive-thrus and those who eat their food in the car. There are some on Twitter who agree with that sentiment:

Now, in no way will ketchup slices ever be utilized as a dipping sauce for fries or as an ingredient to pour into barbecue sauce. But, when it comes to convenience and mess-free food, this product is pretty genius.

The Kickstarter is still live, for those interested in getting in on the solid ketchup pieces early. Donating $10 gets you a pack of 8 that’ll arrive sometime around early June.