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Style Icon Kerwin Frost Partners With 7-Eleven To Create The Ultimate Snack Uniform

Photo: Vijat Mohindra

Snacking has been around since the beginning of time. I’m sure our Cro-Magnon OGs were munching heavily on wild berries while gathering, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few were secretly tucked away in their fur pelts. 

Since those days, our love for snacking ‘round the clock has evolved our means of consumption. Gathering now consists of walking a couple blocks to your local convenience store, which is essentially a snacktopia. Luckily, you can now get your munch on sans sabretooth attack.

When it comes to convenience stores, 7-Eleven tops the list as not only the first of it’s kind but also the most widely known. If I said there is a 7-Eleven every 5 blocks in every city in America I’d only be a pebble’s throw from the truth. 

Photo: Vijat Mohindra

With a pulse on youth culture, 7-Eleven smartly teamed with fashion and creative force Kerwin Frost to create The Snack Attack Uniform. Known for his quirky yet utilitarian designs, works of his tend to promote a sense of playful stylishness. The Snack Attack Uniform is no different, it comes in pink and green, and was made to ensure all your munchie needs are met. 

Photo Provided By: Vijat Mohindra

The uniform consists of Kerwin’s Snack Attack jacket, pants, and glitter tee shirt, which all can be worn together or separately. Equipped with a total of 18 pockets, the jacket comes with 7 while the pants have an audacious 11. Someone understood the assignment. Each pocket comes filled with one of Kerwin’s favorite 7-Eleven selects:

  • Kerwin’s Snack Attack Jacket:
  1. 7-Select Apple Snack Pie
  2. 7-Select Strawberry Cheesecake Snack Pie
  3. 7-Select Madeleines
  4. 7-Select Crispy Rice Treat
  5. 7-Select Replenish Guava Splash
  6. 7-Select Fried Pork Rinds
  7. 7-Select Gummi Bears
  8. 7-Select Gummi Blue Sharks
  9. 7-Select Trail Mix
  10. 7-Select Gummi Peach Rings
  11. 7-Select Gummi Fun Bugs
  • Kerwin’s Snack Attack Pants:
  1. 7-Select Sour Watermelon Wedges
  2. Kerwin’s Snack Party Mix Popcorn
  3. 7-Select Go!Smart Energy Shot (Assorted Flavors)
  4. 7-Select Fiery Hot Flavored Potato Chips
  5. 7-Select Chips or Pretzels (Assorted Flavors)
  6. 7-Select Caramel Flavored Popcorn
  7. 7-Select Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
Photo: Vijat Mohindra

Of course I had to ask Kerwin what his top three snacks were, to which he humbly replied,  “Not to be biased, but my favorite has to be my limited-edition Kerwin’s Snack Party Mix Popcorn. It’s made with white chocolate popcorn, candied chocolate pieces, cinnamon toasted cereal and chocolate cake mix – plus the party mix snack comes in a canister I designed.” That’s right, the cherry on top of this is a specially curated popcorn mixture in a container of his own design. The other two snacks that received shoutouts were the 7-Select Buffalo Chicken Flavored Chips and the 7-Select Gummi Peach Rings.

As the year is nearing a close and with the Super Bowl right around the corner, there will be lots of binge-time for snacking. To take your munching up a notch, head here and grab one of Kerwin’s limited edition 7-Eleven Snack Attack Uniforms for $280.